Excel in Microsoft Excel 4: VBA macros for Excel - an intro

Create your own Excel Macros in Visual Basic for Applications to excel in VBA programming and automation.

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Excel in Microsoft Excel 4: VBA macros for Excel - an intro
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Dec 2023
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What you will learn

Add the Developer tab and record macros.

Adapt macros using the Excel Object Model, so that you can use them in your spreadsheets.

Know about variables, and how to use loops and If statements.

Interact with Excel - find out how to access the Selection object, and output results using a MessageBox (MsgBox).

Why take this course?


"This is a very good starting point in VBA. But doing this course one realize how extensive and huge VBA is. As always the teacher is great and one feels his in depth knowledge" -- Daniel Sandberg

Welcome to Excel VBA - An Introduction. This course delves into the Visual Basic which allows you to automate Microsoft Excel (and other MS Office products).

Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful tool – and yet most people only scratch the surface of what it can do. In addition to PivotTables, VLookup formulas and the like, you can also automate it. You can add buttons and forms to add interactive features – yet most people don’t even know it’s there. Maybe you have someone in your organization who is an absolute wizard, getting the computer to do things and walking away while it does it. Do you want to be able to do that? Welcome to wizard school – or in other words, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

In this course, I’ll assume that you have some fair knowledge of Excel – able to do basic formulas and colour cells and the like – but you don’t need any prior knowledge of VBA or any programming language for that matter. Of course, the more you already have, the better. I’ll take things nice and slowly. Each video will center around one new aspect, or we’ll consolidate what you already know with coding exercises. 

Once you have finished the course, then you will be well on your way to developing your own macros to solve your own problems. And you’ll be able to take your new-found knowledge for use in Word and PowerPoint as well.


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Our review

🌟 **Overall Course Rating: 4.80/5** 🌟 Based on recent student reviews, here's a comprehensive analysis of the course: ## Pros - **Expert Instructor**: The instructor is consistently praised for their deep understanding and clear communication of complex subjects related to VBA. ✅ - **Ease of Learning**: The course content is described as easy to follow, with the instructor demonstrating a good grasp of potential student problems. ✅ - **Clear Examples**: The examples provided are noted to be clear, practical, and start with the simplest concepts, making it accessible for beginners. ✅ - **Pacing**: The pacing of the course is deemed normal, allowing students to replicate actions without feeling rushed or bored. ✅ - **Engaging Content**: The course content is described as very interesting, keeping students engaged throughout the learning process. ✅ - **Language Support**: Reviews are available in both English and Spanish, indicating a diverse student base that finds value in the course. ✅ ## Cons - **Cursor Navigation Issues**: Some users experience issues with the cursor moving too quickly or lingering during the instructor's explanations, which can be somewhat disruptive. ❗ - **Theoretical Mid-Course**: As the course progresses, it becomes slightly more theoretical, and some students find it challenging to see the practical application of the examples given. ❗ ## Key Points from Reviews - The instructor's knowledge is evident, and their teaching style is effective and clear. - The course starts with fundamental concepts and gradually builds up to more complex topics. - The pace of the course allows for comfortable learning without overwhelming students. - The course serves as a great starting point for those new to VBA in Excel. - Students appreciate that the instructor has practical experience with VBA. - Some students feel the latter part of the course becomes more abstract and less applied. - There is interest from students for an advanced level of this course. ## Conclusion Overall, this online course on VBA in Excel is highly regarded by students who have completed it. The positive feedback around the expertise of the instructor and the practical nature of the content makes it a valuable resource for those looking to learn or expand their knowledge of VBA. While there are some technical issues noted with cursor navigation and a shift towards theoretical content later in the course, these do not overshadow the overall high-quality experience offered by this program. Students who complete this course are likely to walk away with a solid foundation in VBA and a clearer understanding of its applications within Excel.



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