Visually Effective Excel Dashboards

Actionable Excel Tips (Templates Included) You Can Use Right Now to Create Eye-Catching Microsoft Excel Dashboards

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

How to approach an Excel dashboard project from idea to delivery

How to add interactivity to your Excel reports - No VBA required

Impress management with reports that make the decision-making process faster

Clever use of Excel core functionality for responsive spreadsheets

Learn how to create a professional KPI dashboard from scratch

Create impressive, non-standard Excel charts using smart techniques

Build Pivot Table-based dashboards for easy interactivity

Use powerful visual techniques so your content has more effect


Creating an impressive, interactive Microsoft Excel Dashboard from scratch is not easy!

I used to stare at my empty sheet and wonder where do I even start?

You need a structured process in place to go from idea to outcome in a smooth way.

You'll find out all about it in the course. We setup two fully functioning dashboards from scratch.

This course doesn't just teach you a set of functions and features, but how you can use them together to create impressive reports.

It teaches you how to approach a new Dashboard project and how to structure your work so maintaining the dashboard becomes very easy not just for yourself but for anyone else.

Note: Course recently updated to include new content on dependent combo-boxes and info-graphic charts in Excel

What students are saying

"This course provides a lot of great tips which you can immediately apply to your spreadsheets, no matter what standard of user you are. I have been working in excel for a number of years and I am amazed at the number of simple tips I have learnt in such a short time. Fantastic." -- Carl Postians

"I learned something new and very useful in the first 10 minutes...awesome!" -- Nancy Bowens

What you learn

This course teaches you to create well-designed Excel dashboards so you and your colleagues can see trends and make quick decisions informed by data.

This Microsoft Excel Dashboard course comes with templates, tools and checklists that can be applied directly to your Excel reports.   

  • Excel dashboard & Report templates   

  • Checklists and design guidelines   

  • Excel workbook to follow along

What differentiates this course from the other Microsoft Excel Dashboard courses?

It includes:

  1. The entire process from idea to delivery - every single step without skipping key points.

  2. Tried-and-trusted techniques that are not only applicable to Excel dashboards but any Excel report.

  3. Includes Excel templates, tools and checklists that you can use for your own Excel reports.

  4. Relevant and up-to-date with industry needs right now, as it’s based on feedback and suggestions from finance professionals. 

  5. Lots of ideas and inspiration to help you come up with own report design

Complex topics are taught in a simple way by an instructor with 17 years of experience.

The course is designed to have an even balance between talking head and screen-cast.

Content is clearly organised so more advanced learners can jump in at any point and follow along with the relevant project file.


Visually Effective Excel Dashboards
Visually Effective Excel Dashboards
Visually Effective Excel Dashboards
Visually Effective Excel Dashboards


A Foundation in Dashboards

Introduction to Excel Dashboard Course

Get the Most from the Course

Download Course Files Here (Excel Dashboards & Practice Files)

Course Outline for Quick Reference

A Dashboard Primer

New Excel Dashboard Project? This is Your Checklist

Dashboards - Before You Start

First Steps for your Excel Dashboard Project

Create a Mockup (Wireframe) in Excel

Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

4 Time-Saving Tips for Excel

Proper Spreadsheet Architecture & Workflow

Report Design Principles

Layout - Best Practice for Excel Dashboard Design

Color - Best Practice for Excel Dashboard Design

A Color Scheme that fits with your Excel Report

10 Concrete Design Tips for Better Excel Reports

Bonus: Setting a Default Theme for New Workbooks in Excel

Quiz: Excel Report Design - Test Your Knowledge

Dashboard Source Data & Formats

Where is Your Source Data?

Source: Excel Spreadsheet

Source: Microsoft Access

Source: Text / Data / CSV File

Source: Excel Add-ins

Dashboard Formula Toolbox

Excel Formulas You'll Need for Impressive Dashboards

Index Match for Complex Lookups - Basics

Index Match for Complex Lookups - Advanced

Index for Dynamic Drop-down List Selection

Realistic Case: Index for Dependent Drop-down Lists in Excel

SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS to Handle Multiple Criteria

LARGE and SMALL for Sorting Excel Data

ROW(S), COLUMN(S) for Indexing

ROW as Unique Identifier for Lookups

CHOOSE for Flexibility

Excel Text Function for Formatting

Excel N Function for Tracking

GetPivotData: Extract data Efficiently from Pivot Tables

INDIRECT for Flexible References in Excel

Choose & Excel Name Manager for Flexible Ranges (Alternative to Indirect)

Form Controls for Interactive Excel Dashboards

Introduction to Form Controls - Active X vs. Form Controls

Combo Box - Select From a Drop Down List in Excel

Check Box - Check / Uncheck Option in Excel

Spin Button - Move Up & Down Lists in Excel

Option Button - Choose One Option Only

List Box - Select From a List of Options in Excel

Scroll Bar - Scroll Through Excel Graphs & Tables

Bonus: Dependent Combo Boxes (2nd list automatically resets)

Advanced Excel Chart Techniques

Chart Overview & When to Use Which Excel Graph

Excel Chart Basics (for those who need to get familiar with basic features)

Add Total Values to Stacked Excel Column Charts

Better Charts: Add Dynamic Series Labels Inside Excel Charts

Excel Chart Secret: Error Bars for Additional Control

Pro Excel Chart Technique: Changing Chart Ranges

Info-graphics in Excel: Non-standard but Impressive Bar Chart

Dynamic Excel Map Chart with Drop-down

*** KPI Excel Dashboard ***

Excel KPI Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Wireframe in Excel

Spreadsheet Setup

Setup of Raw Data Sheet

Setup of Excel Calculation Sheet

Download Dashboard till here & practice along - Draft01

KPI Dashboard - Scrolling Table & Bars

Setup a Combo Box to Ease Selection

Complex Lookup with Index & Match in Excel

Scrolling Data Table in Excel

Conditionally-Formatted Data Bars

Arrows for Deviations in Excel

Formatting of Scrolling Data Table

Download Excel Dashboard till here & practice along - Draft02

KPI Dashboard - Dynamic Headers

Conditional Comments in Header

Adding Shapes & Text boxes in Excel

Download Excel Dashboard till here & practice along - Draft03

KPI Dashboard - Top/Bottom KPI Based on Selection

Show Top 6 Matches with Unique Identifier

List Box to Select KPI for Top 6 Matches

Option Button to Toggle Between Top OR Bottom 6

Actual to Budget Comparison - Sorted Bars with Error Bar Technique

Finalize Top / Bottom Report on Dashboard

Download Dashboard till here & practice along - Draft04

KPI Dashboard - Scrolling Line Chart with Check Boxes

Complex Excel Lookup to Prepare data for Scrolling Chart

Scroll-able Line Chart

Trick to Avoid Crashing Lines in an Excel Line Chart

Check Box to Control Series Visibility in Excel (Hide or Show)

Excel Line Series Tweaks for Better Readability

Finalize Profit Comparison Section on Dashboard

Download Dashboard till here & practice along - Draft05

KPI Dashboard - Final Touches

Restrict Excel Dashboard Area and Format for Printing

Excel Dashboard Protection, Hyperlinks and Final Touches

Download Excel Dashboard till here - Final

*** Regional (Pivot / Slicer) Excel Dashboard ***

More Interactivity - Pivot Slicers as Buttons (also without Pivot Tables)

Column Chart Controlled by Excel Slicer Buttons

Pivot Slicer Custom Sorting & Design

Check to Ensure Single Pivot Slicer Button is Selected

Dynamic Excel Comments with Pivot Slicer Selection

Download Excel Regional Dashboard till here - Draft02

Regional Dashboard - Advanced Excel Pivot Table Techniques

Variances in Excel Pivot Tables

Conditional Formatting in Excel Pivot Tables

Pivot Table as Part of Excel Dashboard Report

Pivot Charts in Excel Dashboards

Automatically Refresh Excel Pivot Table with Simple VBA Code

Download Regional Dashboard till here - Draft03

Regional Dashboard - Impressive Charts Using Shapes

Info Charts: Adding Shapes to (Pivot) Charts

Info Charts: Overcoming Pivot Chart Limitations in Excel

Download Regional Dashboard till here - Draft04

Regional Dashboard - Secrets for Impressive Reports

Excel Camera for Improved Design

Advanced Excel Camera - Lookups on Pictures

Dashboard Complete - Final Touches

Download the final version of the Slicer/Regional Dashboard

What you Learnt

Final Words

** Next Steps - BONUS


Katy8 October 2020

The course is laid out in an easy to digest manner. She does a great job of breaking down each section of building a dashboard, and this course makes the process a lot less overwhelming. I am a seasoned excel user, but I also learned some new keyboard shortcuts as well as a few others tools that I can use elsewhere in excel, not just with dashboards. This is a great course for any financial analyst or professional who has to do any kind of management reporting involving a lot of data.

Steve7 October 2020

Superb course. Interesting and very useful techniques demonstrated for Dashboard creation. Recommended education for anyone who wants to present something more than a simple chart or two.

Harlan5 October 2020

Leila is straight forward and very detailed in helping you understand and gain the skills you need to be successful.

Mike1 October 2020

I'm self taught on excel and have recently started a new job which requires in depth reports to be made. Unfortunately there wasn't any reports to start with so I've put some fairly detailed reports together but I've decided to take this course because I want to improve the quality of them. So far this course has confirmed to me that I'm actually doing a fair amount of my work correctly but it's more importantly providing me with the extra knowledge that I require to take my reports to the next level. As a former instructor as well the level of instructing and presentation of the lessons with the added material has made this course easy to follow and clearly understand which has made it a pleasure to learn.

Ludovic17 September 2020

It's was a great training and learning experience. Leila is one of the best teachers I know. The course is comprehensive, clear, interactive and come with lot of resources.

Andres27 February 2020

The content and the presentation are absolutely fantastic!!! All the examples are very clear, they all make complete sense, they are ready to apply and most importantly, the content and new tips are fabulous!

Albert25 February 2020

I used Excel for a long time. I started becoming more interested in formulas and other features in 08-09 while serving the USMC. I wish I had these classes around that time frame I could of done more with my life already and would of switched my major to accounting or something that uses excel a lot more. I have about 3 classes in this udemy courses and so far Leila is the best teacher i have used. I also subscribed to her YouTube Channel and others that she helped write a book with. I think they are all great but honestly, she is my favorite. Despite her beauty, her guidance and her voice that can read you a book and you would fall asleep too. LOL She is awesome I am glad i subscribed to her.

Flavia22 February 2020

This course is amazing! I have learned more Excel tips that I can apply to my daily work, thank you so much.

Bilal17 February 2020

If you want to learn Excel Dashboard or bring your reporting to next level, this is the course you should enroll

Maricris11 February 2020

I'm looking forward on the next sections. it's amazing that there is still more to excel than what I have known until now.

Akshay9 February 2020

This is such an insightful course. Leila is born to teach - love the way complex formulas are broken down to bite sized information that is easy to consume and understand. Thank you, I'm eagerly looking forward to finishing this course and looking forward to many more courses from Leila on Udemy.

Gene8 February 2020

My expectations were far surpassed. I thought I was going to learn simply how to put together dashboards that are engaging visually, instead the interactive nature of the dashboards and the imaginative methods of constructing them really impressed me. The step by step lectures are easy to follow, and simply the introduction to functions that I have not previously used have proven a big bonus to my knowledge. Thank you!

Rudolf4 February 2020

Der Kurs hat bisher die Erwartungen mehr als erfüllt und ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Inhalt und der Methode.

Mirzet2 February 2020

Simply amazing. This is mine 3rd course from Leila and I must admit I am really satisfied. Lots of new tips and tricks, and approached that are crazy (good) and very useful. I am suggesting this course for everyone who likes Vizs and Data.

Peter30 January 2020

It feels like live training and so far really interesting. Brilliant idea about the checklist saves time on having to keep changing the dashboard.


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