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AZ-204 - Developing Solutions for Azure - UPDATED 2020

Pass your Microsoft AZ-204 certification exam (includes over 200 practice questions)

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Students will be better prepared for the AZ-204 certification exam

Students will learn the important aspects for what is required from an exam perspective


Update history

v 2.2 - June 2020

  • Added new Exam section for AZ-204 exam with over 160 test questions (includes Solution based quiz, case studies and practice test questions)

  • Added new videos on exam specific contents - Azure Container Instances - Container Groups , Policies on Azure API Management, developing Azure Functions locally.

v 2.1 - May 2020

  • Added new chapters on Azure Functions to reflect the new interface for Azure Functions

  • Added more chapters on Cosmos DB, Azure Services, Azure Event Hubs

v 2.0 - May 2020

  • Updated course to include contents for the AZ-204 exam.

  • Refreshed chapters on deploying virtual machines , containerizing .Net core applications, Azure Functions and Azure Storage

  • Added more chapters on the Azure Web App service which includes Custom domains, SSL, working with Blobs from .Net

v1.2 - October 2019

  • Added 76 new practice questions

  • Added additional exam specific topics - Entity Framework, Azure Service Bus - Message properties, Azure Service Bus - Subscription filters

  • Added a new case study

v1.1 - September 2019

  • Added 86 practice questions

v1- September 2019

  • Course releases

This course is designed for students who want to attain the "Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure" certification

This course has contents for the Exam AZ-204

The objectives covered in this course are

  • Develop Azure compute solutions (25-30%)

  • Develop for Azure storage (10-15%)

  • Implement Azure security

  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions

  • Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services


AZ-204 - Developing Solutions for Azure - UPDATED 2020
AZ-204 - Developing Solutions for Azure - UPDATED 2020
AZ-204 - Developing Solutions for Azure - UPDATED 2020
AZ-204 - Developing Solutions for Azure - UPDATED 2020



Important Course Instructions

Course structure

Your practice activities for this course

Starting with Azure (Optional)

Azure Free Account

Tour of the Azure Portal

Resources and Resource Groups

Quick note on creating resources

Monitoring your costs in Azure

Using other tools

The Azure command line interface

Quick Note

Making REST API calls

Covering the .Net aspect

Develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service compute solutions

Section Agenda

The Virtual Machine Service

Lab - Building Windows Virtual Machines

Lab - Publishing an application from Visual Studio to a virtual machine

ARM Templates

Lab - ARM Templates

Quick note on ARM templates for virtual machines

Introduction to Encryption at rest and in transit

The Azure Key Vault Service

Lab - Azure Virtual Machine Disk Encryption

Introduction to the Azure Batch Service

Batch Service Architecture

Azure Batch Service - Important Points

What are we going to do in our labs for Azure Batch

Lab - Azure Batch Service - Azure Portal

Lab - Azure Batch - .Net SDK - v9.0

Lab - Azure Batch - .Net SDK - v12.0

Primer on Docker Containers

Continuation on What is Docker

Lab - Look at Docker

Understanding on how we deployed the docker container

Lab - Containerizing a .Net app

Lab - Azure Container Registry

What is Kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes

Lab - Creating a Kubernetes cluster

Understanding of application deployment to a Kubernetes cluster

Deploying an application onto a Kubernetes cluster - What are we going to do

What is a service principal

Lab - Working with the service principal of the Kubernetes cluster

Application deployment files

Lab - Deploying the application onto the Kubernetes cluster

Section Quiz

Develop Azure Platform as a Service compute solutions

Azure Web App Service

Azure App Service Plan

Lab -Azure Web Apps

Azure Web App - Other features

Lab - Azure App Service Plan - Linux

Lab - Azure Web Apps - Web Jobs

Lab -Azure Web Apps - Diagnostics Settings

Exam Extra - Azure Web App - CORS

Exam Extra - Azure Web App - Publishing from GitHub

What are Azure Functions

Lab - Azure Functions

Lab - Azure Functions - BLOB Trigger

Lab - Azure Functions - Queue trigger

Lab - Azure Function - Bindings

Azure Durable Functions

Lab - Azure Functions - Visual Studio

Section Quiz

Develop for Azure Storage

What are storage accounts

Azure storage accounts - service types

More on storage accounts

Lab - Creating a storage account

Lab - Working with the BLOB service

Lab - Using Azure Storage Explorer

Lab - Shared Access Signatures

Lab - Shared Access Signature -Net

Lab - Blob - Properties and Metadata

Lab - Blob lease

Lab - Copying Blobs

Exam Extra - Data Movement Library

Lab - Azure Table Storage

Azure Table Storage - Partition and Row Key

Lab - Azure Table Storage - .Net

Lab - Azure Table Storage - .Net - Part 2

Exam Extra - Dynamic Table Entity

Introduction to Azure SQL Database

Lab - Azure SQL Database

Lab - Azure SQL Database - Reading data

Exam Extra - Entity Framework

Azure SQL Database Serverless + Hyperscale

Azure CosmosDB

Lab - Azure CosmosDB

CosmosDB - Partition Key

CosmosDB - Consistency Levels - Part 1

CosmosDB - Consistency Levels - Part 2

CosmosDB - Partition Key and Consistency Levels Recap

CosmosDB - Making API calls

Quick Exercise - Cosmos DB - Table API

Quick Note

Exam Extra - Azure Database Migration Service

Section Quiz

Implement Azure Security

Lab - Azure Key Vault - Invoking via API calls

Lab - Azure Storage Account Encryption - Key Vault

Managed Service Identity

Working with Key Vault - .Net

Working with the Key Vault - .Net - Managed Service Identity

Lab - Managed Service Identity - Azure Web App

Lab - SQL Server Encryption

Lab - Azure SQL Server - Dynamic Data Masking

Quick Exercise - Using Powershell for masking

Role Based Access Control

Lab - Role Based Access Control

Lab - Multi-Factor Authentication

Lab - Conditional Access Policies

Azure Kubernetes - Integrating with Azure AD

Lab - Azure Kubernetes - Integration with Azure AD

Section Quiz

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize solutions

Auto-scaling Azure Web Apps

Lab - Auto scaling a web app

Scaling in Kubernetes

What is Azure Cache for Redis

Lab - Azure Cache for Redis

Azure Content Delivery Network - Introduction

Lab - Azure Content Delivery Network

Azure Content Delivery Network Cache

What is Application Insights

Lab - Getting started with Application Insights

Lab - Application Insights - Other aspects

Exam Extra - Application Insights

Transient faults

Section Quiz

Connect to and consume Azure and third-party services

Lab - Azure Logic Apps

Lab - Azure Logic Apps use case

What is the Azure Search Service

More on Azure Search Service

Lab - Azure Search Service

Lab - Index field attributes

Lab - Azure Search Indexer

Lab - Azure Search - SDK

Lab - Azure Search - Cognitive Search

API Management Instance - Introduction

Lab - API Management

Lab - API Management Policies

Lab - Azure Event Grid

Lab - Azure Event Grid - Azure Functions

Exam Extra - Azure Event Grid - Important Points

Lab - Azure Event Hub

Lab - Azure Notification Hub

Introduction to Azure Service Bus

More on Azure Service Bus

Lab - Azure Service Bus Queue

Lab - Azure Service Bus Topic

Exam Extra - Azure Service Bus - Message Properties

Exam Extra - Azure Service Bus - Subscription Filters

Section Quiz

Exam Section

Solution Based Quiz

Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2

Case Study 1 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 1 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 2 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 2 - CloudPortalHub

Case Study 3 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 3 - CloudPortalHub


Bhumip7 October 2020

I really like practical sessions, however I would like to see more problem & solution base case-study or examples to get better understanding of fundamentals

Narayana4 October 2020

Firstly, thanks a lot with the course, I am able to go through and clear the exam successfully. I got a question on kubernetes and was able to answer. Thanks again for the good content and course coverage.

Ricardo30 September 2020

Great in depth course and maybe the best one on udemy to be prepared for the AZ-204 exam, Alain explains clearly and easy to understand complex topics and the questions are invaluable. I successfully passed the exam thanks to the great preparation I had from here and how much I've learned.

Vaibhav27 September 2020

The context set up lessons before jumping straight into the topic labs and exercises are highlight of the course. Labs are easy to understand. Quizzes are bonus to check the understanding after every section.

Arathi27 September 2020

Very good course content and clear explanation. Really liked various types of practice questions and case studies. Notes in each section is really helpful during last moment revision.

Pradeep22 February 2020

Yes it's good match but i see there is no course content for mobile apps as part of Azure Web App service.

Raunaque15 February 2020

The course is really good and provides some good working examples. The explanation is really awesome and covers almost everything. The course is just like having a tutor in front of you teaching.

Javier13 February 2020

Explica super bien cada tema, hasta el momento estoy muy satisfecho, al principio es complicado entender su ingles pero despues te acostumbras.

Saurabh4 February 2020

Nice course, I found alot of good information about azure. Topics content were to the point and crisp. I enjoyed it.

Mori4 February 2020

I can wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone working towards earning their certification in AZ-203. Alan does a great job of providing both a conceptual insight and practical understanding of how/when to utilize the different services! And as a side note, he makes sure to demonstrate how to implement the different services using Azure Portal, Azure CLI, & Visual Studio (which I have experienced that some of the other courses here on Udemy fails to do). One of the best things about this course is that it follows the structure & content of the "skills measured" document on the AZ-203 page (on Microsoft), so you as a student can be reassured that the content he teaches is closely aligned with the curriculum we are expected to master for the exam. -

Bharat5 January 2020

Simply put, AR (Alan Rodrigues) rocks. I just passed my AZ-203 exam. This course prepared me very well for it. I whole-heartedly recommend it if you are interested in getting certified as an Azure Developer Associate. Now, if I can only convince Alan to release the AZ-301 course :). I already have his AZ-300 course and that is what I will start preparing for.

Fernando29 December 2019

The content of the course is very good. All concepts are quite well explained and cover practically all the topics of Azure Academy. The practical laboratories are very useful to understand many concepts that only with theory are difficult to understand.

Krishna22 December 2019

When watching on iPad app , when the lesson has labs , the screen focus seems to be more on the instructor than the content that I need to see. As long I can hear the instruction, I don't really need to see him, I think the focus should be on the content.

Brent20 December 2019

This course helped me pass the AZ-203 exam. Kudos to Alan. The course is very well structured and extremely informative.

Preeti15 December 2019

the course is helpful for beginners as it gives each and every details , which must be known before starting with azure.


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