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AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies -UPDATED 2021

Pass your Microsoft AZ-500 Exam - Preparation course + 180 Practice questions

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Be in a better position in taking the AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam

Understand all the details required for understanding the various objectives for the exam


v 2.0 - April 2021

  • Added more quizzes across the course

  • Added newer test questions to the Practice Test section of the course

  • Refreshed videos on various chapters which includes the following

    • Role-based access control

    • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

    • Conditional Access Policies

    • Azure Firewall

    • Azure Bastion

    • Point-to-Site and Site-to-Site VPN connections

    • Network Security Groups

    • Update Management

    • Security for Azure SQL databases - Includes Azure AD Authentication, Data masking , Always Encrypted feature

  • Added new videos which includes the following

    • Azure AD Roles - User and Password Administrator role

    • More chapters regarding aspects for Conditional Access policies

    • Azure AD Applications - Deleted permissions

    • Hub and Spoke Architecture using Azure Bastion, Azure Firewall and Azure VPN gateway

    • Working with various new aspects in Azure Security Center

    • Working with various new aspects in Azure Sentinel

    • Azure Key Vault - Using RBAC access policies

v 1.1 - August 2020

  • Updated contents of course as per changes in objectives - 29th July 2020

  • Added extra practice test questions

This course will make students be prepared to take on the following exam

Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

All concepts covered in this course are aligned to the following Exam Objectives

  • Manage identity and access

  • Implement platform protection

  • Manage security operations

  • Secure data and applications

This course also has an entire section of practice questions to better prepare students to take the exam. There are labs that focus on various security aspects on Azure. This includes working with Azure AD, Protection for workloads on Azure that includes virtual machines, Azure SQL databases and Azure storage accounts.


AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies -UPDATED 2021
AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies -UPDATED 2021
AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies -UPDATED 2021
AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies -UPDATED 2021


Manage identity and access

Section Overview

Azure Active Directory

Review of Azure AD in Azure Portal

Azure Active Directory licences

Lab - Working with users and groups

Permissions for Azure Active Directory users

The different permissions

Application Registration

Lab - Application Registration

Review of Application Registration

Notes on Application Registration

Lab - Multi-Factor Authentication

Lab - Conditional Access Policies

Azure AD Identity Protection

Notes on Azure AD Identity Protection

Azure AD Privileged Identity Management - Azure AD Roles

Lab - Azure AD Privileged Identity Management - Azure AD Roles

Azure AD PIM - Azure Role settings

Lab - Azure Privileged Identity - Azure Resources

Notes on Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Lab - Access Review

What is Azure AD Connect

Points on Azure AD Connect

Understanding the Azure AD Connect working

Azure AD - Pass through authentication


Implement platform protection

Quick review on the setup for an Azure virtual machine - Optional

Network Security Groups

Lab - Network Security Groups

Virtual Network Peering

Lab - Virtual Network Peering

Site-to-Site VPN Connection

User Defined Routes

Lab - User Defined Routes

Application Security Groups

Lab - Application Security Groups

Using a Jump server

Lab - Using a Jump server

Azure Bastion service

Lab - Azure Bastion service

Lab - Microsoft IaaS Antimalware extension

Lab - Log Analytics Workspace

Lab - Update Management for virtual machines - Part 1

Lab - Update Management for virtual machines - Part 2

Notes on Update Management

Creation of a storage account

Lab - Network Watcher - NSG Flow Logs

Role based access control

Lab - Role based access control

Lab - Custom roles

Lab - Azure resource locks

Lab - Azure policies

Azure Blueprints

Quick overview on Containers

Quick overview on container registry

Notes for this section

Section Quiz

Manage security operations

Lab - Working with Azure Monitor

Lab - Alerts in Azure Monitor - Surpression

Azure Security Center

Lab - Azure Security Center - Just in time VM access

Azure Security Center - Data Collection for Azure virtual machines

Secure data and applications

The Azure Key vault service

Lab - Azure Key Vault

Service principal

Lab - Azure Key vault - Secrets

Lab - Managing Azure Key vault secrets

Lab - Azure Key vault - Encryption keys

Azure Key vault - Permissions vs RBAC

Encryption at rest

Lab - Azure Disk Encryption

Lab - Creating an Azure SQL Database

Lab - Azure SQL Database Encryption

Azure SQL Server auditing

Azure SQL Database - Diagnostic setting

Lab - Creating a storage account

Lab - Working with the Blob service

Lab - Immutable Blob storage

Lab - Azure Storage Explorer

Lab - Using Access Keys

Lab - Shared Access Signatures

Lab - Invalidating Shared Access Signatures

Azure Storage Accounts Encryption

Service Endpoints

Lab - Service Endpoints

Lab - Network Security Groups - Storage accounts

Preparation Section

AZ-500 - Scenario based quiz

AZ-500 Practice Test - 1

AZ-500 Practice Test - 2


Mark13 October 2020

Great pacing, clear instruction. Still early in the course, but it is just what I needed as refresher, so far.

Sushant13 October 2020

I chose this course after seeing the high review ratings. Alan has covered the topics very well and the sample questions were very helpful. I was able to clear the exam on first attempt. Thank you Alan. You have done a great job!

Sumith9 October 2020

Excellent Course , very well designed as per AZ 500. Perfectly aligns. Just little more usage on using AZ commands as well could have made all round

Allan8 October 2020

This man really knows his stuff. I particularly really like the theory part, straight in to the practical. This has really exceeded my expectations in terms of his ability and clarity. He easily proves his knowledge with the practical straight away. I would recommend this to anyone doing this course and indeed, I would recommend this for the Azure Administrator course. I have found a lot of teaching in this that I was questioned on for the Azure Administrator exam.

Mark1 October 2020

A great course with excellent explanations of content and instructions on how to implement items within Azure.

Adam27 September 2020

The walk through of the concepts using hands on lab was really interesting and also helpful to learn some side channel information

Franklin23 September 2020

Great explanations. Alan knows very much the topic and he provide extra efforts for his students to pass.

Jouni16 September 2020

Sorry but if I'm honest, it's pretty annoying to listen you talking because you don't have that normal flow that people usually have when speaking, this is more like one word at the time. Also, you repeat way too much yourself, and talk little bit like you would be talking to a retard person. But sure this is really good way to have longer videos and therefore more material.

Eduardo15 September 2020

The AZ-500 course is complete and it's always updated by Alan. I've been studying for almost a month and during this time the exam has been updated so he updated it alongside the exam outline and it not only cover the content but a bit more in case you are going through this exam without never used Azure before. In my case I've taken other exams but it will suit fine for those who haven't

Vinicius7 September 2020

Thank you Alan Rodrigues for being an amazing instructor and top course. This course is excellent and helped me too much to PASS in AZ500 oficial exam. I recommend this course!

Ruma6 September 2020

The course was fine and the tutor has put in a lot of efforts. Pros: The course is updated as per the changes/updations in the course structure by Microsoft. Cons: I felt that it would have been better if the tutor could have focussed more on the concepts instead of just labs while teaching. After taking this course, I am still confused and not very much clear on few of the concepts.

Rajesh5 September 2020

Starting this course just now assuming further courses will explain in depth for knowledge and certification. Found the answer to question is wrong , Azure AD Identity Protection... Risk has to be Medium where is it is written as LOW.

Frank24 August 2020

Excellent course and nice to see the instructor adding a bunch of new lessons after the course has already been published.

Thinh24 August 2020

I took my AZ-500 test last week and passed it! Practice tests in this course were a big reason for my success! There were at least 20 questions on the test that were directly taken from these practice tests! Also, the case study I got on the test was almost the same as the "Case Study 2 - CloudPortalHub.docx"! Even though I didn't get the lab tasks in MS test, I can say that the content and practice questions were a huge help! There were 4-5 questions on "MS Sentinel" which is not covered in this course. So, please include that topic in the future course updates.

Huy4 April 2020

Alan is an excellent instructor. As always, he explained the concepts in details and his courses are very well structured. A+


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