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AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design - UPDATED -2020

Pass your Microsoft AZ-304 Exam - Preparation course + 180 practice questions

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Be in a better position in taking the AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design exam

Understand all the details required for understanding the various objectives for the exam


Update history

v 2.0 - September 2020

  • Additional chapters added to help students pass either the AZ-301/304 exam

  • Additional practice questions also added

This course will make students be prepared to take on the following exam

Exam AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design

All concepts covered in this course are aligned to the following Exam Objectives

  • Determine workload requirements

  • Design for identity and security

  • Design a data platform solution

  • Design a business continuity strategy

  • Design for deployment, migration, and integration

  • Design an infrastructure strategy


AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design - UPDATED -2020
AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design - UPDATED -2020
AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design - UPDATED -2020
AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design - UPDATED -2020



Important Course Instructions

About the course

Determine workload requirements

Section Overview

Cloud requirements - Identity

Cloud requirements - Subscription

Cloud requirements - Sizing

Cloud requirements - Security

Optimizing costs

Saving on compute costs

Azure AD Access Reviews

Azure Blueprints

Azure policies and resource locks

Resource tagging

Azure Monitor for Azure Virtual Machines

Activity Logs

Application Insights

End of Section Quiz

Design for identity and security

Data Protection - Azure Virtual Machine Disks

Simple Authentication for Web Applications

Azure AD Authentication for Web Applications

Azure Application Gateway - Web Application Firewall

Managed Service Identity

Using Managed Service Identity for Azure Key Vault

Using Managed Service Identity for Azure SQL Database

Using Managed Service Identity for Azure Cosmos DB

Azure AD Identity Protection

Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Conditional Access Policies

Role Based Access Control Review

End of Section Quiz

Design an infrastructure strategy

Azure File Sync Service

Azure File Sync Service - Demo

The Azure Batch Service

Batch Service Architecture

Batch Service - Demo

Forced Tunneling

Network Watcher

Network Watcher - Demo

Point to Site VPN Connections

Point to Site VPN Connections Implementation overview

Site to Site VPN Connections

Site to Site VPN Connections - Implementation review

Virtual Network Peering Connection - Review

Virtual Network Peering Connection - Implementation Review

Service Endpoints

Service Endpoints - Implementation Review

Accelerated Networking

End of Section Quiz

Design a data platform solution

Section Overview

Different data stores overview

Azure Blob Storage tiering

Sample Architecture - Storage Accounts

Secure access to data - Azure Storage accounts

Azure Storage Account - Encryption

Azure SQL Database - Deployment Options

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine

Azure SQL Database - Auditing

Azure SQL Database - Diagnostic setting

Securing Azure SQL Database - Review

Azure Cosmos DB Review

Secure access to Cosmos DB

Data Stores - Other aspects

Sample Architecture - Data Store

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2

Azure Data Lake - Ingesting data

Azure Data Lake use case

Using Azure Databricks example

Azure Redis Cache


End of Section Quiz

Design a business continuity strategy

Section Overview


Azure Virtual Machine - Backup - Quick Note

Azure SQL Database - Backup

Azure SQL Database - Important points

Azure SQL Database - High Availability

Azure SQL Database High Availability Notes

Azure Storage Account Redundancy

Azure Storage Account - Replication Notes

Disaster recovery for Azure virtual machine

Disaster recovery for Azure virtual machine - Implementation review

Disaster recovery for Azure virtual machine - Notes

Azure Site Recovery - Hyper-V

Azure Site Recovery - Hyper-V - Example

Application Delivery

Azure Content Delivery Network - Introduction

Azure Content Delivery Network - Demo

Azure Load Balancer - Additional points

Azure Traffic Manager - Quick Review

Using Azure Traffic Manager for failover

Azure Application Gateway Service - Quick Review

Azure Application Gateway - Using an on-premise backend

Azure Application Gateway - Multiple Sites

Azure Application Gateway Multiple Sites Example

Example on using multiple routing services

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets - Quick Note

Availability Sets Review

Availability Sets Implementation Review

End of Section Quiz

Design for deployment, migration, and integration

Section Overview

Monolith application design

Microservices based architecture

Container deployment options

Azure Service Fabric

Azure Container Instances

Using Kubernetes

Quick review on container deployment options

Compute Architecture

Web Architecture

Transferring data from an on-premise environment

The AzCopy tool

Using Azure Data Factory

Database Migration Service

Migrating to CosmosDB

Azure API Management Service

Azure API Management - Virtual Network Integration

Azure API Management and Azure Functions

Azure API Management Policies

End of Section Quiz

Preparation Quiz

AZ-301 - Scenario based quiz

AZ-301 Practice Test - 1

AZ-301-Practice Test 2

Lab based tasks

Lab 1 - Attach a network interface

Lab 2 - Unmanaged disks

Lab 3 - Assigning permissions

Lab 4 - Virtual Network peering

Lab 5 - Premium disks

Lab 6 - App Service Plan

Lab 7 - New Web App

Lab 8 - Load Balancer

Lab 9 - Resource lock

Lab 10 - Adding a subnet

Case Study 1 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 1 - CloudPortalHub

Case Study 2 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 2 - CloudPortalHub


Partha7 October 2020

This is a perfect course for preparation. Keeping in mind that people taking this course have already taken az 300/ 303, this course goes to the "required" depth and does a huge favor of not talking about the basics but cover the breadth of 'options' and their attributes/ pros-cons. I can only imagine the huge effort that it must have taken to organize the areas into products/ services of AZ. This really helps people to consolidate their understanding under logical umbrellas. This way we can skip the services we understand more and revisit the ones that we don't. Also love the way Alan keeps the content updated and keeps adding new stuff regularly (such as Sentinel). Thank you so much for such a great help in getting me through the certification. This was literally the only course I went through for az301. I had az300 in Feb and all I had to do is to go through these videos 3 times (2nd and 3rd times were only on the areas that I was weak or was not covered on 300). Thanks again. I'd highly recommend this course.

Ashutosh30 September 2020

Amazing, Crisp. Content is absolutely amazing and the live demos help the theory understanding clear.

Jon28 September 2020

Thorough course just like the AZ-300 sibling. Cleared the exam after spending a week mainly with this course and some additional exam practices. Despite the course being a very successful source for exam study, I still hope that Alan improves the written part of its presentation to help with stronger architectural understanding. The exam is just one portion of the journey and we all want to be real architects, aren't w.

Naveen27 September 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Alan for this course. I had cleared AZ-301 exam today with 770+ score. Keep up the good work!! Please add a summary or exam tips at the end for each section along with the quiz, which could help revise. Thanks!

Wally25 September 2020

Good all around course, Labs, tests and teaching all top notch. I really liked Skylines teaching but this course better exam targeted and a better all in one value IMO.

Anil22 September 2020

I passed 301 with help from this course , Alan is very detailed about explaining concepts and goes in depth . I can not ask for more . Practice questions , Case studies and quizzes were pretty useful.

John15 September 2020

This is the 4th Azure Certification Training I have studied for with Alan. I have not taken the AZ-301 Exam as of yet, but the material presented in this course was VERY THOROUGH as always, and I am very confident that it will certainly help me when I do take the exam. I will report back to this post with results in a few weeks. Thank You Again Alan!!!

Srinivas14 September 2020

Its a very good course. touching all the required concepts for the exam. the way he explains with the specified time is wonderful. He has good lectures on networking concepts like Vnet, NIC, NSG, Subnet in other course of AZ-300. I request him to add those parts in this course also. Also, I would like to listen more about AD like Federation, ADDS. Totally I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot of new things. For cert point of view the labs and practice are very good.

Jeffrey3 September 2020

Both theory and practice are explained in the course. The examples are really great and helpful to gain a deeper understanding of Azure.

Pankaj21 August 2020

Perfect explanation of each topic. i have tried 3 course to understand the concept and finally i understand all the concept with the help of this course. Thanks a log :)

Ganesh6 August 2020

This is one of the best courses for AZ-301 in Udemy. Alan is a very good instructor and the topics covered are to the point and covers the contents for the exam. The case studies and labs are also very helpful. I would recommend others to take this course. And a special thank you to Alan. His articulation and presentation skills are pretty awesome :-)

Jiang31 July 2020

I cannot catch what the instructor, hope he can slow down , explain the concepts and architect first, then do the demo slowly

Vikas28 July 2020

Excellent course that explain all the concepts and services of the Azure along with hands on examples and real world examples.

Vinicius17 July 2020

Today I passed in AZ301 exam! I would like to thanks Alan Rodrigues for this top AZ 301 course. The course is very complete and high level details about all exam AZ301 topics. The preparation quiz its very top and very helped at exam. I recommend this course. It worked for me.

Mohammad28 January 2020

Wonder full explanation.. am really enjoying watching your demonstration to azure ideas & concepts. please try to cover MS-100 & MS-101 as well


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