Evernote & The System2: Productivity & GTD on Steroids

Evernote Certified Consultant explains the best methodology for using Evernote as task management and document storage

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Sep 2019

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What you will learn

Why Evernote is the only platform you'll ever need for managing tasks and documents in one place

How to set up Evernote as a document storage for maximum productivity

How to set up Evernote as a perfect task management system with due dates and reminders

How to prepare the structure of the System2 methodology

How to properly use the System2 workflow with SORT and CABINET notebooks

How to use unique features of the System2 like arrow notation, reference tags, task tags, scopes and many more


Learn from professional - this course is made by Evernote Certified Consultant

The System2 is a unique methodology designed, created and tested by Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC). ECCs are recognized professionals with comprehensive Evernote training. Their hands-on guidance can help you and your team work more effectively and productively. I attached my certificate so you can check my credentials.

There are three types of instructors offering courses about Evernote:

  1. Regular users offering their own experience

  2. Certified Consultants who are officially recognized by Evernote Corporation after extensive training and the final exam.

  3. Me, Evernote Certified Consultant who invented his own unique system based on GTD and Secret Weapon to bring you the best of both paperless worlds, task management and document storage in one platform.

I can help you getting the most out of Evernote and I can connect you directly with Evernote managers to further work with you.

Do you know what's the biggest productivity obstacle?

Paper and folders! It’s not your fault, that you treat your electronic documents on your computer the same way you treat your paper documents on your desk. You are the victim as all of us because every operating system is teaching us to think this way.

Whenever you start your Windows, Linux or Mac, you’re welcomed by the desktop. There’s a nice icon of the dustbin and folders. Yes, initially when computers were something new and people were afraid of using them, desktops brought to this new and frightening electronic world something familiar.

These days, this familiar approach is the biggest obstacle of productivity and I will show you how to implement a truly paperless approach and start thinking in terms of tags instead of folders.

10+ years of experience with Evernote

I've been using Evernote for more than 10 years on both Windows and Mac platforms and I was always looking for the best way to use it, to squeeze the most of it. I tried almost everything, but I was never really satisfied with the results so I started working on my own system and methodology.

I took GTD and Secret Weapon and created something truly special, something that has no comparable alternative. Don't get me wrong. I constantly optimize my workflow, so since inventing the System2, I tried almost everything from Nozbe through Podio to Asana, but I have yet to find productivity system that will beat the System2.

6+ years in real world use

The System2 is the product of almost 6 years of trials and errors, testing, tweaking, and optimization. I've been using it for more than 4 years in its current version and it is the only productivity tool that supports all my activities. Thanks to the System2, I can keep track of all my errands ranging from my personal life to my businesses like Zavrel Consulting, Bohemiapps, Smart Profit School, The New Fitness and many more. 

One Productivity System for Everything

The System2 makes Evernote the only productivity system you will ever need. What's the most important feature of the System2? It lets you use Evernote as a task management system and a reference storage at the same time

This is a true game changer. Finally, you can have everything in one place:

  1. your documents,

  2. your tasks based on those documents.

At the core of the System2 is simplicity and power of just two types of notes, notebooks, tags and roles.

2 types of notes
Simplicity and power. The System2 brings you both at the same time. You will work with just two types of notes, reference notes, and task notes. That's all you'll ever need.

2 types of notebooks
A notebook isn't the ideal tool for organizing stuff. That's why you need to limit the number of notebooks to the bare minimum. The System2 uses just two types of notebooks. One is for storing reference notes, the second one is for storing task notes. Yes, it's that simple.

2 types of tags
Tags are the real power behind the System2. You will use two types of tags. Reference tags are divided into four categories. Task tags utilize a very special technique called Arrow Notation to further optimize your workflow. Ultimately, this tagging system will help you find anything, super fast.

2 types of roles
The System2 is built on the paradigm of two roles. A truly powerful productivity system needs to work as a task manager and a storage for reference materials at the same time. With the System2, these two roles are combined together efficiently and flawlessly. This is where it really shines.

Bonus: Book included!

This course is based on the book THE SYSTEM2: Productivity Toolbox Built on the Evernote Platform. This book is available on Amazon and was recently reviewed by Eric Nahler from SmartPeople. Eric praised the System2 and said that it was unique primarily because it could be applied to any kind of business. It doesn't matter if you are a programmer, lawyer, accountant or artist. The System2 will adapt to you and grow with you.

Every student of this course is eligible for THE SYSTEM2 book. I will personally send you a free copy as a token of gratitude for taking this course! Just drop me a line and the book is yours!


Evernote & The System2: Productivity & GTD on Steroids
Evernote & The System2: Productivity & GTD on Steroids
Evernote & The System2: Productivity & GTD on Steroids
Evernote & The System2: Productivity & GTD on Steroids


Evernote Platform

Getting Started

Let’s Forget Folders and Talk About Tags!

Evernote Certified Consultant Certificate

Getting Evernote

Certified Consultants

Creating Account

Installing Evernote

Evernote Plans

Mac vs Windows

Let's Connect

Evernote Structure

The System2 Methodology

The System2 Notebooks

Installing Task Template

Task Template Structure

Task Notebooks


The System2 Tag Groups

The System2 Sub-tags

The System2 Project Tags

The System2 Scope Tags

The System2 Who Tags

The System2 Task Tags

The System2 Reference Notes

Duplicating Notes

The System2 Task Workflow

Duplicating Template

The System2 Reference Links

The System2 Arrow Notation

The System2 Delegations

The System2 Reminders



Ivan7 October 2020

This course teaches a Derivative GTD System for personal productivity based on tags. It's clear and easy to grasp.

John21 May 2020

Maybe its me, because I already have an Evernote account and I have done all these steps up to this point.

Mark10 February 2020

The system looks like it will work very well. The examples were helpful although it takes a bit of imagination to try to use the system as a personal note storage facility as this is definitely more for business application. If you are expecting detailed info on Evernote itself or tips and tricks for the app then this is not what you need. You will need to know Evernote already and how it works before doing this course.

Kevin9 August 2019

This was an excellent course. I have dumped all my app's to work only with email and Evernote. The methodology makes sense and I am so glad I found this before I fully setup my configuration. Thank you.

Luther19 April 2019

We'll see... The system has value if, as mentioned, there are lots of balls in the air. I don't have that heavy a load, but there are some parts of the system that I will use right away. Over all? The coarse has value. It is worth an hour.

Alan14 January 2019

Awesome content, but, I would like to have seen more examples of scopes and how to find the information. I will try use the system.

Eric24 November 2018

De cursus is goed, echter het zou helpen als er tijd voor praktijk stappen (zijn oefeningen) ingebouwd zou worden. Bijv. een aditionele setup opzetten en dit stap voor stap uit laten voeren.

Thon21 September 2018

Not a strict implementation of GTD (as if thats even necessary) but a very elegant one at that. More value in this free one-hour course than many other paid courses that last many hours. One thing I'd love to see address is practically how these big tasks relate to projects and/or if they are interchangle and what the criteria are if so. But I'm being very nitpicky here. Top class!

Saman10 September 2018

Very simplified and effective way to deal with clutter of 100s of tasks spread across various projects, both professional and personal. I was looking for a system like this to put GTD in practice. Thanks Mr. Zavrel for an awesome course :)

Jaldip10 June 2018

Gave ideas how to organise all the information and tasks in logical order and search with relevant ketwords.

Pasquale5 June 2018

This is very interesting and makes sense to simplify the way i had been filing in the past. Thank you vary much Jan for an outstanding class. I have learned so much and will put this new found knowledge to good use.

Denise31 May 2018

I liked the pace and delivery of the course, just wish some of the specific Evernote issues I deal with were addressed in the course. However Jan seems open to addressing specific questions which is greatly appreciated.

Antonio20 May 2018

I love how quickly the method is implemented, in a little more than an hour I have learned it and it is a powerful method. Thank you.

Luvier8 May 2018

WOW! Excelente curso!!!!!!! Un nuevo paradigma para manejar el constante flujo de tareas y prioridades diarias.

Pierre2 May 2018

I wish you would be able to show the end result first, show real-life examples of what you are teaching, start with the end in mind, then show how you got there and how to set it up.


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