Evaluate Startup Ideas - 10 steps to score your idea

Step by step guide to understand if your idea is worth pursing

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May 2020

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What you will learn

Score your idea out of 100 (80+ means go for it!)

Know if your idea is worth spending your time on

Understand what makes an idea more likely to succeed

Improve your idea through 9 tech insights and 4 exercises


So you have an idea...

The Problem

  • Too many ideas, and no idea if they’re worth pursuing?

  • Unsure how to assess if they can become a successful business?

  • Got your fingers burnt investing in a half thought through idea and worried about wasting time/ money?

The Solution

  • Step by step guide to evaluate ideas objectively

  • Understand commercial viability

  • Exercises and templates to assess ideas

  • Shift to an ideas mentality - see opportunities everyday


Evaluate Startup Ideas - 10 steps to score your idea
Evaluate Startup Ideas - 10 steps to score your idea
Evaluate Startup Ideas - 10 steps to score your idea
Evaluate Startup Ideas - 10 steps to score your idea


Introduction - why and how to evaluate your Startup idea before getting started?

Intro - why Patrice can help you evaluate ideas effectively

How you will Evaluate & What you will learn

10 Step Startup Idea Evaluation & Scoring

Using an Example to Illustrate - Mechanic.IO

The Scoring Sheet and why now is a great time for a new business

Step 1: Does it Solve a Problem

Step 2: Differentiation

Step 3: Can you explain it in 1 sentence?

Step 4: Have you tested the idea?

Step 5: Will people pay for it?

Step 6: What is the market size?

Step 7: What is the price point?

Step 8: How will you market it?

Step 9: Are you open to feedback?

Step 10: Are you passionate enough about this idea?

Scoring our idea - Mechanic.IO

Beyond scoring your idea - the Lean Canvas - template available

Opening mind to art of the possible in technology

What if you don't have an Idea yet?

Opening your mind to the Art of the Possible in Tech to grow ideas


Voice Control

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Machine Learning (ML)


360 Degree

Smart Watches


Vladimir16 May 2020

I love this course so much. Patrice is a great teacher, explanations was really good. Probably the best course if you want make sure your idea is valuable.

Dan14 May 2020

Great course. I'm inspired to make some changes in my own business and start looking at ways to better optimize my workflow. It's a great step by step process to analyzing a business idea properly, rather than rushing into starting a business without proper due diligence.

Mark13 May 2020

Enjoying so far - running my own business I have also found it a useful 'refresher' to reevaluate our direction and services that we currently offer allowing me to take a 3rd person perspective on our products - 'to step back from the canvass' so to speak - would recommend for anyone with a new or current product. Thanks!

Noah8 May 2020

This course has lear content and relatable information, and I love the logical step by step process which really simplifies the journey and has opened up my creative side.


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