The Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset

A proven framework for managing time, avoiding distractions, and creating growth and happiness in any business!

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The Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset


2 hours


Oct 2017

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What you will learn

Operate from a place of passion in your business. This “happiness” is apparent in your marketing and instantly makes you and your business more attractive.

Create clarity by identifying focused paths and plans around your passions.

Define goals based on your passions, paths, and plans

Learn to organize your time into three blocks that support these goals

Find happiness and motivation to work in your business!


This course is a must have framework for any entrepreneur who is working to find clarity and build momentum around their product, service, or big idea. 

Erik Stafford has been an entrepreneur for more than half his life, and dealt with the ups, downs, and pivots that come along with it. He is uniquely qualified to speak on topics ranging from dealing with overwhelm to understanding the value you bring to the marketplace.

In this course, Erik breaks away from his whiteboard and walks students through exercises and frameworks that create clarity by defining focused paths and plans around clearly defined goals.

The course is delivered via video. 

  • Discover the three-sided “Clarity Triangle” to cuts right through overwhelm and gets you focused on your goals as fast as possible! I'll take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the entire process...
  • Learn the 3 types of time blocks we use to stay happy while also working less and achieving more…
  • Revealed: Our secret method for creating the “IT factor” that makes our clients noticeable, memorable, and irresistible!
  • Get the exact process we used to reverse-engineer our $50k/month dream business…
  • And much more!

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Entrepreneurial Mindset


Time to Pivot


Understanding Money

The Clarity Triangle



The Clarity Triangle: Passion

The Clarity Triangle: Path

The Clarity Triangle: Plan

Time Blocking


Buffer Time

Free Time

Focus Time



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Diana31 July 2020

This course helped me to better identify my passion and determine which type of business and craft would be best for me. It also taught the importance of pivoting your business, valuing time and prioritizing passion over anything else (especially money). It also taught strategies on how I can avoid burnout and overwhelm. True to its title, it teaches about the right mindset an entrepreneur should have. :)

Jernej28 July 2020

Nothing special, I miss some kind of confirmation of successful business running from the lecturers, I seem to find almost nothing on the google.

Abdulazeez23 July 2020

Yes, it was. Now, I know what it means to have clarity about my goal, path and plan to become successful.

Zinia22 July 2020

I think this course was helpful for me as I learnt the concept of how to manage my time more efficiently. Hope it'll be helpful for others too!

Hareendran10 June 2020

Yes this is what I am really looking for quiet some time to start my business from my passion. Life coach and Healer.

Parameswaran9 June 2020

Moving from a full-time process and reporting manager to help my organisation shift to an entrepreneur era.

Christo31 October 2019

Very well presented by the 2 presenters. I do not yet have any idea but I know what my passions are and what I am good at. At the same time I am not a good marketer myself. I need that spark of what exactly I should embark upon.

Milton18 June 2019

This course is very helpful. Thanks for letting me know that for effectiveness and efficiency I should divide my into Buffer time, Free time and Focus time but try minimize the buffer time. I will definitely apply the knowledge gained in this course. To crown it all, this course is a must for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.

Kaye12 June 2019

Yes. Am trying to set up my own consultancy firm. Am working with an audit firm and I have been there for ten years now. I have gone through the ranks: audit assistant, auditor, ..., manager. Biggest challenges is a highly regulated environment and duplicated licences.

Philip12 June 2019

It is an eye opener to know the way to think as an entrepreneur. That is what i am learning in this course.

Jill12 June 2019

Content is nicely spaced out and lots of examples of personal experiences with being an entrepreneur.

Rebecca23 February 2018

Excellent for finding clarity regarding your own passion, plan, and goals and sticking with them instead of jumping at whatever looks potentially profitable

Joan14 February 2018

Outstanding course. I own my own business. I am learning so much about growing my business and marketing. Get this course. No matter what stage you are in, thinking, creating a business plan or running a billion dollar business you need what Eric and Scott teach.

Gisela2 November 2017

This is a fantastic course! I had, of course, heard the term "entrepreneur" but never really understood what it meant... even less related it to me! Scott and Erik not only clarified totally what this term means but made me become aware that I myself have been an entrepreneur for many years! That was an amazing awareness!! This course truly clarified many aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset and gave me the information I needed to develop more of it in me... and improve myself both professionally and personally! Thanks so much to both!

S.28 October 2017

The instructors were engaging and authentic. Although my (online) business is in no way related to their businesses, I still noted several gems that can be applied to any business niche and life in general. I appreciated the organic way in which the instructors shared their journeys, as well as, the non-selling aspect - there was no rushing through the information to get to the sales pitch. Both instructors presented the concepts in small, easily digestible nuggets - there were no haughty, abstract notions, just simply stated facts. I gave this course 4.5 stars, only because at times the presentation ended abruptly and I felt that I may have missed out on the value of what was spoken.


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