Enroll 50+ Superstars in Your Networking Marketing Business

How to Invite and Prospect in the 21st Century For Network Marketers and MLM

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Enroll 50+ Superstars in Your Networking Marketing Business
4 hours
Aug 2018
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What you will learn

Enrol 50 + serious prospects in your Network Marketing Business

Grow your organization for long term stability and growth for long term residual income


Joe Garcia shares his cutting-edge strategies for optimal recruiting for Direct Sales, Network Marketers and MLMers. Joe has over 25 years experience as a top producer in one of the fastest growing companies in the world.  His Global organization is well over a couple of billion in sales....

In this course, you will learn:

  • How your beliefs can propel your forward or hold you back

  • The importance of persistence and consistency

  • How to use Social Media the right way

  • How to Bypass sales filters which automatically block your close

  • Best prospecting tools and techniques

  • And much more...

If you are ready to take your networking business to the next level, then this course is for you!

There are many coaches in the industry of Network Marketing selling their coaching programs most all of them are not building a Network Marketing Business.  They may have been successful in the past but who would you like to learn from someone who is successful now in building a Global business or someone who is not successful now as a builder but is earning his or her income from Coaching?

Living a comfortable life in a wonderful home in a desirable location makes a lot of sense. Your money affects the lifestyle you can live. So you want to live a better lifestyle, isn't it time you started doing something about it?

Maybe you're concerned about your financial future or your health…wondering if you'll be able to have the kind of life you dream about…or if you can afford to retire at all. To which, we say: thousands of entrepreneurs, just like you, make their dreams come true in Network Marketing. And you can, too.

This course will get you over the major stumbling blocks to success, enrolling Superstars!

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The Seven Basics
Beliefs - Inner and Outer
90% Concept
Commitment and Energy
Always be Collecting
The World
Know Your Why
What you need
Social Media and Prospecting
Bypassing Sales Filters
The Comfort Zone and Your Brain
Personality Types
Value and Benefit Statements
Prospecting Tools
Prospecting Techniques
Tap Root
Prospecting Networkers
Wrap Up
Help Your Fellow Students
{Bonus] Join Joe Garcia and Travel the World
27 February 2020
I believe I can use these techniques to grow my business and be more confident in inviting/prospecting. I got a lot of value from this course!
22 May 2019
Just in the introduction alone I have learned some valuable things. I highly recommend this course to anyone starting or wanting to expand their business. So much valuable information with no fluff
16 December 2018
Great information from Joe, but feels a bit more like a webinar interview than actual study course. I really enjoyed the way Joe did Value Benefit statements as well as some of the scripts he shared which I found to be very valuable. His experience shows through. I would definitely recommend this course for beginner's and those just starting in network marketing. Lots of good mindset training condensed into a powerful way. Even those more experienced can get something out of this as well. Definitely worth what I invested into it and am happy with what I learned.


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