Enhance English Vocabulary, Idioms And Improve Speaking

Master English Vocabulary, English Idioms, English Phrases, Practice Speaking English with Funny Dialogues.

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May 2022
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What you will learn

Master difficult English vocabulary (words, idioms, phrases)

Significantly enhance speaking skills

Give your Listening skills a big boost

Learn to answer and ask questions super fast, without thinking


Welcome to the Logus Vocabulary Course. It's probably the best course to learn English vocabulary and idioms as well as give your language fluency some serious boost

We’ve been working very hard to create the best English course to help you learn lots of cool English words, phrases and idioms and improve your spoken English in the easiest way possible.

This English vocabulary course consists of at least 30 English lessons. Each lesson has at least one cartoon with several idioms and interesting words. The Lessons are built in such a way that you can learn English vocabulary without actually learning it. What does that mean? It means learning English in a natural way, just the way the native speakers learned it.

So, what is the right way to learn English Vocabulary? By hearing different people saying the same words and phrases in different contexts, repeating after them, engaging in conversations.

That's exactly how this English vocabulary course is structured. You watch a cartoon wit tons of new vocabulary, you listen to my explanations, repeat after me, answer my questions, and when I say, repeat the questions I asked.

Besides having real English practice, you're going to be taking tests to check your knowledge.

If English conversations is what you’re struggling with, if you can’t memorize English vocabulary, this is the best course for you


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Don't gloat at startuppers
We're never gonna make it
Grades is all that matters
No game, no go
Greed isn't always good
Lash out, don't sugarcoat
A way to do the laundry
Not everyone will be Einstein
Curiosity is what's killing us
Joe the Cucumber
Say, what do you charge?
Music in my ear
Stuck in a stew
I don't bear bears
Hold your cravings
I see your mind
Where's my cut?
Go Beat Up
Earfull as a bonus
A Mall is no place for a stunt
Gone with the Wind
Dumpster Singer
Down in the Dumps
I don't show the ropes
A new Bandwagon? Hop in!
I don't cough at the healthy professor
The Starving are a dime a dozen
What does it take to roll in dough?
The manager is also human


May 21, 2022
I was expecting 30 minutes video but these are small, duration of this course is also less, seems faster too, using small sentences like he doesn't, he didn't, but this is my review after going through first video, I will complete the course and share the final feedback.

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