English Vocabulary #13: 67 More Strange Words to Learn

Essential English Grammar and Communication Skills for IELTS and Mastering English as a Second Language

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May 2021

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What you will learn

I will help you Master English so you can Discover the World!

Start speaking with correct grammar and pronunciation, not just as a student or learner but as an Explorer.

Improve your English listening skills by listening to a native speaker.

Help you think in English.

Learn from common mistakes.

Take part in my 'Master 1 New Word' challenge.


My course will help you to Master English and Discover the World.

For every 1 new word you master in English, that is 7 new sentences you can make.

Have you ever had a problem where you want to learn new English words? Do you know what a peninsula is? Would you know how to describe someone that is peculiar? How do you learn new words so you can make new sentences? How could you talk about your dreams, goals or mission when you don't know the words to describe them?

Then, this course was made for you! Enroll now if you want to take your English to the next level and to join the team of Explorers!

You will learn:

  1. Learn 67 new strange English words to expand your vocabulary.

  2. Understand the words with examples and how to use them in English.

  3. Get used to seeing stranger words so as to expand your comfort zone.

With my whiteboard and marker pens, I will teach you how to Master them and other important grammar rules too, such as:

  • Nausea

  • Noun, feeling sick and wanting to throw up.

  • She was nauseous this morning.

  • Neurosis

  • Noun, a mild mental illness without an obvious source but still in touch with reality.

  • We want to study his neurosis.

  • Odyssey

  • Noun, a long and eventful trip or adventure.

  • He had an odyssey across the country.

We will explore English together as I show you mistakes and broaden the topics to go beyond just the lesson objectives.

If you could speak to anyone in English. What would you talk about?

If you are new or need a reminder, there is no simple way to learn English - fast.

With my course you are not just another learner, not just another student - you are an English Explorer.

With my course you will not just learn English - you will master it.

With my course you will be challenged, your comfort zone stretched and pushed to new limits.

What if you could work on your passion in English?

What if you could achieve your life's goals in English?

What if you could leave your mark on history in English?

Enroll now, if you want to Master English!

Enroll now, if want to Discover the World!

Enroll now, if you are ready to be more than a student or learner, but an Explorer!

Enroll to my course ONLY if you are ready and willing to start...

Let's keep exploring!


TESOL Certified English Teacher and your Lead Language Explorer

Master English, Discover the World! Which word will you master next?


English Vocabulary #13: 67 More Strange Words to Learn
English Vocabulary #13: 67 More Strange Words to Learn
English Vocabulary #13: 67 More Strange Words to Learn
English Vocabulary #13: 67 More Strange Words to Learn


Nausea, Neurosis, Odyssey

Who am I?

My Master 1 New Word Challenge

Lesson Objectives

Nausea, Neurosis, Odyssey

Operetta, Opus, Oscillate

Paraphernalia, Peculiar, Pejorative

Peninsula, Percolator, Pernicious

Plebeian, Plateau, Pompous

Precede, Primeval, Procedure

Prerogative, Proprietor, Puerile

Pygmy, Quadruped, Querulous

A Quick Note

Quiescent, Raconteur, Rancour

Reassess, Resuscitate, Restaurateur

Rouble, Rumbustious, Saccharin


Sebaceous, Scurrilous, Sceptre

Sebaceous, Scurrilous, Sceptre

Sedentary, Selector, Sequoia

Shallot, Sheaf, Shibboleth

Sherbet, Smidge, Sobriquet

Somnolent, Soiree, Soupcon

Stratum, Suave, Subsequent

Suede, Surmise, Symposium

Taffeta, Terminus, Throes

Toboggan, Titillate, Uncomplimentary

A Quick Reminder

Utterance, Vagrant, Vehement

Verisimilitude, Verruca

Vessel, Zabaglione


Bonus Lecture


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