English grammar tenses & structures, the ultimate course

All you need to be perfect in English grammar & structures. Be an expert in the English grammar rules.

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English grammar tenses & structures, the ultimate course



1.5 hours


Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Build complete and perfect sentences in the English language through continuous assignments & quizzes with answers.

Learn the different kinds of tenses in the English grammar language and apply their rules through continuous assignments & quizzes with answers.


The course provides you with a variety of grammar rules that enable you to read, write and form perfect English sentences. The course forms a great combination of grammar rules with examples. It takes you step by step from understanding the rule into applying examples that enhance your English language skills. We add weekly quizzes with model answers.


Subject & verb agreement

Subject & verb agreement, Part 1

Subject & verb agreement, Part 2

Subject & verb agreement, Part 3

Modal verbs

Modal verbs, Part 1

Modal verbs, Part 2

Direct & Reported Speech

Direct & Reported Speech, Part 1

Direct & Reported Speech, Part 2

Direct & Reported Speech, Part 3

Direct & Reported Speech, Part 4


Nouns, Part 1

Nouns, Part 2

Present Tenses

Present simple, Part 1

Present simple, Part 2

Present simple, Part 3

Present continuous, Part 1

Present continuous, Part 2

Present simple VS Present continuous, Part 1

Present simple VS Present continuous, Part 2

Present perfect, Part 1

Present perfect, Part 2

Present perfect, Part 3

Past Tenses

Past perfect, Part 1

Past perfect, Part 2


Orkun16 December 2020

ilk ödevi açıkçası hızlıca yaptım ve çok üzerine düşmedim lakin dikkatli ve özenli bir şekilde yapılması gerektiğini fark ettim ben kendimi geliştirmek ve hatalarımı görmek için bu kursa kaydoldum gayet başarılı diyebilirim.

Prasanna12 November 2020

Truly it was amazing to learn and I am so impressed with the course. Thanks for the great content and I will strongly recommend it. The instructor is excellent and extremely knowledgeable. Totally worth the money!

Alejandro8 November 2020

En la primera sección se habla del número de los sutantivos, pero la práctica es del futuro, del que no se ha hablado en la sección.

Mohammad22 September 2020

One of the most amazing courses I have given, thank you .. We send you farewell to a new meeting in another courses 3>

Hanindito20 September 2020

This course is very engaging. The delivery with cartoon and animation is entertaining, yet crystal clear and easily understood.

Vansh1 September 2020

it is good but in the modal part he is going very fast and there is not much of a explanation . He is only giving examples. he should have tell some more about them

Maheswar13 July 2020

yes, the course was really good. It really helped in knowing the structure forms which help us to form the sentences. It will be more helpful if you provide with more such courses

Ajinkya5 July 2020

This course really helped me to improve my grammar. But there was a problem regarding the course, the speaker of this course was explaining it too fast, so at some points I had to pause the video and re-pause again...so that I could understand it better. So I request you to look into it, it may affect new comers as well!

Víctor13 April 2020

Ha sido una buena elección, aunque es para un grado intermedio y se dasarrolla muy rápido. Estaría mejor si tuviera cuestionarios al final de cada explicación.

Ibrahim12 April 2020

The course is intensive with information. However, it is very fast and there is no sufficient quizes to practice what we have learnt .

Showmik11 April 2020

It was an astonishing experience for me.I learned some topics which I did not read before. Those who have grammatical problems or facing troublesome situation in tense they should do this course to enrich their knowledge.

Waleed10 April 2020

It is definitely a good course, however, I feel the audio should not have been as rapid as it is and the examples should have been explained at a slower pace too and in more detail.

Immacolata10 April 2020

IL corso va troppo veloce, non ci sono esercizi di riepilogo per appurare cosa realmente si è capito. semplici le nozioni.

Owolabi9 April 2020

It's good match for Me,i am learning how to put my words together correctly..this course is really helpful for me, please give us some tests or exam next time


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