English Foundation Course 2024: Grammar and Speaking Upgrade

Become fluent by improving all your English Skills. Build a strong English foundation in grammar, speaking, and more!

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What you will learn

Learn the most important topics in English and build a strong foundation.

Learn how to use English grammar in real conversation examples.

Improve your speaking, listening, and writing.

Learn to sound like a native English speaker.

Prepare for exams like A1, A2, B1, B2, TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC.


Welcome to the English Foundation course!

This course covers every area of English learning. We took all the most important parts from our other English courses and built the foundation course.  It is a one-of-a-kind course and it is going to help you take your English to a new level.

|English Foundation Course|

This course will help you build a strong foundation in English grammar, speaking, listening, writing, and more. you will learn about the following topics:

Casual English Conversation and Speaking

Learn how to have great English conversations. Become fluent in everyday topics. Impress your friends and coworkers with your smooth English! The world is using English more and more every day, but without strong English speaking skills, you will fall behind and not have access to your best life.

Learn useful English vocabulary, verbs, and phrases to take your English to the next level. Practice building responses to important questions using important grammar structures.

Essential English Grammar

Learn English grammar in use and how to use it in real English conversation so you can improve your English Speaking. Every lesson has dozens of useful English Grammar examples, guided practice, real-life English conversation and speaking, and worksheet pdfs full of practice problems to help you learn English.

Verb Conjugation and Fluency

Upgrade your English by mastering all the verb tenses for some of the most used English verbs! Many English learners can only use the basic verb tenses fluently making their English sound simple and limited. This section is designed to take you to the next level and help you master all the English verb tenses so you can create and use much more complex English!

English Sentence Structures and Types

This section is for English learners who want a better understanding of English. Understanding English parts of speech and sentence structure are key to improving your speaking, writing and listening. Most students skip English parts of speech and sentence structure and this causes many problems later in their learning. Think about it. If an athlete were to skip the basics of their sport, would they be able to master it? The answer is no, and it's the same for language. Building a solid foundation is just as important as learning the higher-level 'fancy' grammar. And the truth is, if you spend a little extra time learning this now, you will save yourself a whole lot of time down the road.

Business English Conversation and Speaking

Learn how to interact at work and sound professional. Upgrade your vocabulary and phrases with this section focused on time at the workplace. Hundreds of vocabulary and phrases with real-life conversations. Listen with both American and British Accents

English Writing and Punctuation

This section is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to improve their English writing and master the English punctuation marks. We focus on some of the most important punctuation marks and show you all of their uses. Learn from dozens of examples and practice problems. Learn to write like a professional.

English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction

This section was specially designed to help English learners overcome one of the most important parts of  English speaking, their pronunciation or accent. How often do people ask you to repeat something because they cannot understand your English pronunciation? How many times do you not speak English confidently because you are unsure if you will be understood? Now you do not have to worry. This section will help you speak English clearly and fluently.

Included Material

  • Video lectures

  • Full PDFs with vocabulary, verbs, phrases, and conversation

  • Real-time conversations between Native English speakers

  • Question and Answer building practice

  • Hundreds of Examples and Practice Problems

Remember, each section of the foundation course comes from our other courses. These other courses have hours of additional content to help you master English. Be sure to join the courses as well. Just check out our profile page!


Welcome to a Langpill Course!

Foundation Course and the Full Master Grammar Course

Nouns and Pronouns

Common Nouns - Introduction
Common Nouns - Guided Practice
Common Nouns - Short Story
Common Nouns - Independent Practice
Subject Pronouns - Introduction
Subject Pronouns - Guided Practice
Subject Pronouns - Short Story
Subject Pronouns - Independent Practice
Object Pronouns - Introduction
Object Pronouns - Guided Practice
Object Pronouns - Short Story
Object Pronouns - Independent Practice


Articles - A, An, The - Introduction
Articles - A, An, The - Guided Practice
Articles - A, An, The - Short Story
Articles - A, An, The - Independent Practice

Verbs - Simple Tense

Past Simple Tense - Introduction
Past Simple Tense - Guided Practice
Past Simple Tense - Short Story
Past Simple Tense - Independent Practice
Present Simple Tense - Introduction
Present Simple Tense - Guided Practice
Present Simple Tense - Short Story
Present Simple Tense - Independent Practice

Helping Verbs (Auxillary Verbs)

To Be - Introduction
To Be - Guided Practice
To Be - Short Story
To Be - Independent Practice


Get the full English Grammar | Master Course


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September 12, 2023
demomento el curso me esta aparecion muy interesante y estoy apreniendo cosas nuevas que antes no sabia cuando termine el curso le voy a darte 5 estrellas
September 5, 2023
This course is great! I like how you guys have decided to summarize the most important parts of grammar and speaking. i
February 23, 2023
Это просто гинеально, я много лет учился в школе и знаю много слов, но мне сложно ими оперировать, это курс и полная его версия очень сильно помогла мне, разложила всё по полочка, теперь я спокойно и быстро формирую предложения, говорю и пишу тексты.
December 3, 2022
It's just perfect for anyone who wants to learn English, and you'll be really good at it with this course because it's very useful and practical.
November 19, 2022
The method of giving the course in the form of a video is easier to understand, I appreciate it very much, there are also very good reminders on the parts of sentences
November 1, 2022
This is the most interesting free online English grammar course. I like the way of expressing each topic. It is also easy to grasp the point vocally....etc.
October 3, 2022
Yes. Everything is great and I am learning a lot. The only thing that I am concern is...how it sounds when you are talking...like too nasal? not sure... but I am having a hard time to focus on the sound. Other than that everything is perfect :) Thank you :)
September 20, 2022
Im on the chapter 3 but i think the explanation is very good. maybe the rating will change when i watch more wish my english skills really improve
September 14, 2022
IT was good but it will be more amazing. when we see animated character with sentences. it would help to remind how sentences are frame
July 5, 2022
it's about 3 years i using English and always had problem with grammar, this course open a new world to me
May 31, 2022
Basic concepts in the structure of English sentences and English speech. Very useful! Short and concise, with basic explanations.
April 22, 2022
Hi Im Hussain also im Arabic I live in Iraq and its hard to find Courses like this Cause it cost mony im not rich to buy or paid for Course and i was need to Improve my skill in English so i search and i found this Course and I relly understand how the Mr or the Doctor Explian this lessons thank you very much Mr or Doctor :) I hope one day I can go to a university outside my country, such as Harvard University or others
April 6, 2022
I searched so many courses for English learning and finally got this. Now, I am watching this lecture and found interested because it all starts with basic level which I want to learn and grab everything and for this I must say this is the best course for new bees
April 1, 2022
This course covers every area of English learning. and its so constructive I really become able to read and understand basic English.
March 6, 2022
Absolutely recommendable, It really helps to improve the people's knowledge speakingregarding english as much as writing as listening and



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