Energy Engineering _ IV _Power Scenario and MCQS_QP

Power Plant Engineering

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What you will learn

Knowledge of existing global power generation scenario.

Will be able to get idea of Pitfalls and reasons and remedies

Will get the idea of Load shedding and methods and efforts to reduce the same.

Will get the concept of Kyoto protocol

Will be able to get the meaning of carbon credits, importance, methods of carbon credits

Need of future power generation Scenario

Various Questions ( short and descriptive ) based on unit-I and II i.e. Thermal power plant, condenser, Environmental impact, Power scenario etc


Hello! Hi every one. With great pleasure I wish to inform you all that I have uploaded about 23 Video Lectures and Resource files of unit –I and II of Subject Energy Engineering for BE (Mechanical) Students on Udemy Platform ( in total four courses) . These lectures are also useful for TE (Mech) and Diploma (Mechanical) students. There are total six units of the subject which I have discussed time to time. The remaining unit Lectures will be uploaded after completion of the same in phased manner. As we know that final year is very vital one to score more for better placement in MNC. In Semester pattern the students have to attend lectures, Practicals and also do preparation of assignments, project work It gets difficult to prepare well for final theory examinations due to time shortage. Therefore it is my little effort to share my knowledge to you people in the most simplest way with ease and also all the data / contents / numericals required for the preparation of subject available on one platform and no need to refer many books / web sites etc. which in turn saves lot of time and you can spare more time for other subjects also.

In this concluding section, I have uploaded Unit-I Power Scenario Lectures and then MCQs and University Question Papers on Unit-I and II respectively. You will find that almost all the points are covered in our video lectures. So best of Luck to you all.

I am also requesting you every time to give your valuable reviews after completion of each lecture so as to get booster dose for me to upload other topics of the subject with pleasant mood. Please don’t forget to give reviews. Thanks.


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Introduction to Power Scenario
Power Scenario-II
MCQs and Question papers on Unit-I_ Power Scenario
MCQs and Question papers on unit-I_ Thermal Power Plant
MCQs and Question Papers on Unit-II _ Condenser
MCQs and Question Papers on Unit- II _Environment Impacts of Thermal Power Plant
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