Sales Training: How To Close More Sales

Closing Sales: Sales Training Course: Sales Skills; Selling Techniques; Sales Strategies for B2B, B2C Direct Sales

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What you will learn

Learn the sales skills, techniques and strategies to make you a top performing sales professional.


The sales skills, techniques and strategies within this powerful sales training course will enlighten you into how to take action to affect change, offering you thought provoking moments, epiphanies and reality checks through powerful information that is time-tested, relevant, and simple to understand. 

Topics in this sales training course include:

  • ESTABLISHING TRUST – Learn how the most effective negotiators and communicators naturally and immediately connect to their client through an unseen flow of energy that increases the speed of decision!

  • SELLING VALUE Outsell the competition and increase your order profitability through identifying, positioning and communicating your intrinsic value that moves your client to take action!

  • ELEVATING VALUE – Learn how to create and communicate your extrinsic value ensuring that every client interaction is a positive experience, while presenting yourself as a resource, not a commodity!

  • AUTHENTIC INFLUENCE – Learn how to define your thinking, realize and communicate your true value and emotionally connect to your client to enable a deeper and more loyal connection that moves the sale forward!

  • BELIEF – Professional Selling is about building trust. Learn how to incorporate and communicate the hidden power of belief that enables your client to psychologically connect and be pulled into “wanting” what you are offering!

  • SELLING RESULTS  Learn how to transition from Features, Functions, Benefits and open the mind of your prospective customer, gain their trust and emotionally achieve their acceptance (“buy-in”) to commit to the sale by focusing on Results!

The advanced and up-to-date selling skills and strategies are presented in their simplest form, offering you the ability to quickly and easily achieve the tremendous rewards that professional selling has to offer without having to learn the hard way. My goal is for you to work smarter-not harder and immediately gain from the knowledge I have gleaned from the thousands of sales calls and presentations I have made, the hundreds of books I’ve read, audio books I’ve listened to and sales seminars I’ve attended. The content of this sales training offers a perfect blend of fresh, thought provoking and effective techniques from the award-winning book “The Sales Pro” and international best selling book “The Go-Giver”. 

What’s “The Go-Giver” you may ask? Not only is it endorsed by great leaders such as Stephen M.R Covey, Michael E. Gerber and Brian Tracy, it is the key to exceptional leadership and cultural excellence. Shifting your focus from getting to giving is the simplest, most fulfilling and most effective path to success in business and in life.   

The course represents foundational principles of selling- principles that no one else is teaching but which are the absolute backbone of sales success. My intent is to trigger a willingness for the you to “wake up” or “move forward” through skills and techniques that support your personal evolution into becoming an even better version of who you are, or perhaps change to become the person or sales person who you always wanted to be.

Your trainer, Paul Anderson, has accumulated over 25 years of experience within the field of sales, which includes both teaching and selling. He’s the man behind The Sales Pro, he was the top performing salesman at a fortune 100 company and he has been handed over 20 sales awards. Plus, he’s the author of two award-winning sales books – ‘The Sales Pro’ and ‘The Sales Pro Meets His Mentor'. With the wealth of knowledge he has acquired, he’ll teach how the strategies work, and how to apply them. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ll have the confidence, and know-how to deal with it effectively.

Take the course NOW and never look back!

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Basic Sales Training: The Correct Foundation For a Successful Sales Career
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Introduction to Action Plan
Lesson: Belief
Belief Part 1
Belief Part 2
Belief Part 3
Belief Chapter (Written context from The Sales Pro Book)
Belief Cartoon Story
Celebrity Moment
Belief Quiz
Lesson: Authenticity
Celebrity Moment
Authenticity Quiz
Establishing Trust
Lesson: Establishing Trust
Establishing Trust Part 1
Establishing Trust Part 2
Establishing Trust Quiz
Selling Results
Lesson: Selling Results
Selling Results Part 1
Selling Results Part 2
Animation Selling Results
Selling Results (Written context from "The Sales Pro")
Selling Results Cartoon Story
Selling Results Quiz
Selling Value
Lesson: Selling Value
Selling Value
Matching Benefits & Adding Value
Selling Value Quiz
Experience of Value
Lesson: Experience of Value
Experience of Value
Action Plan!
It Is Time To Take Action!
The Final Word
The Final Word
9 June 2021
I think the content from this course is good. The information is thorough and contains a lot of good value. My main point of concern was that the presenter, Paul, speaks quite quickly and talks a lot without many supporting visual aids at times; for some people, it may be a little difficult to follow Paul's pace. Overall, though, I think the supporting cartoons and documents help to support the learning from the course, and so I give this 4 stars.
24 May 2021
This Course will help you to become a great salesman. You are always selling something and it shows you that in this course.
30 November 2020
This was an amazing course . I'm so thankful Licedoctors gave us this opportunity and would recommend this to anyone.
15 November 2020
"Absolutely" "Absolutely" "Absolutely". Poor quality video - constantly out of focus, head chopped off, etc.
14 October 2020
I like the emphasis on self-belief in the company, products/services and values in-order to communicate with the customer.
29 May 2020
This is awesome tips to work on (Belief in your product or service). Building Trust, Intrinsic Value and Extrinsic.
14 May 2020
Really well thought out and comprehensive course. Lots of effort with cartoon supplements and quizzes throughout to ensure you understand. Very enthusiastic instructor :)
23 April 2020
It was perfect me, I learned a lot, thought provoking and I was able to relate with all aspects of te training.
22 April 2020
I like this course and it's very effective to crack sales .. it will give good experience for sales closure.
20 April 2020
I understand that i was selling more of features and functions rathan tan value and result. I can see where the problem lies. Now that i know i will tell say to myself good selling?
14 April 2020
i learn a lot about sales person as well as sales professional, selling value,intrinsic,exterinsic value,and other things i really enjoyed of this course
8 April 2020
Absolutely it was amazing... Few points which after going through this course I realized, few which I was doing... But over all it did helped me a Lot... Thanks..
8 April 2020
To truly reperesent my company value propositions than my personal beliefs and to undersstand my customers vaue proposition to be aligned with my companies .
2 April 2020
It was very much helpful and would definitely be useful too. Really appreciable for the effort the you have taken. Good job team.
1 March 2020
Prior to now, I see sales personnel as magicians when they report the high volumes and turnover numbers. This perception has however changed as this course has given me all the practical insights and skills required to perform excellein a sales or sales directorship role.


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