Electronics Mastery - The beginner's course in electronics

The crucial physics, electronics and electrical engineering concepts you need to design and build electronic circuits

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Sep 2019

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What you will learn

Everything about circuits for the total beginner in the world of electronics.

What is electric current, potential difference and resistance?

How do these quantities change in a circuit and how can the values be calculated?

What are capacitors and inductors and how can they be used in circuits?

What are diodes and LEDs? How do they work and how can they be used?

How are AC and DC circuits different and how are they used?

What is internal resistance and why is it essential to understand in electronic circuits?

How can we measure energy and power in circuits and why is this important?


Understand everything you need to know about electronics and electronic engineering without expensive course fees and unnecessary mathematical details.

Electronics Mastery guides you through the fundamental physics and electrical engineering ideas that underpin how circuits work. Throughout the course the aim is to teach you how circuits work, not just a boatload of equations.

In a clear and fast paced way, I will guide you through exactly what current, voltage and resistance are and, most importantly, how this knowledge can be applied to real circuits. Video lectures are a mix of slides, circuit simulations and video of myself and you will be taken from beginner level to having a good, sound understanding of the most important concepts in electronics.

I've worked hard to trim any unnecessary details from my explanations so you can understand the important ideas in electronics and electrical engineering fast!

As an experienced teacher, I have designed the course from the ground up with the latest educational theory in mind. Content is chunked and revisited to ensure long understanding. I want you to fully understand and remember everything you learn in Electronics Mastery as it will help you in the future!

There is some maths in the course but it a basic knowledge of high school algebra will be more than enough to access everything.

Each video lecture is accompanied by some multiple choice quiz questions or exam style questions to help cement your electronics understanding and pick up on any misconceptions. Some lectures have exam questions with video tutorials to explain the answers and reinforce the electronics theory you have learnt.

Maybe you've tried to learn electronics and electrical circuits before? There is no need to keep struggling! Electronics Mastery makes things clear and simple.


Electronics Mastery - The beginner's course in electronics
Electronics Mastery - The beginner's course in electronics
Electronics Mastery - The beginner's course in electronics
Electronics Mastery - The beginner's course in electronics


Electric Current

Bonus Lecture - Electronics for Total Beginners

Electric Current

Electric Current

Voltage (Potential difference and Electromotive Force)

Voltage - Potential difference and EMF

Voltage Questions


Resistance and Resistivity

Resistance and Resistivity

Exam Questions

Diodes and LEDs

Diodes and LEDs

Diodes and LEDs Quiz

Exam Question

Circuit Problems

Circuit Problems

Circuit Problems

Internal Resistance

Internal Resistance

Internal Resistance Questions



Capacitors Quiz

Inductors and Inductance

Inductors and Inductance

Alternating Current

Alternating Current

Exam Question



555 Timers and Oscillators

The 555 Timer (monostable)


David11 May 2020

For the first lesson, electric current, I can hear hardly anything at all even with speaker on full blast. very disappointed. will try the second lesson and see how!!!

Aseilhamid19 April 2020

the course is for complete beginners , some topics just need to be in depth like inductance and AC, there is something missing at the last lecture. I think add more circuit projects and more questions would help to understand more. I highly appreciate that the tutor is answering the questions very fast .

Runal27 May 2019

Would want more about electronics to learn. Topic such as transistors should be include and a small project on electronic would be more appreciated. Thanks for amazing content .


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