Pre-University Business Course (Includes Oxford Diploma)

Business Diploma (Includes Business English course)

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

1. Business principles to enable passing College business exams

2. Practical and theoretical aspects of business

3. Functions of key departments

4. Understand - and discuss - the basics of business


Notice: Please do NOT enrol on this course on impulse, thinking you might watch it later. Maybe show an interest on impulse, yes, but before you enrol, watch the Preview videos, read the Course Description and then make a decision. If you then enrol then please start the course as soon as possible. Watch the lectures, look at the workbooks and join in the discussions. Joining my courses is a serious business and I want you to get the most out of your study – but I also want you to enjoy the course.

That is why I am asking that you only enrol because you really want to and that you start the course intending to make full use of all the resources.

You will be very welcome.

Seven reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You cannot lose - 30 day refund if you really really don't like the course BUT if you DO like it:

    a. updated lectures

    b. case studies based on very very current news items

    c. detailed responses to messages

    d. I constantly attempt to have a 'class atmosphere' e.g. throwing questions open to all

    e. regular Announcements that are not disguised sales ploys

    f. regular FREE access to numerous other courses offered by me

  2. I am a lecturer/teacher in Economics and Business by trade i.e. I teach full-time for a living. I have been Principal, Director of Studies and Head of Economics. (Oxford, UK)  I have lectured in University, adult evening classes and also run over 50 seminars in the UK

  3. I am/have been an Examiner for FIVE different examination boards

  4. I have 100+ books on Amazon - many of them about business/economics

  5. The success of my students has been featured on the BBC, (just go to the BBC site and search my name) Daily Telegraph, The Times and I have been featured on TV in 2 countries.

  6. Schools take TWO years - I have had students pass after just 4 hours of lessons!

  7. I run training courses for Business Studies teachers (OSL Training - google it)

    About this course

    This is a detailed course that if followed - which includes the reading and homework - will enable students to pass pre-University Business Courses.  The lectures are very up to date and the links are constantly being updated so this course is also applicable for someone who has an interest but has never formally studied a course.

This course is the INTERNATIONAL version and so the contents are useful for students all over the world - especially if they are studying at school or college.

Topics covered include:

  • Marketing pricing, place, product, promotion, people....

  • Finance - balance sheet etc

  • Production - stock control, quality control...

  • HRM - training, motivation, recruitment...


Pre-University Business Course (Includes Oxford Diploma)
Pre-University Business Course (Includes Oxford Diploma)
Pre-University Business Course (Includes Oxford Diploma)
Pre-University Business Course (Includes Oxford Diploma)


Business English for one week


Day One: Ask for Help

Day Two: Watch and Listen

Day Three: Write Down Words and Phrases

Day Four: Practice as much as you can (Part 1)

Day Four: Practice as much as you can (Part 2)

Day Five: Make time to study

Day Six: Five Websites

Day Seven: In conclusion

Oxford School of Learning Diploma

About the Diploma

Egg Timer IGCSE Business Studies

About the lecturer

Original preview

Business activity

Classification of business

Enterprise, business growth and size

Types of business organisation

Business objectives and stakeholder objectives


Organisation and management

Recruitment selection and training of workers


Marketing, competition and the customer

Market research

The marketing mix

Marketing mix: place and promotion

Marketing strategy

Production of goods and services

Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis



Business finance

Cash flow forecasting

Income statements

Balance sheets

Analysis of accounts

Government economic objectives and policies

Environmental and ethical issues

Business and the international economy

Not business course specifically: stroke prevention

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

The financial impact of Brexit on the individual

Brexit is coming - what can I do?

Where will I live – what will I pay?

I’ve got a mortgage!

Save me!


Hope I die before I get old

What can I bank on?

Will I lose my job?

Can I flee abroad – by car?

This is all bad for my health!

Forced intermittent fasting?


Justin10 July 2020

So far so good. Being a worker in a business environment it is good to take the theory and practically apply it in my everyday job


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