Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 43 hrs)

Micro economics (Oxford Diploma) — Accredited; basic upwards (includes Business Microeconomics)

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Sep 2021
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What you will learn

Explain how to interpret elasticity

Using demand and supply, illustrate price determination

Examine the impact of tax/subsidies

Apply ceteris paribus

Evaluate the sugar tax and other Case Studies

Decluttering and impact on economy

Business application of microeconomics


Lean management

Textbooks are included!

Stroke risk - and what can be done

Learn microeconomics through football




1. Watch the Preview video

2. Watch the sample lectures

3. Thoroughly read this course description

4. Be fully aware that participation is encouraged - that means there are manuals (several) numerous discussions (Q/A sections) and regular Education Announcements

5. To achieve the Oxford Diploma requires quite a lot of work. To acquire the Completion Certificate you can just...watch. You can choose to do either, neither or...both. Questions are responded to quickly.

6. Remember too that this course includes an OPTIONAL course in Business Economics English.

Five reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You cannot lose - 30 day refund if you really really don't like the course BUT if you DO like it:

    a. updated lectures

    b. case studies based on very very current news items

    c. detailed responses to messages

    d. I constantly attempt to have a 'class atmosphere' e.g. throwing questions open to all

    e. regular Announcements that are not disguised sales ploys

    f. regular FREE access to numerous other courses offered by me

  2. I am a lecturer/teacher in Economics by trade i.e. I teach full-time for a living. I have been Principal, Director of Studies and Head of Economics. (Oxford, UK)  I have lectured in University, adult evening classes and also run over 50 seminars in the UK

  3. I am/have been an Examiner for FIVE different examination boards

  4. I have 100+ books on Amazon - many of them about Business/Economics

  5. The success of my students has been featured on the BBC, Daily Telegraph, The Times and I have been featured on TV in 2 countries.


I make courses on Udemy primarily because I enjoy the process of causing learning. Many of my courses are to improve lives. One of the Economics courses is to raise money for charity. (100% of revenue goes to the charity) Fundamentally this course is about helping you.

About the course

This is a course covering the key areas in micro economics at a beginners/intermediate level. It is the principles of economics that are emphasised, repeated and supported with notes. Very clearly explained and reinforced with notes and revision lectures. This course is IDEAL for the beginner who wants to advance quickly.

Topics covered:

  • Market failure

  • Taxation

  • Subsidies

  • Demand

  • Supply

  • Price elasticity of demand

  • Price elasticity of supply

  • Elasticity and how to interpret it

  • Elasticity - calculations

  • Elasticity - shape of curves

  • Elasticity - tax/subsidy incidence

  • Ceteris paribus

  • Consumer surplus

  • Producer surplus

  • Microeconomics of football

This course is ideal for the BEGINNER who wishes to progress as well as someone with experience in studying Economics as the topics are pitched at several levels.

Why learn from me?

  • 5 years experience as a Buyer for a multinational car company

  • Owner of two companies in the Education sector

  • Trainer of Economics and Business teachers

  • 30 years experience in teaching/lecturing Economics in Oxford (UK) and worldwide

  • Highly responsive to questions asked relating to lectures

  • Constantly improving and developing courses at Udemy


At the end of the course are some case studies based on articles in August 2019. This is to give you the opportunity to check what you know - and then (if you wish) send answers in! (They are on the micro topics above such as taxes, elasticity, demand, supply etc)


December 2019

Two new workbooks added:

  • Christmas economics

  • New Year Economics 2020

June 2020 - new course on the Microeconomics of football


Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 43 hrs)Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 43 hrs)Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 43 hrs)Oxford Diploma in Microeconomics/Business courses ( 43 hrs)


New to English? Start here!
Day One: Ask for Help
Day Two: Watch and Listen
Day Three: Write Down Words and Phrases
Day Four: Practice as much as you can (Part 2)
Day Five: Make time to study
Day Six: Five Websites
Day Seven: In conclusion
Oxford School of Learning Diploma
About the Diploma
Original preview
About the lecturer
The demand curve
Elasticity of demand
Ceteris Paribus
More on elasticity
Consumer surplus
Income elasticity of demand
Cross elasticity of demand
Elasticity of supply
Elasticity interpreted
Surpluses & Min/Max price
Maximum rent
Minimum wage
Exchange rates & SPICED
Demand for imports/exports
Demand curve shifts
Indirect taxation
Elasticity and tax
More externalities
Positive externality in production
Social optimum
Negative externalities
Conclusion & 1 bonus diagram!
Free trade
Competition and elasticity - competitiveness
Elasticity of supply
Competitiveness - elasticity of demand
Import controls
Housing market
Competition - technology
Competitiveness - elasticity of demand
Competition - Elasticity of demand
Gender pay gap
The sugar tax
Really really current revision section - elasticity, demand/supply
Ice Cream
Trade War
Flagging Demand
Taking the Brisket
The Margin is Important
Supply Chain Management
Brand Driven Products
Pricing policies
Income threshold
Results differ
The Japan Times series
The flow of goods
Heat related
Household Spending
The Tax Model
Hypothecated taxes
Private Health Insurance
Social Health Insurance
User Charges as an Additional Source of Funding
Charging NHS Patients for GP Appointments
Obesity and Economics
Obesity - the prologue
Obesity pt 1
Obesity - pt 2
Obesity - pt 3
Obesity - pt 4
What makes a great teacher?
This is NOT Economics - but very important that you watch
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6
The Micro economic impact of Brexit
Brexit is coming – what can I do?
Where will I live – what will I pay?
I’ve got a mortgage!
Save me!
Hope I die before I get old
What can I bank on?
Will I lose my job?
Can I flee abroad – by car?
This is all bad for my health!
Forced intermittent fasting?


14 September 2021
I only just started but it's a wonderful course and fully engages the students to make research and be fully engulfed with the learning process
4 September 2021
MUST BUY THIS COURSE!! My experience is great. instructor's way to teaching is amazing. If one really wants to contribute and really want to learn economics, one must go for this course. I don't think anyone can get better course then this. we are given homework mostly after each lesson and if anything is done wrong, instructor will correct you and that's the most important thing because generally in online courses no one corrects our mistake. Really loving this course. THANK YOU, SIR!!
17 August 2021
(27/08/21) This course is helping a lot with my Current Semester..Its a great course with a Extensive Study and and very Good explaination pattern
9 August 2021
This is definetly one of the most in-depth courses around here for people interested in micro-economics, specialy begginers. The main reason being because it isn't an crash class on the subject, just trying to offer some dictionary definitions on the topics, but an honest walkthrough for newbies other main points pros: +Great priority of topics and decent presentation, which is in line with most college lvls courses -> (while it doesn't go as far as showing, said, Slutsky's equation, it does give you proper tools to understand microeconomics and uses repetition to solidify knowledge) +Classes are being updated and contextualized according to current global issues, with treding topics such as Brexit, COVID-19 etc and others whose fad never went -and probably won't go- away, such as gender gap, global warming etc +Workbooks that incentivizes you to research and expand your knowledge +If you have time and diligence, you can chase the Oxford Diploma +Great price given the material is vast and perennial neutral: If you're interested, the professor ministering it also offer courses for people looking for solace in activities such as art therapy and grief counseling; and -unlike some other sellers on the plataform- doesn't embarass you into buying: it's just there con: -Far from being Coursera, with classes limited by students, scheduled avaliations, private answers etc Udemy isn't the best plataform to verify if a student is truly learning...or to organize yourself. Perhaps that's why they made a not so discrete 'upgrade' by creating Udemy Business. While that's not specific to this course, I see both Mr. Bankes having to emphasize to students that they need to answer questions in the proper session, not ~flood~ the Q/A with definitions that aren't exaclty necessary etc and students having a hard time finding a topic that they should expand -instead of creating a new one-; because the Q/A ins't standardized (ex.: a student refers to a workbook in the 302th lesson as "Session 20 - Brexit Workbook", other as "link 4 - 302", another as "S20 - 302" and many don't know how to use the "current class" feature. While that's an issue with people not knowing how to use Udemy properly, I see it's frustrating for both sides and would like to suggest for Mr. Bankes to offer this course in a plataform that better embraces it's proposition
4 August 2021
I think that the teacher/instructor is very passionate and keeps his courses updated which is very much appreciated. Though, I haven't delved deeper into the course.
31 October 2020
I'm taking this class to further my education. I remember taking Economics, both micro & macro in college, I was always fascinated by it. I think it's super important with what's going on in the world today to understand Economics, so this class was a no brainer for me to take. This is actually my first Udemy course, I was a bit skeptical about taking a course on this platform - but I absolutely love it, and am very happy with my decision. Professor Sivewright is extremely informative, and he wants you to learn the material, he actually checks up on you, and is super responsive to your questions. None of my Economics professors in college cared about students as much as Professor Sivewright. Trust me people you will get your money's worth by taking this course. I purchased two other courses from Professor Sivewright, and can't wait to start them. Make sure to read the course description so you understand what you're about to learn, it's basic material but very in-depth. As you get deeper into the course it gets very interesting & it's full of insightful content. There are plenty of workbooks, questions & interaction with this course. He will encourage you to participate in discussion which is one of my favorite things about this course.
8 June 2020
At first, when we were getting the notes and learning the content, I was getting a bit confused because there weren't as many real-life examples but when the revision lectures started it made things more clear to me and now I understand most of the content well! The MCQs were very interesting, in the test but during the review lectures, they were very easy.
19 May 2020
Hello ! I am an Indian student , now in my 12th grade ( I am 16 years old) . I have always been very fascinated by economics and I also wish to pursue it further. But the complicated textbooks which were gathering more and more dust by every passing day in Library did not interest me as I have a hunger for understanding practical and latest relevance of subjects . So when I got free by around May-end , I chose this course for increasing my knowledge about micro-economics and to be honest , I was more interested in Brexit. I think this course not only helped me gain the knowledge I was looking for but also made me aware of many different aspects of economics which I never came across in my Junior College . I would suggest this course to all those who have patience and consistent enthusiasm in the subject !
11 May 2020
Nice lectures and good tools for learning economics norms and measures which ultimately enrich the thinking process to analyse the economic factors of our life time. Lectures of Microeconomics are perfect for me as to the level of understandings as I deserve. I will listen again and try to solve your questionaires. I like to have the lectures on Macrooeconomics arena from Mr. Chris Bankes Sivewright. Thank you very much.
2 May 2020
This course has been really interesting and the case studies have helped me understand how micro economic tools are applied in real life situations.
29 April 2020
I just started watching the videos and so far I'm really satisfied what the course is offering. In my opinion, upon the completion of the course, I'll gain enough knowledge to make a big step in my career.
8 March 2020
So far, I have enjoyed how simple to understand the lectures are. And I love how short each lecture is too. I also love how available the instructor is to answer his messages!
28 February 2020
I like it! Macroeconomics and microeconomics are two sides of the coin of demand and supply. Microeconomics is important about individuals - households, and firms. The Government has planed his macroeconomics policies on firms' supply and household demand.
17 November 2018
It is a very simple way of explaining things, I like he repeats what we learned from the ​previous lecture within the new subject. Lots of examples and repeats, yet you learn a lot, so it is very useful for him to slow down and repeat things. The right course if you are an absolute beginner!
13 August 2018
I was struggling with micro economics at university. I found this course which covered and explained the gaps. I know have a thorough knowledge on Microeconomics. Chris Bankes knows his subject matter very well, he is knowledgeable and imparts the material in such a way that anyone can understand. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. One of the best courses I have taken in Udemy. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to understand Microeconomics.



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