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EFT Weight Loss Emotional Eating Issues - No Diet

You know you have to exercise, and you have to eat better. But you don't. Why? It's because of what goes on in your head

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EFT Weight Loss Emotional Eating Issues - No Diet


2 hours


Jun 2019

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What you will learn

Use EFT to relieve the emotional charges which block your success

Lose weight that comes from eating too much

Be able to control emotional eating


Emotional eating is a relatively common problem for both men and women. If you eat in response to your feelings, especially when you are not hungry, you are an emotional eater. Emotional eating means your emotions -- not your body -- dictate when and/or how much you eat.

Some emotional eaters binge when they are sad or confused; for others, eating can be a way of avoiding thinking about problems or taking the action required to solve them. If we'd eat for comfort by reaching into our crisper drawer, we'd be OK.

Are You an Emotional Eater?

You are an emotional eaters if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Do you often eat without realizing it?
  • Do you ever feel guilty or ashamed after eating?
  • Do you eat alone or at odd locations, such as parked in your car outside your home?
  • After an unpleasant experience, like a heated argument, do you just go eat?
  • Do you crave specific foods when you're upset, such as always wanting a chocolate bar when you feel mad?
  • Do you feel the urge to eat when you watch food being advertised on TV?
  • Do you eat when you are tired or bored?
  • Does chewing on something make you feel better when you're down?

In this course, you will learn how to handle the daily emotionally stresses most people experience that leads them to overeat.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or E.F.T., is an effective tool that can bring successful results for physical, emotional, and health problems. If your fitness or general health needs improvement, there are unresolved emotional issues that need resolving before you can see improvements.



Introduction to EFT and Weight Loss


Secrets to Success

What is EFT?

Who is Joan Kaylor, MSEd., LPC, DCEP?

What is EFT?

The EFT Process

Tapping Points

The Steps

Brain Balance

EFT Tapping Foundation


How EFT works

EFT For Eating


EFT Session for Emotional Eating

More EFT on Emotional Eating & Stress

EFT Session For Shame

EFT Session For Over-Eating

EFT Session For Self-Sabotage

EFT Session for Comfort Food

Setting Boundaries by saying "No"

EFT For Feeling Deprived

EFT for How to Release Cravings

Addition to Cravings Lecture


Eating Quiz



Action Plan

Help Your Fellow Students

[Bonus] Dr. Peta Stapleton on Extreme Tapping for Weight Loss


Caroline16 April 2021

Great course thank you Joan. I love your straightforward presenting style. I'm going to regularly practice the tapping methods to reduce my food cravings. Thanks also for the extra podcast at the end with Peta.

Shauna18 May 2020

Having undertaken an previous EFT course this was a great reminder and classifier of what I had learned. Great lectures and very clear processes!

Kyaw19 January 2020

The lecturer is interesting. She can give clear information. Her voice is quite clear and her talk is informative. So far so good

Dooshina18 January 2020

This course was very valuable. I got a great insight about EFT Tapping and how this can really help to resolve many issues in life

Bhairavi16 January 2020

After menopause, I have put on weight. Also, feel very hungry at times. End up eating more food. Looking obese is effecting my professional career as I am unemployed but when going to interview

Annegret1 March 2019

I was quite happy when I found this course and the preview videos are interesting. But in the introductional part she talks about hair pulling. Ok. In the part about EFT on emotional eating, you only see a picture and hear her saying: you look here and then over there etc. but you see her, when the sequence is over. In an other lecture you learn about brain balance, but in the exercise I want to tap with the instructor simultaniously. I feel disappointed. Maybe this course is good for others, but not for me. I am sorry. I appreciate your work and energy you put into this course, but I need something different. Please don´t mind.

Omar28 February 2019

This Course is introducing good thoughts. really helpful of better understanding of our emotions. after you finish this course I think you would be able to start your journey of address your emotions and run win-win self-talk to have that inner-peace status. I think it would be amazing if the name of this course would be slightly change to a better generic concept because it represents the whole science introduction no discussing only one topic.

Faith29 August 2018

I went through this course and another with Joan. She is a passionate and caring EFT practitioner and that positive energy comes through in every lesson.

Loretta22 July 2018

I enjoy listening to her (lectures). She is engaging and has a realistic grasp on the issues connected to emotional eating. I like "to-the-point" information... bottom line it for me and I am set!! Thank you Joan!

Tressera8 July 2018

Good course on EFT tapping and controlling emotional eating. Easy to do and covers the emotional charges with food for each day of the week. Just go take action!

Janice16 March 2018

Very interesting, it is quite an amazing subject. I like the tutor she is very friendly and relaxed.

Gül19 October 2017

The course is made very good. I can follow it easily and do every day the tapping. The problem is, after applying the tapping one month according your plan, my weight is quite the same. I also dont see a change in my apetite or cravings.

Hanka27 May 2016

What a great and valuable course! It tackles the problem of emotional eating from many sides. The tapping sessions are powerful (such as the one on self-hate), straight to the point and stress-relieving. I have to admit I am a great fan of Joan, I admire her good-natured personality, her calm and reassuring presence, I feel simply good just listening to her! I am an EFT believer, I have already witnessed the wonders EFT can do and these tapping sessions are no different. The tapping may be sometimes a little too fast, but that does not bother me, I like fast tapping :-). After tapping for about an hour straight, I felt much more kindness towards myself, much more appreciation and a reduced need to misbehave "food-wise" in the following days. I will surely continue to tap, this course is a must-have for anybody going through emotional eating issues. Thank you Joan and Scott!


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