EFT Your Travel Stress and Fear of Flying

Fly stress free!

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EFT Your Travel Stress and Fear of Flying


2.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

How to fly without fear

How to tap out travel stress with planning, packing, airports, Air B & B's, Shared rides and more...


This course covers what Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are. How to apply EFT to release fear and anxiety about travel. You will create a plan for your vacation or business trip.

Efficient packing for a carry-on bag and weather at your destination; Going through security at the airport; What a known traveler number is, How to get a Global entry pass, How to apply for TSA precheck, Flying. An entire segment is geared to the fearful flyer. A retired pilot, Captain Ron, will explain how a plane flies and address many of your fear; take off, landing, turbulence, weather, UFO’s and air quality in the cabin. You will also learn how to travel internationally; how to get the cheapest fares for flying; how to get through customs. What you can and cannot take on board for snacks.

How to use Uber and Lyft at your destination.

Are you traveling for a short time or are you planning to be a digital nomad? A great course for digital nomads.




What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

How EFT Works

Domestic travel

What and How to pack for your trip

EFT Session for Packing

TSA precheck

TSA Precheck EFT Session

Uber and Lyft transportation

EFT for Taxis

Where to stay

EFT session for when your place does not meet expectations

How to Stay for Free Anywhere in the World!


International Travel

Customs and Global Entry

Currency exchange

Uber, Lyft and Grab


Airline pilot talks flying

Joan introduces Captain Ron

What is fearful flying?

Take Off


Landing a Plane


Emotional Freedom Techniques

Flying around Thunderstorms

Tracking your flight

Cabin Air

Flying is the safest mode of travel

Wrap Up

Next Steps

Help Your Fellow Students

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Katia12 May 2021

You are genuine in reporting the stress feelings you have and adress it well so far to the different issues and how you use ETF for it.

Lisa14 January 2020

I have been a hesitant traveler; hesitant no more. The section with Captain Ron was incredibly worthwhile. Thanks!

James8 November 2019

I have got a lot from this course and really enjoyed the teaching. She speaks from experience and demonstrates the techniques, which were new to me. The interview with the pilot is a great bonus. Recommended for nervous flyers.

Elsa30 May 2019

No one had better understood my condition until I took this lecture of "Tap out travel stress and fear of flying with EFT" by Ms. Joan. Just two days before flying a 1-hour travel, I took her course and did each and everything she said. From the tapping, to the things you will tell yourself while doing the EFT. Plus the fact of explaining of Capt. Ron all the things you need to know about the plane, that by knowing it, you will understand that the fear is already dealt by all who are concerned. I still had 2 sleepless nights before the flight, but by the time from carrying my bag and I did the EFT, to lining up in boarding and still doing the EFT, and when the plane took off, of course, I still close my eyes. But while I closed my eyes and praying, I review what Capt. Ron had said about the plane's status in each of every process, erasing all the fears and understanding what is really happening. It is very, very helpful and I had made it. I came down the plane not that exhausted. And still alive for the rest of the day. And after 6 days, and I slept all nights, and coming back home and taking the flight, well, it may be not that perfect, but really superb. I will not forget you two! That there are persons who had understood us, though we do not really understand ourselves. Thank you!!


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