EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Hair Pulling & Skin Picking

EFT is a gentle, highly-effective process to relieve Pull and Pick urges. Joan Kaylor has helped 1000's of sufferers.

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What you will learn

Use EFT to help you control pulling and picking.

Understand that you are not alone in your struggle.

Discover how you can gently heal from trichotillomania and dermatillomania.

Integrate cognitive behavior therapy with Emotional Freedom Techniques.


****Course updated January, 2016!****

Joan Kaylor stopped pulling out her hair in 1989. She has been helping children, teens and adults stop pulling hair and picking skin since 1994 when she became a professional counselor. Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania are body focused repetitive behaviors. They regulate emotions and help to soothe when we are upset, overwhelmed, bored or stressed. Joan considers pulling and picking to be addictions.

The treatment is completely different from obsessive compulsive disorders. Healing from an addiction is work. It can be done. In this course, Joan will teach you strategies to let go of the urges and counseling for the shame and depression and family stress that come with Trich and picking.

Joan Kaylor has treated 1000's of individuals and families with Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania.

There is lots of hope and through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Joan will take you through a gentle process to relieve your urges to pull your hair or pick at your skin.

Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania

Trichotillomania (trick-o-til-o-MAY-nee-ah) is a disorder that causes people to pull out the hair from their scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic area, underarms, beard, chest, legs or other parts of the body, resulting in noticeable bald patches. Hair pulling varies greatly in its severity, location on the body, and response to treatment. For some people, at some times, Trichotillomania is mild and can be quelled with a bit of extra awareness and concentration. For others, at times the urge may be so strong that it makes thinking of anything else nearly impossible.

Skin Picking Disorder (also known as Excoriation Disorder or SPD) is a serious and poorly understood problem. People who suffer from SPD repetitively touch, rub, scratch, pick at, or dig into their skin, often in an attempt to remove small irregularities or perceived imperfections. This behavior may result in skin discoloration or scarring. In more serious cases, severe tissue damage and visible disfigurement can result.

Trichotillomania may affect as much as 12% of the population. Women are four times more likely to be affected than men.

Symptoms usually begin before age 17. The hair may come out in round patches or across the scalp. The effect is an uneven appearance. The person may pluck other hairy areas, such as the eyebrows, eyelashes, or body hair.

These symptoms are usually seen in children:

  • An uneven appearance to the hair
  • Bare patches or all around (diffuse) loss of hair
  • Bowel blockage (obstruction) if people eat the hair they pull out
  • Constant tugging, pulling, or twisting of hair
  • Denying the hair pulling
  • Hair regrowth that feels like stubble in the bare spots
  • Increasing sense of tension before the hair pulling
  • Other self-injury behaviors
  • Sense of relief, pleasure, or gratification after the hair pulling

Most people with this disorder also have problems with:

  • Feeling sad or depressed
  • Anxiety
  • Poor self image

For some, Trichotillomania is a lifelong disorder. However, treatment often reduces the hair pulling and the feelings of depression, anxiety, or poor self image.


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Secrets to Success
EFT Success Story
What is EFT?
Who is Joan Kaylor, MSEd., LPC, DCEP?
What is Trichotillomania?
What is EFT?

The Process

Tapping Points
EFT Tapping for Overwhelm
The Six Steps
The Basic Recipe
EFT Tapping Foundation
How EFT Works

Trichotillomania Tapping Sessions

Tapping Session: Reducing Intensity of the Urge to Pick and Pull
Tapping Session: Shame
Tapping Session: Self Hate
Tapping Session: Take Care of Yourself
Tapping Session: Being Specific to Your Situation
Tapping Sessions

Unresolved Emotional Issues

Unresolved Emotions
The Personal Peace Procedure
What to do to Help People Who Say They Want it But Don't

Non-EFT Behavior Lectures

Sensory Integration
What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?
Habit Reversal Technique
Non-EFT Therapies


Next Steps
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April 30, 2022
The course was very informative and inspiring. Joan explains everything throughly without bombarding you with too much information. Thanks for putting this course together - just need to put the steps into action now.
August 24, 2020
yes, this was a good match for me because i was picking my chin, pulling hairs which caused my chin to become very dark causing sores then picking at the scabs and layers of blackheads. I have cut down on the picking since taking this course and skin color getting better. No sores!
March 3, 2020
Lectures are simple and inspiring. Contains many nice diagrams and a few other toolbox techniques. The most detailed and comprehensive information I've found so far about this subject.
February 11, 2019
My cowardly father committed suicide by electrocution on 4 December 1980 because he couldn't have what he wanted! He didn't want his children but he wanted his wife AND his girlfriend! After watching him torment my Mum for almost a year and going backwards and forwards to his younger girlfriend he finally realised he couldn't have everything, everything came with consequences and he didn't want to suffer them. He threatened suicide to both my Mum and his girlfriend and he was shocked when neither came running! Myself and my younger brother (I was 9, he was 7) were playing with friends upstairs when my brother wanted some of his toys so we both went downstairs. It was in darkness and the lights wouldn't come on then there was the smell .... we were kids, we didnt understand about affairs and suicide but we understood when we opened the door .... but something inside me said to shield my brother so I knelt down and told him to run but he was looking over my head and had seen the body. I shook him hard and told him to run and tell someone, anyone! My Mum was visiting a friend but i knew the news would get to her fast! My father was in his favourite chair that he had purposely moved to face the door. He had his feet in a bowl of water and he still held the cord he had pulled from a lamp and was still plugged into socket. There were scorch marks on his chest and his face was contorted - at that moment I hoped he had suffered as he deserved to. Then there was the stench which I realised as I got closer was because his bowels had emptied. I left the room and closed the door then collected some of my brothers toys as I knew it was going to be a long night. Within 24 hours my brother and I were sent to my grandparents 200 miles away. My mother never came to see us at xmas three weeks later but she did send a present for my brother but not me. Five months later my mother came to visit and she gave my brother his birthday present - my birthday was two days earlier and when I asked my mother where was my present. She snapped back saying it wasnt all about me! I was 10 years old! She received counselling and antidepressants where we got nothing - my brother was a very angry child which continued throughout his adult life until a doctor finally sent him to anger management and counselling in order to save his second marriage. Apparently the root cause goes back to that day - really? I could have told them that! From the age of 10 I was in charge of the meagre money (although I took on 4 paper rounds which brought in enough to pay for my brothers school uniform, the school 'understood' the situation and allowed me to wear the few regular clothes that I had - even other kids knew not mention that I was the poor kid!) we had as well as making sure we went to school, were clean, had hot food etc while my mother languished in her room until I was 17 and said i was leaving! Her parting words? Who will look after us? We've had a strained relationship but we're able to talk now and she acknowledges that she has always favoured my brother as he reminds her of my father and she admits she has supported some of my brother's stupidest ideas that have cost her not seeing her three grandchildren (from two of his relationships including becoming a father at fifteen! He got me to tell my mother! Unbelievable!). I no longer see my brother even though we live in same town which I'm actually ok with - I protected him from a child into adulthood but he hurt me (not physically) time and time again and there's only so much you can do for someone who doesn't realise everything you have done is to keep them safe. Me? I am a complete and total basket case! Everyone thinks I've got it all together. Nobody asks how I am even after I was involved in serious car crash 10 years ago that has meant I am in a wheelchair that I need someone to push due to damage to spine, shoulder and hip as well as early onset osteoarthritis BUT I do have a fab husband, married 20 years in October, as well as our 25 year old daughter - I would do anything for them unlike my father .... My husband and daughter understand why I pick my skin and leave terrible scarring all over my body as well as pulling eyelashes out and scratching at base leaving clots that I pick at and make bleed into my eyes BUT they think that shouting at me to stop picking and pulling skin around my fingernails until it bleeds is the way to make me stop but it makes me insanely anxious so I do it more but in private. I was taken into hospital last year for blood transfusions due to the amount of blood I was losing from picking .... I need help! I hope that EFT is a way forward .... Tracey, UK
December 28, 2018
In less than 24 hours this course has helped me significantly reduce my picking and given me invaluable insights into why I couldn't stop (I've been picking for around 30 years). I know now that I can beat this. Thank you Joan!
February 19, 2018
I am positive that this course will help me to become pull free one day. I started pulling at the age of 9 and now i am 25. I was so helpless. I used to think i am the only one who has such strange habit of pulling her own hair. Then one day i found out that its a impulse control disorder. This course has instilled the positive thoughts to my find and i am sure that i will use EFT to combat my trich.
May 11, 2016
Clear and encouraging lectures. Also includes great diagrams and a few other techniques for your toolbox. The most specific and thorough information I've found on this topic so far.
January 16, 2016
This course is outstanding. It has helped my trich issue beyond belief. I encourage anyone struggling with ANY emotional issue to take this course. It has helped me so much!!!
March 27, 2015
I have been using EFT for 10 years or more. Joan's course is one of the best I have seen on video for clear explanations and walking me through the process. I followed her directions and it helped a lot. Easy to follow and Joan has a wonderful presence. Thanks!



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