Effective Leadership Communications Skills in Crises

How to Overcome Barriers to Effective Communications, Master Potent New Skills within Hours, and Win Strong Support


1.5 hours


Mar 2021

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What you will learn

The nature of leadership and social power

The foundations of strong and clear communications

Simple techniques to create impact with core messages

Rhetorical devices to create a 'viral' quality to communications

Checklists of effective communications styles and content

The art of the effective apology


Are you worried about failing to make the most of opportunities for positive change with your leadership? Or constantly seeing barriers to how your messages are received by staff? Would you like simple, proven and evidence-based techniques to enrich your messages to followers?

This course offers an evidence and research-backed system to rapidly upgraded your leadership communications.

In just two hours of video-based material (and about the same again in structured practice exercises) you can master vital communications skills for effective leadership...particularly in times of crisis or deep challenge.

You get simple yet potent guidelines on using power, framing challenges, value and belief amplification, rhetorical styles, barriers to communication and making apologies. All the material is itself framed by the fundamental strategic challenges of leadership.

Moreover, you can go from learning a technique to applying it within your daily work, within hours.

My name is Matthew Checkley, and I hold a PhD in strategy from Warwick in the UK. I have led several technology and consulting ventures. I have, in addition, witnessed again and again how leaders fail their followers with poorly thought out strategies and communications of those intentions. I dearly hope that this course will affect some change and inspire you to inspire others.

The course comes with all slides included, handy links, extra readings, an e-book on strategy (authored by your tutor), and Cheat Sheets. There is a short test at the end.

So, get this fully guaranteed course now and start enriching your leadership communications for greater clarity, insight and impact.


Effective Leadership Communications Skills in Crises
Effective Leadership Communications Skills in Crises
Effective Leadership Communications Skills in Crises
Effective Leadership Communications Skills in Crises


Understanding Power and How to Communication, with Power, to Greatest Benefit

Introduction: How to Get the Most Out of this Course

The Potent Impact of Leaders

The Five Major Sources of Power

The Vital Elements of a Leader's Communications

How Content and Style Define Impact

How to Use Framing and Value & Belief Amplication

Non Verbal Communication and Unseen Barriers

Mastering Rhetorical Style

How to Apologize in a Way that Truly Helps

Story Telling as the Master Skill

How to Keep Improving Your Leadership Skills


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