Effective Beauty/Haircut Saloon Management & Analysis

Everything About Managing a Beauty Saloon! Team Management, Factor Analysis, Brand, Market & S.W.O.T Analysis

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Sep 2020
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What you will learn


Hairdresser & Barbershop Analysis

Brand Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Customer Experience

Barber Shop Management

Successful Team Management

Market Analysis


Have you opened or are thinking about opening a hair salon and are looking for the right questions to ask yourself? Thanks to this course, which will systematically question yourself and your plans, you are one step closer to the saloon of your dreams. By registering for this course, you can examine and discuss with me all the variables and analysis that make up a saloon step by step.

Thanks to this course, you will question yourself, your dreams and your saloon or the saloon of your dreams under 30 different headings. Register now to learn about the topics listed below and much more!

  • Purpose & Goals

  • Importance of Branding

  • Status & Target Detection

  • Golden Rules of Team Management

  • In-Saloon Experience

  • Location Analysis

  • Brand Analysis

  • Customer Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Brand Management and much more!

The art of professional hair cutting is more than just an end, it is a journey. On this passionate journey, you can always contact me via Udemy, or my official instagram page @sinanergun.

Who is Sinan Ergün?

Sinan Ergün, who sees hair as a personal work of art, whose beauty arises only with the talent of the artist, explores the limits of the imagination in both men and women.

He has been working as a professional hairdresser for more than 20 years and has been serving in the most exclusive hairdressers of Istanbul such as Toni & Guy, London and Emre Ayaksız Hair Palace.

Active hairdressing services since 2012. Turkey as well as the Pivot Point International Hair Cutting Techniques firm General Coordinator and Instructor gave the task bulunarak more than 2000 pupils. In one-on-one and class training, women hair cutting, men's hair and beard cutting techniques trainings are available.

The cover photo hair for fashion magazines along with Turkey Hairdresser of the Year award, competition coaching, jury member in competitions, career talks at universities, hairdressing as numerous workshops and passionate with stage shows and has contributed to the hairdressing industry.


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Meet Your Instructor! Who's Sinan Ergün?

Introduction to Management

Introduction to Management
Varying Factors
Internal Factors
External Factors
Customers comes first!
Purpose & Target
Brand Examples
Brand Portraits
Your choice!
Due Diligence
Target Analysis

Team Management

Team Management
Your most important resource: Your Team!
Team Management Steps
Effective Management
Say Thanks!
In Saloon Experience
Target Analysis

Location, Brand, Customer, Market & Swot Analysis

Location Analysis
Customer Audience
Market Analysis
Know Your Customers
Strategy! Strategy! Strategy!
Introduction to Market Analysis
Market Analysis
S.W.O.T Analysis
Share Your S.W.O.T with Sinan!

Brand Management

Brand Management
Brand Analysis

Final Chapter

Reach Your Teacher



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