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Effective Agile Leadership: Lessons From The Corporate Scrum

Lessons & insights about how Agile really works from a business leader's perspective & how to drive more value

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Introduction to Agile principles and how they help drive collaborative team environments

How to get your Agile adoption journey going and how to adapt your leadership style

The people-centric approach to leading software development teams

Agile sprints and why they are the best way for teams to make progress in complex environments

The importance of regular reviews that bring customers and the build teams together

The value of working software over comprehensive documentation and people over process


"The best best part is it explains how to overcome political setbacks and deliver the project" - Kavin

"Excellent guidance on the leadership required in an Agile framework." - Freddie

"I enjoy the instructors use of actual work experience" - Vernicia

This course will teach you how to be a transformational leader using the principles of Agile. Learn why Agile has transformed projects, teams and organisations around the world. This course is for business leaders needing to drive Agile transformation or project managers that need better insights about Agile. You will learn;

  • Why Agile is like a box of chocolates, but not a one-size-fits-all or all-or-nothing

  • How you deal with your users and the importance of regular demos

  • How to lead and influence teams so that they are willing to take that first step

  • Establish collaborative teams that sprint through iterations of work and rapidly apply learnings from quick and early failures

  • Avoid cumbersome thinking and get rid of anti-Agile behaviours

  • Learn why Agile is the right approach for custom build projects

  • Why its important to make space and trust motivated individuals to get the job done

  • How to keep the aspirational and the practical voices on the team in balance

  • Why you must regularly bring the customers and the build team together

  • How to think about software development as essentially a creative process

  • Why you must adapt to the pace of the organisation to ensure your ultimate success

  • Agile sprints, how they work and why you don’t need a map, or a compass

  • Why Agile teams can flourish in environments where management is transactional in nature

This course will give you the lessons and insights that improve your confidence in dealing with Agile projects and team environments.


Effective Agile Leadership: Lessons From The Corporate Scrum
Effective Agile Leadership: Lessons From The Corporate Scrum
Effective Agile Leadership: Lessons From The Corporate Scrum
Effective Agile Leadership: Lessons From The Corporate Scrum



Course overview

Your Agile journey begins here

Agile is like a box of chocolates

Agile Adoption

How to start your Agile adoption

Design is still important in Agile

Cumbersome is the opposite of Agile

Delivering with Agile

Take your users for regular test drives

Agile and child's play

Use Agile sprints to get out of the forest


Agile and leadership


Riaan10 July 2020

The course offers great, practical advice for leaders trying to drive the adoption of Agile in their environments.

Heinz3 July 2020

The content is good; however, the presenter could be more animated due to a very monotonous tone. Exemplars of the principles and 'lessons' would add a richness to the good content.

Freddie2 July 2020

Excellent guidance on the leadership required in an Agile framework. Many valuable notes taken on the commentary, including actionable leadership goals.

Mfanafuthi2 July 2020

Yes this is a real good course, all information mentioned relates to my past experience and more to my current role, so I am now more informed and prepared to face my projects tasks.

Akhona2 July 2020

Excellent content! Great speaker! About 2 years ago I attended an inhouse Agile PM training which had more hands-on practical exercises. This course augments my skill set as it puts things into perspective, with the focus on leadership and organisational placement of agile practices. Very useful advice!

Corrie1 July 2020

Some highly valuable experiences for anyone starting out on an Agile journey or even an opportunity to benchmark your own experiences.

Greg1 July 2020

A really nice intro to Agile. I particularly enjoyed chapter 6. In fact, I'd start with chapter 6- making a strong case for Agile, and then follow on with Peter's practical, sage advice.

Adriaan1 July 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the reminder that agile can be implemented in large or complex projects in an agile manner. The course itself is a clean introduction and overview of agile for management or anyone not familiar with the world of agile software development.

Biase1 July 2020

I am an experienced Agile coach and wanted to get a view of Peter's approach to introducing the topic to leaders. Peter does an excellent job at introducing complex concepts in a simple way for leaders. Highly recommend as an introduction

Avsharn1 July 2020

This course blends scientific frameworks as well as its practical application, using great analogies for easy understanding

Johann30 June 2020

This is an affirmation rather than new learning so far (only done section 1), but knowing that you are on the right track is also important!

Grace30 June 2020

The course should add more information. It ends whilst I am still interested in listening. Great stuff.

Vernicia29 June 2020

I enjoy the instructors use of actual work experience and the fact that his able to accept errors made. I am also enjoying the management style. Micromanagement being one of my pet gripe and I can admire anyone who is open minded enough to allow people to assist them in achieving a common goal.

Leemisa28 June 2020

A good introduction to the Field of Agile and the leadership implications and project planning intricacies.

kavin28 June 2020

This course is more informative. The best best part is it explains how to overcome political setbacks and deliver the project


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