eCommerce &Dropshipping: Create Powerful Facebook Video Ads

The Ultimate Guide To Create Effective Video ads for your Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaigns

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Social Media Marketing
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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Understand How To Source and Produce Video Ads That Sell

Learn What Is The Structure of a Successful Video Ad

Explore Tenth Of Video Ads Ideas and Inspirations

Learn How to Read and Alayze Your Video Ads Performance


This Course Is Perfect For eCommerce Store Owners and for Dropshipping Store Owners Looking To Increase Their Sales Using The Power Of Facebook And Instagram Ads.

Are you an eCommerce business owner who is looking to market your products and grow your sales using the power of Facebook and Instagram ads, but You have a small budget, you have never created videos before, and you have no idea what video ads can succeed at driving traffic to your store and making sales.

Now more than ever, video ads are the most important elements in your ads campaigns. They can literally make or break your ad's performance.

The struggle is real. I have been working with small business owners like you for years, and I know how challenging creating good and effective video ads can be.

Hello, I am Rihab, an e-commerce Coach, and in this course, I will show you step by step how you can come up with a creative strategy so you can source and produce ad creatives that sell for your Shopify Dropshipping Course.

In this course, I will show you what a creative strategy is and what are the different steps you need to go through to create a strong and effective strategy.

Together we will see how to define your business customer avatar and unique selling propositions and how you will use those USP to make your ads relevant to your targeted audience.

Then we will see how your ads must differ depending on the audience you are targeting and its level of familiarity with your brand or products. After that, I will show you a tenth of ideas and ad inspirations that you can use to create your outstanding video ads.

In this section, you will find detailed tutorials to create and edit your ads by yourself using very easy and friendly user software. You might have zero ideas of how to edit videos and which software to use, and maybe even this is something you have been worried about for a while because you don't have either the time or the energy to learn complicated software and techniques.

Well, you don't need to worry anymore because the software we are going to use is quite easy and advanced at the same time! using it, you will be able to create amazing videos within minutes.

We will finish this course by learning how to analyze your creative performance so you can know how to improve and optimize your process.

videos must be a great part of your marketing strategy. Whether for your ads or your social media profiles, learning how to create videos that can sell is an essential skill that you should never miss.


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Get Prepared

What is a Creative Strategy and How To Create One?
Understand your brand's Unique Selling Propositions
Understand What a Customer Avatar Is and How To Find Your Brand Customer Avatar
Break Down Your Avatar Objections And Motivators
How Your Ads Differ Based On Your Audience Level Of Awarness
How To Do Your Market Research

Make Your Video Ads Unbeatable

The Ad Creative Formula
Different Video Ads Types and Formats
Things You Must Focus On While Creating Your Video Ads

How To Edit Your Videos

Get Familiar With Invideo
How To Use Invideo Premade Templates To Create Videos Easily



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