Easy way to set Oracle Active Dataguard

Learn how to create a physical DataGuard from a primary database, using Rman duplicate technology.

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May 2018

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What you will learn

Install and configure Oracle active dataguard

Configure Listener for the comunication between Primary and Standby databases

Use Rman duplicate technology

Use Oracle Broker tool to perform switchovers


During this course, you will learn what is a DataGuard, what are the different settings and usage examples.

We will settup together active DataGuard using 2 separate virtual machines. This set allows us to simulate

a real case as much as possible because we will have 2 physical separate servers. We'll use advanced installation

techniques with rman duplicate for standby and the Oracle broker to manage the dataguard.

Come to this course you'll love it, not to be missed.

During the course you will see the folowing key words:

Dataguard (DG)

Rman duplicate


Oracle net


Password file


The course consists on videos, you will find the road map for the creation of DataGuard, in a txt file with all

the querys and useful commands.

The course is about four hours and a half and it's splited in 4 blocks. Each block with different chapters.

The 1st block is the description of the Primary set, and then the settup it self. We will use 2 virtual machines

to obtain a more realistic simulation, since each virtual machine will represent a diferent site.

We'll simulate a base in Madrid and another in Barcelona.

Then we'll create the standby database setting up Rman duplicate.

Then we'll speack about how the broker is configured and used. The broker is a tool that allows an easy and

intuitive management of DataGuard.

The last block is monitoring and managing backups and more specifically the archivers.

This course is a luxury ally for all DBA who want to set up a high availability system.

Thanks to this course you'll forget the doubts.


Easy way to set Oracle Active Dataguard
Easy way to set Oracle Active Dataguard
Easy way to set Oracle Active Dataguard
Easy way to set Oracle Active Dataguard



Topics of the first block

Presentation, description of different dataguards

Conclusion of the first section

Settup of Oracle Active Dataguard

Topics of this section

Introduction setup Primary

Primary setup ; headlines

Primary setup practice

Create the standby instance

Net configuration for RMAN Duplicate

Creation of the standby with Rman Duplicate

Post duplicate steps Part1

Post duplicate steps Part 2

Add on: Change tnsnames entry and check Redo apply

End of this section

Oracle Broker

Topics of ths section

Move standby to read only mode

Active/Desactive the apply manager

Setup the broker ; Init parameters start and stop broker

Some broker commands

Let's make a switchover

End of block 3

Monitoring and archivers managment

Topics of this section

Monitoring script

Backup managment and archivers

End of this course

Course material


Michael5 August 2016

The material is great and the instructor is very knowledgable. There are times when it is a bit difficult to understand the accent of the instructor.

BH10 November 2015

I went thru this course with a playback speed of 1.25x and stayed on/off for a few weeks due to distracting chores. But I finally got a Dataguard setup successfully tested today. Luiz is great in responding to my questions and helped me understand some problems during setup. Thanks again Luis!


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