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Easy Steps To Master The Grand Prix Attack

Opening Tutorial | How To Beat Sicilian Defense


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May 2021

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What you will learn

A very aggressive system against Sicilian Defense

Master Grand Prix Attack

Middlegame ideas and plans for both colures


Grand Prix Attack is one of the basic chess openings in Sicilian Defense. White can avoid the huge theoritical lines and by a very simple plan can create a very agresive position against Black's Kingside. The plan is so simple, transfer the Queen from e1 to h4, that even a smal child can use it with success! Is it sound intresting? Stay with me to explain the ideas in a better way. :D

Reasons to play the Grand Prix Attack

If you are looking for an aggressive reply to the Sicilian in order to avoid studying hundreds of lines of theory then please continuing read this guid on "How to Win the Sicilian Defense"!

White has very good control over the center of the baord and this gives attacking chances. White by played f4 move has posibilities to launch kingside attack. Usually Black's king castle short side and White checkmate him uncountless times.

White's plan is very simple, Qe1 and Qh4. Even a little child can perform it successfully. If Black don't know exactly (!) how to play then they will lose very quickly.

It's an amazing system for Blitz games. Black cannot perform a fast attack so you can make quickly a lot of accurate and correct moves; without spending much time on the opening.

The Main Ideas

This system is similar to the Closed Sicilian (g3, Bg2) but more aggressive because the light square Bishop develops on c4 or b5 creating potential problems to Black. White's idea is to control the center and with the help of the f-pawn to start a kingside attack.


The most agresive system is Bc4 because this bishop is aiming to f7 square and with the combination of the advancment f4 to f5 White can create problems to that square.


The positional aproach is Bb5 aiming to double Black's pawns on c6. Then the Bc8 will be extremely passive, Black will not be able to create any active counterattack on the center of the board, so White can continue his agresive plan on the kingside undisturbed.

Complete course on Grand Prix Attack

If you like to improve at chess and get a very strong opening against Sicilian Defense then you can own the lessons I prepared for you. I used my personal experience and I'm presenting many of my games with deep analysis in order to deeply understand this opening and having a lot of success on your games with White pieces against Sicilian.

Iside the lesson you can see my games as well as games from strong players. Thus, you'll going to learn this system by hard with both colors, White and Black. You can learn throught my personal stories and experience and I'll let you know how I manage to rise up my elo points from 1500 to 1900!


Easy Steps To Master The Grand Prix Attack
Easy Steps To Master The Grand Prix Attack
Easy Steps To Master The Grand Prix Attack
Easy Steps To Master The Grand Prix Attack




Tal's Gambit

Alternatively Aproach

Against O'Kelly Variation

Against 2...d6 Variation

Against 2...d6 Variation

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Main Line

Main Line 2...Nc6 – Bc4

2...Nc6 – Bb5 Sublines - 1

2...Nc6 – Bb5 Sublines – 2

Main Line 2...Nc6 – Bb5


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