Drop Servicing Simplified - How to land your first client

Stop Drop Shipping, and get into Drop Servicing. Less competition and 10x higher profit

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What you will learn

Drop Service

Drop Servicing

Niche selection

Landing page creation

Pricing of services

How to hire right freelancers

How to get your first paying client


The Secrets to a Successful Drop Servicing Agency

If you want to start a business career with 10x higher profit margins than drop shipping, then this course is for you to get started.

"Drop Servicing Simplified" introduces you to the process of drop servicing, why and how to get started as a drop servicing agent. 

This course is ideal for individuals who are ready to take their entrepreneurship to the next level, through drop servicing. It allows you to build a strategy and a plan for your drop servicing business. If you are looking to learn what it takes to start and grow your drop servicing agency, then this is the course for you.

By the end of this course you will learn:

  • What is drop servicing, and similarities and differences with drop shipping so you can know why drop servicing has 10x higher profit margins

  • How to choose a profitable niche so that you get started as drop servicing agent

  • How to choose the right freelancer to complete the tasks for you on time

  • How to get your first paying client by specializing on free lead generation methods to maximize your profit

  • How to manage you order workload and communicate effectively with clients to keep them coming back and get referrals

This course uses a proven process in order to help you get started in drop servicing. Join me on this business start up journey and take business to the next level!



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1.1 - What is drop servicing
1.2 Who is drop servicing suitable for
1.3 Drop servicing vs dropshipping
1.4 Pros and cons of drop servicing
1.5 Why drop servicing is better
1.6 The dropservicing value chain

Chapter 2 - What Services Should I sell?

Chapter 2 Intro
2.1 Why you should choose a niche
2.2 Benefits of choosing a niche
2.3 Our proposed niche selection criteria
2.4 How do I tell if there is money to be made in the niche selected?
2.5 What can you charge for the service?
2.6 What is the cost of advertising in my niche?
2.7 What is the level of competition in my niche?
2.8 How do I upskill myself on the services in the niche?
2.9 Which niches should I avoid?

Choosing the right freelancer to work with

3.0 Hiring the right freelancer for the job
3.1 Should I simply choose the cheapest freelancer?
3.2 Tips to avoid hiring the wrong freelancer

Getting your website (landing pages) ready

4.0 Getting my website ready
4.1 What is a landing page?
4.2 Tips for an effective landing page
4.3 Creating your store – Shopify vs WordPress
4.4 Tools to create a landing page
4.5 How to drive higher order value through upsells and cross sells

How to find clients for your business

5.0 How to find clients for your business
5.1 Free leads
5.1.1 Generating free leads from your blog
5.1.2 Generating free leads from social media
5.1.3 Generating free leads using influencers
5.1.4 Generating free leads by cold-emailing
5.1.5 Generating free leads using Quora & Reddit
5.2 Growzania content model

Managing your orders (workload)

6.0 Managing your orders (workload)
6.1 How to effectively track and manage workflow
6.2 Other tips to help you manage your orders

Living the life of a successful business owner

Living the life of a successful business owner


November 28, 2021
This course, drop servicing simplified was good and has good content , but doesn't provide any examples, such as landing pages, it should provide some examples as what a good landing looks like and a bad landing page
July 22, 2021
First of all, this course was basically what I expected, and I did learn quite a bit from it. The instructor is easy to understand and I can tell he knows what he is talking about. That being said, I don't understand why this can't be a much more detailed and comprehensive course! The structure is here and is excellent, but the content is just brushing the surface. For example, the section on doing a website could have included the instructor actually doing a dummy landing page from start to finish to show what's important and how to do it. What is here is very good, but it could be so much better. The audio could also use improvement, it was kind of tinny sounding and annoying in some places. All in all a decent course, especially if you know nothing about the subject.
June 17, 2021
Michael seems to know this model well, he is reliable, I'm sure I will be able to ofer good services to my clients after this course. :)
March 5, 2021
The explanation was fine but the content was really basic. The course was in fact just an introduction to the main subject. Still okay for beginners.
February 17, 2021
There are two kinds of drop servicing courses, the ones who teach about website creation and those who teach things like this course, the things almost nobody talks about, how to get clients, what freelancers to choose and similar. It is a great course, but please fix the audio on: shopify vs wordpress lecture.



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