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What you will learn

You' ll learn some of the strategies for getting clients for free in your drop servicing online business to generate a passive income.

You'll learn the difference between Dropshipping and Drop Servicing and what is the best business model to choose.

You'll learn where to find top freelancers to outsource your work in order to build a profitable and scalable Drop Servicing business

You will learn how profitable is the Drop Servicing online business model for generating passive income.


A few years ago, entrepreneurs realized that by drop shipping products they could grow businesses with little overhead. They didn’t need to run their own factory or pay rent on a warehouse to store their products.

They just needed to get potential customers interested in their products and they could have the product delivered right to their doorstep.

The magic of the internet was unleashed.

Now, entrepreneurs are realizing they can do the same for services. Just like drop shipping sells products to consumers, drop servicing sells services to other businesses.

As the owner of a drop servicing business, you’ll run the logistics of the business while having employees or contractors perform the services. Your customers will pay for marketing, SEO, or Facebook ad services, and you’ll act as the middleman between “factory” and “product.”

In this case, the factory is your hired contractors and employees who specialize in that service. Your product is the service they specialize in.

These services can be things like:

  • Marketing

  • SEO

  • Facebook ads

  • Copywriting

  • Content writing

  • Graphic Design

  • Etc.

While drop servicing isn’t a new concept, it’s a viable business model with tons of past success stories to support it.

The first thing you’ll do as an entrepreneur interested in drop servicing is to choose your niche. What do you offer your clients? You can offer them a wide variety of services or a specific service.

For example, you could offer them marketing help from A–Z, helping them with their brand messaging all the way to their email campaigns. Or, you could offer them a specific service, like copywriting for website pages.

Once you know what your service will be, you’ll start to find your team. Since you’ll need savvy marketers, copywriters, etc. you’ll need to hire people that have experience in this field and are ready to keep learning. Since the world of marketing is always changing, they’ll need to be regularly trained on best practices through courses and workshops. You can also have them showcase their expertise by receiving a certification in copywriting or SEO.

Then, you’ll need to start looking for clients. As a marketer, your clients are everywhere—it’s just a matter of speaking to them in a language they can understand. We call this their pain points.


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Introduction to Drop Servicing

What is Drop Servicing?
Dropshipping Vs Drop Servicing
Dropshipping Vs Drop Servicing - Which is better?
Part 2
Drop Servicing isn't new! But why is it Booming in 2021?

Deep dive into the Drop Servicing business model

What you need to get started with Drop Servicing
9 Profitable Drop Servicing idea
Build and train your Drop Servicing TEAM
Finding high-paying clients for your Drop Servicing Business
One final note


February 20, 2022
It was good as a free course to help us understand this type of business. Alessio seemed to be kind and ethical during his instruction.
September 27, 2021
First of all, why did the author name this course drop servicing 101? Because in such trainings, everything is explained in great detail so that even those who have never done it before can do it easily. ۔ But you won't find such details anywhere in the course, it's just an introductory course. The second is that the course is limited to saying that you can do such and such things, but nowhere is it stated what are the steps to actually do those things?



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