The Complete Drone Business Course - 5 Courses in 1

Discover the secrets to starting a highly profitable drone business! From novice to pro in easy steps.

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What you will learn

Have a highly profitable drone business

Enjoy working on your terms and making great money

Get new drone clients for free with easy marketing strategies

Avoid common mistakes of other drone business owners


Drone Business Course Covering Everything To Start Making Money With A Drone!

★★★★★ All-in-one course to start any drone business!


Easy Step-By-Step How To Build A Successful Drone Business:

- How To Get Certified

- How To Setup The Business

- Drone Business Money Making Businesses

- Drone Business Operations

- Drone Business Marketing

- How To Get New Clients And Keep Them Returning For More

- Drone Business Advice (From Years Of Experience)

- Bonus Ways To Make Money With A Drone

- This course is about results! If you don't see them within 30-days you get your money back!

No more endless searching, this course is ready to go, you can take it anywhere, and watch it at your convenience in the privacy of your home or on the go!


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Put in a few weeks of hard work and watch your drone business take off!

These steps allow you to follow along easily and get your drone business started and growing in a matter of days.

Great for all drone pilots.

The content in this course is for professionals but easy enough to understand that you don't need a photography or business background.

This course is the best way to start a drone business.

Learn from numerous years of very profitable drone business experience.

Let me share my drone business secrets with you.

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The Complete Drone Business Course - 5 Courses in 1
The Complete Drone Business Course - 5 Courses in 1
The Complete Drone Business Course - 5 Courses in 1
The Complete Drone Business Course - 5 Courses in 1


Introduction: How To Start A Drone Business


Why This Course Is Valuable

How To Use This Course

Why Listen To Me?

For Non-US Citizens Too!

Course Check In

Drone Requirements

Drone License

Drone Registration

Drone Flight Logs

Drone Flying Rules

Section 2 Links

Business Requirements

Business Name

Logo Creation

Business Cards

Business Website Preface

Business Website

Business Website Domain Name

Business Phone Number

Google Business Listing

Business Entity

Business PayPal Account

Business Bank Account

Section 3 Links

Drone Business Opportunities

Real Estate Photography

Home Inspection

Hurricane/Storm Damage Photos

Roofing Company Appraisal Photos

Drone Advertising

Drone Repair

Drone Business Operations

How To Professionally Edit Drone Photos (Easily!)

How To Deliver Drone Photos/Videos To Clients

How To Invoice Clients Online

How To Pay Yourself

Section 5 Links

Drone Business Marketing

How To Use Social Media To Get Drone Clients

How To Use E-Mail To Get Drone Clients

How To Use Online Ads To Get Drone Clients

How To Use Craigslist To Get Drone Clients

How To Use The Phone To Get Drone Clients

Cold Calling Phone Script

Bonus Drone Business Advice From Experience

Google "GPS Info" Feature

Best Pre-Flight App

Easy Drone Insurance Method

Litchi Flight App Thoughts

Section 7 Links

Bonus Ways To Make Money With Your Drone

Sell Your Photos Here (Big Online Agencies)

Sell Your Photos Here (New Online Agency)

Sell Your Photos On A WIX Website

Wix Stock Photo Website Step-By-Step

Try Your Area With DroneBase App

Section 8 Links

Bonus Section

Bonus: Coupon Code


Mohiudin9 October 2020

Absolutely brilliant course. Really informative. Greg explains everything I needed to know and a lot more!

John4 October 2020

When they said 5 courses in 1 in one I thought this was going to cover a great deal of information and got me really excited. I saw all the good reviews. Most of the 5 and 1 course are only each a few minutes and just deals with general information. I believe the poster on the back of Greg's wall sums up why he made this course.

Amoko12 September 2020

I expected you to include budget estimates for start up, types of equipment i.e drone types,preferences and prices etc

Jeff31 August 2020

Great course - tons of great information. Only thing I'm still curious about was the process to get an FAA waiver when flying certain jobs in restricted airspace, and any recommendations on apps to plot autonomous flights. Maybe next iteration of the class.

Randal19 August 2020

Instructor provides a great deal of info in a really short time and always concludes with: "If you have any questions, reach out to me and I'll answer them". Which is all good... However, I would rather see a bit more depth in how each lesson is presented to attempt to mitigate having to potentially ask follow-up questions. Yes, I understand that he wouldn't be able to answer ALL questions, but adding a little more meat to address the most common questions in each section would be beneficial, IMHO.

Russ28 February 2020

Love the simplicity of the class content. You make it easy to understand and motivates me to take action and do it! I am so excited to take this step by step and use your recommend service providers. Thank You. Russ Price

Arcanjo11 January 2020

Just amazing. Couldn't get my eyes off the screen. Highly recommend for anyone trying to get into the drone business or already striving in it.

Jeff10 January 2020

The information covers a lot of aspects from the very beginning to more advanced aspects of a drone business.

Daniel28 December 2019

Lots of good information and tips but would have liked more details on some of the subjects. Not just what has worked, but also what has not worked. The video production is ok but not as slick as some of the other drone based courses on Udemy.

Todd9 December 2019

After going through this information, I appreciate the expertise in using alternative sources for uploading photos to clients, a strategy for using PayPal and the business bank account, getting a separate business number that's free, etc. Very helpful!!

Nick3 December 2019

Yes, I like that it is taking you from the very beginning and building on each lesson. At this point the course is offering a lot of beginners information with regard to starting and working a Drone business. The WIX video we very useful and helpful!

Carlos29 November 2019

Fue una excelente eleccion, supero todas mis expectatitvas, aprendi tantas cosas practicas. Estoy muy seguro que gracias a lo que aprendi en este tendre exito en el negocio de drones. Carlos R

Javier8 November 2019

Está muy bien estructurado. Da buenas ideas. Tal vez se podía dividir en dos cursos, uno más orientado a los norteamericanos y otro a los que no somos de USA, ya que hay algún tema muy orientado a los estadounidenses. Hay variación del volumen del audio de unos vídeos a otros, pero es fácilmente solucionable.

Benjamin29 October 2019

I particularly liked how the causes were formated to walk you through from steps one to the last. The tips and bonuses included are very appreciated and valued. Thanks

David3 October 2019

So many great ideas to use my drone! I love that this class talks about the logistics and the nidi-gritty stuff that no one else talks about!


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