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The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass: Start Drawing Better Today

Learn how to draw with this complete beginner to advanced drawing course!

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26.5 hours


Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Draw any kind of art from your imagination

Understand drawing fundamentals and concepts like a pro

Draw shapes and add perspective to your artwork

Draw using shading and light to improve your art

Draw gestures that look natural and realistic

Complete your drawings with color

Know how to use composition in your drawing

Become confident at drawing, even if you're a complete beginner


Do you want to learn how to draw?

This is the only drawing course you need to get started and draw like a pro.

You won't need to trace or copy. You will be able to draw anything you want - people, animals, cartoons, landscapes, objects - right from your imagination.

Why learn with this drawing course?

By enrolling in this drawing course, you'll learn the basic concepts that any artist needs to draw realistic and professional drawings. This course will take you from absolute beginner to feeling confident as an artist.

This course includes instant access to:

  • 26+ hours of premium video lectures

  • Downloadable guides

  • Exclusive access to a student community of like-minded students

  • Lifetime course updates

  • Premium instructor support

All of this is to help you learn how to draw, easier, quicker and more comprehensively than any other drawing course, tutorial or book.

Our student happiness guarantee

If you're not happy with the course, you can get a full refund within the first 30-days of purchase. So there's absolutely no risk in enrolling today and trying it out!

Who teaches this drawing course?

This course is a partnership between Video School Online and Kevin Gardin. Video School Online has been putting together top-rated courses taken by over one million students on Udemy since 2012. Kevin Gardin is a professional illustrator and artist from Windsor, Ontario. He has an immense passion for teaching others drawing skills, as you'll see in this course.

Drawing course overview

What will you learn in this drawing course?

  • Start with the fundamentals, learning principles like drawing definitions & terms, color theory, and more

  • Learn the tools and equipment you need to start drawing - from pencils and paper to erasers and specialty drawing tools

  • Learn how to draw basic geometric forms, the building blocks of any drawing

  • Learn how to draw the human figure with proper proportions and gestures

  • Learn how to add cloth and fabrics to your drawings, a skill that will take your art to the next level

  • Learn how to properly add shading to add dimension to your drawings

  • Learn how shapes convey different stories or language about your drawings

  • Learn how to add perspective to your drawings

  • Learn how composition can improve your art, knowing what to include from one side of the frame to the other

  • Learn how to properly display and store your artwork

  • Learn how to turn your drawings into digital art, including adding color to your art

  • and so much more!

Does this sound good to you?

We're so excited that you're here reading this course description, and know that once you enroll you won't regret it.

Click that enroll button and start drawing today!


The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass: Start Drawing Better Today
The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass: Start Drawing Better Today
The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass: Start Drawing Better Today
The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass: Start Drawing Better Today


Welcome to the Drawing Course

Welcome to the Drawing Masterclass!

How to Get the Most Out of this Course

Download the Course Workbook

Start Drawing - Instantly Draw a Better Head

Action Item - Post Your Sketch

Warm-Up Sketching Exercises

How to Have Confidence Drawing With These Tips!

Dynamic Lines


S Lines

Circle Exercises - Part 1

Circle Exercises - Part 2

The Basics: Art Fundamentals

A Quick Note About This Section

The Goals of the 2D Artist

Creating Your Own Style!

The 5 Visual Elements of Art

Line Weights


Color Temperature

Color Theory Wheel

Gestalt Theory

Recommended Tools for Drawing

Basic Tools - Intro Video

Basic Drawing Tools

Pencils and Sharpeners

Strathmore 300 Bristol Paper


Kneaded Eraser

Pencil Case

Fixative Spray


Drawing Basic Geometric Forms - The Building Blocks of All Art

Geometric Shapes 1/3 (Pyramids)

Geometric Shapes 2/3 (Cylinders, Spheres)

Geometric Shapes 3/3 (Cones and Cubes)


The Golden Ratio

The Flower of Life and Metatron's Cube


Shading Geometric Forms - Part 1

Shading Geometric Forms - Part 2

Shading Tommy Toon - Part 1

Shading Tommy Toon - Part 2

Drawing the Human Face

Intro - Drawing Monroe

Drawing Monroe - Part 1

Drawing Monroe - Part 2

Drawing Monroe - Part 3

Drawing Monroe - Part 4

Drawing Monroe - Part 5

Drawing the Human Figure

Proportions of the Human Figure

The Human Figure Front, Side, Arm


Gesture Drawing - Part 1

Gesture Drawing - Part 2

Cartoon Hands

Cartoon Feet

30 Second Gesture Drawing Poses

1 Minute Gesture Drawing Poses

Drawing Cloth Dynamics and Textures

Pipe Folds, Spiral Folds and Zig-Zag Folds

Half-Lock and Double Half-Lock Folds

Thin vs. Thick Fabrics

Shading Thin Fabrics


Shape Language

Shape Language Basics

Creating a Cartoon Good Guy and Bad Guy


Scale (Sea Dragon)

Atmospheric Perspective

1-Point Perspective - Part 1

1-Point Perspective - Part 2

2-Point Perspective

2-Point Perspective Street View

3-Point Perspective Giant's Eye View

3-Point Perspective Worm's Eye View

Isometric Perspective

White and Black Infinity

A Breakdown of an Image

Story and Character

Composition, Perspective & Design

Lighting, Atmosphere & Color

Drawing a Still Life - Demonstration

Quick Note About This Section

Intro - Still Life

Still Life - Part 1

Still Life - Part 2

Still Life - Part 3

Still Life - Part 4

Still Life - Part 5

Drawing a Landscape - Demonstration

Quick Note About this Section

Intro - Prime Country

Creating Thumbnails

Prime Country - Part 1

Prime Country - Part 2

Prime Country - Part 3

Prime Country - Part 4

Prime Country - Part 5

Prime Country - Part 6

Prime Country - Part 7

Prime Country - Part 8


Displaying and Storing Your Artwork

Other Tools of the Artist

Carrying Tube

Big Drawing Bag

Portfolio Book


Basic Photoshop Skills

What is Photoshop? How to get it?

Install, How to get it.


Creating New Projects.

Turning Your Art Digital: Ink & Color Demonstration

Quick Note About this Section


Digital Inks - Part 1

Digital Inks - Part 2

Digital Inks - Part 3

Digital Inks - Part 4

Digital Inks - Part 5

Digital Inks - Part 6

Digital Inks - Part 7

Digital Inks - Part 8

Digital Inks - Part 9

Flat Colors - Part 1

Flat Colors - Part 2

Flat Colors - Part 3

Flat Colors - Part 4

Flat Colors - Part 5

Flat Colors - Part 6

Cel Shading - Part 1

Cel Shading - Part 2

Cel Shading - Part 3

Cel Shading - Part 4

Extra Effects

Course Conclusion

Thank You Video


Mubashir14 September 2020

Yes this course is best and i learnt many things from this. This is very helpful for the beginners as well as intermediate. Thank you for this course.

Alexander30 August 2020

It is a very good course. Condensed all the basics into easy to digest chunks. I would've given it a higher rating, had I not known everything that was said in it. Its only for beginners and I thought based on the description, that it would start from basic to more advanced techniques. Still, this will get you a running start if you're just starting with art.

Eris27 August 2020

Yes, it seems good so far, well organised and easy to follow. I'm excited to see where this is going and the results at the end.

Mark23 August 2020

The fundamentals are excellent, even the hours long realtime follow along of sketching are useful. There's nearly a 10 hour demonstration on turning your art digital, which I wasn't expecting in a drawing class. Thinking maybe that could have or should have been a course on it's own.

Jutta20 August 2020

Yes, I figured I hold the pencil wrong and it worked better just getting closer to the tip for drawing lines.

Ld10 August 2020

The course itself is not so bad. The points: I was actually very confused in some videos like Prime Country and Marilyn Monroe because the teacher (Kevin) states at the beginning of the video what pencils he will be using. But then, when he's drawing, he doesn't state what type of pencil he is using to actually draw (like 2B or 7B.) It's all very confusing. In some videos, we are required to have things that we actually don't have. Like for example, a smudge stick or apps. But this course doesn't tell you what to do without those materials. Are we just gonna skip and waste 10 lessons of something we don't have? Another point is that when Kevin is drawing, we can barely see it because it's so light. Obviously artists draw lightly first but it should be in good lighting so we all can see. Also, when we are drawing something or someone, we should have a picture for reference. There's none at all. Until half of the course, I can only see Kevin drawing the features of Monroe. Back to the resources that we don't have; In Section 17: Turning Your Art Digital: Ink and Color Demonstration; it's roughly about 21 courses. It requires Photoshop and other tools to colour in. One, Photoshop makes you pay, I've already paid a course close to 30 dollars and I should get photoshop? Photoshop offers a 7-day free trial which is good but not everyone can finish 21 courses of editing in 7 days. Do me a favour, don't waste your time with the courses. Overall, the course is ok. But it could've been better.

Sarah8 August 2020

The traditional drawing part was really good and covered the basics in an excellent way, however, the last section of Photoshop was a bit too much and not clear enough (jumped into inking a pretty large drawing

Hollyanne7 August 2020

The editing could be better. It could have made him seem less nervous if they cut out the coughs and “um”s.

Jan1 August 2020

The presentation is not professional, Kevin you flounder a lot with your words and your materials giving the impression of an amateurish home video. Sorry to be very direct but your sniffing and uming is very distracting. Also there should be an alternative to Facebook for posting work for people who are not on social media. Not a great start, hope the course improves.

Mark27 February 2020

I have zero experience in drawing and this course looks to be both fun and informative. This is my first experience with Kevin but I have taken courses that Phil has put together and he appears to be a master instructor.

Stan27 February 2020

I have wanted to improve my Illustrator skills and I know this drawing course will improve my graphics.

Zuri25 February 2020

I have really improved my drawing and sketching with this course. It is excellent for beginners at explaining how the proxy of creating works. As for people who want to improve at designing it does help in teaching exercises and advanced methods to get even better. Thank you so much.

Elijah25 February 2020

I normally dont rate until the end of courses but this one is new and has less reviews so I'll rate this one early. I'm a huge believer in fundamentals and so far this one has started out strong. Anyone can go just practice drawing but if you dont know the fundamentals of what to practice you can just do the same mistakes over and over and not really improve, which is what I've done every time I try to get into drawing. Basic things like practicing lines and circles sound really lame until you realize someone like me, whos trying to use a wacom and has no tablet to screen coordination, can improve a ton just by doing these basic things I'd never think of. I'm looking forward to working through the rest of the course.

Denise12 February 2020

Really enjoying this course, easy to follow learning platform. Great support from knowledgeable teachers. Highly recommend.

Brayden5 February 2020

Hey it’s really good don’t get me wrong, but there is a document that is used on desktop. It isn’t necessary, but it would be nice if I could use it while watching the video


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