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Drawing Fundamentals 2: Perspective Basics for 3D Sketching

Learn How to Draw from Your Imagination Using These Simple Illustration Principles and Techniques!

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Feb 2020

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What you will learn

Understanding the basic elements of perspective & how they work together to create illusion of 3D forms

How to use one & two-point perspective to draw three dimensional objects from your imagination

How to draw the boxes, cylinders, and spheres & combine them to create any objects you want

Avoid the most common beginner perspective mistakes that will make your drawings look unrealistic and amateurish

Learn easy perspective tricks that will allow you to draw 3D objects at any angle

How to analyze objects so you can understand their structure and draw them with ease

Get easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction on how to draw everyday objects

And a whole lot more!


In this part of the Drawing Fundamentals Made Simple series, you're going to learn the foundational skills and perspective principles that will allow you to draw from your imagination.

In the first section of this course, we'll begin by learning the basics of perspective drawing. You'll learn concepts like the horizon line, vanishing points, line convergence, and how to use them to create 3D objects and scenes. We'll cover how one and two-point perspective work… and then we'll go through step-by-step exercises where you can practice drawing simple boxes and modify them to create a variety of shapes.

Once you're comfortable with constructing boxes, we'll apply this knowledge to drawing actual 3D objects from your imagination. We'll do this in both one and two-point perspectives.

Now that you have a good understanding of how to draw boxy objects, in the next section, we'll cover curved objects. You'll learn the simple rules that explain how ellipse and circle perspective works and how to use them to draw cylinders at various angles.

Then we'll go through a bunch of different exercises where you'll learn how to combine boxes and cylinders to create all sorts of everyday objects.

Lastly in the final section, we'll dive into drawing spherical forms. Again, you'll learn how to use perspective to create three-dimensional spheres.

And we'll go through lots of examples of how to use this knowledge to draw even more complex subjects.

By the end of this course, you'll have a good understanding of how to draw boxes, cylinders, and spheres and how to use them to construct more complex objects from your imagination.

This course was designed for beginning and intermediate artists who want to build a solid foundation in constructive drawing.

All the concepts are explained in a clear & easy to understand manner and you'll get lots of step-by-step examples to help you deepen your understanding.


Drawing Fundamentals 2: Perspective Basics for 3D Sketching
Drawing Fundamentals 2: Perspective Basics for 3D Sketching
Drawing Fundamentals 2: Perspective Basics for 3D Sketching
Drawing Fundamentals 2: Perspective Basics for 3D Sketching


One-Point Perspective

Basics of Perspective

One-Point Perspective

The Diagonal Method

Cutting into Boxes

Adding to Boxes

Book Drawing in One-Point

Sofa Drawing in One-Point

Two-Point Perspective

Two-Point Perspective

Modifying Boxes In Two-Point

Book Drawing in Two-Point

Sofa Drawing in Two-Point

Understanding Cylinders

Major & Minor Axis

Ellipse Roundness & Tilt

Cylinder Drawing Exercise

Mouthwash Bottle Drawing

Pencil Drawing

Metal Nut Drawing

Pencil Sharpener Drawing

Understanding Spheres

Sphere Basics

Sphere Modification

Wine Glass Drawing

Lemon Drawing

Trash Bin Drawing

Loomis Head Drawing

Tea Pot Drawing

Constructive Drawing Skills Quiz


Morzmor25 December 2020

the principles are explained very clearly and it's very easy to follow and apply. Good learning experience!

Nicholas27 September 2020

Still early in the course, but like Part:1 in the series; the information is very in-depth, without being overwhelming and easy to follow... I'm excited to get further and further.

Twina7 July 2020

I left this rating so far because the course is good, but very confusing, had to rewind to episode 2, 3 times to finally perfect episode 4.

Valter2 July 2020

Perfeito! O professor utilizar de animações e exemplos com materiais fisicos para facilitar o entendimento do assunto, tudo muito bem explicado e sem enrrolação. estou aprendendo muito e concerteza vou fazer os outros cursos ministrados por ele. muito obrigado!

Anthony2 June 2020

This course is all about perspective. The instructor shows, in a very clear way, how to draw the three key shapes in perspective, which is exactly what I believe every artist needs to know if he or she wants to become competent at drawing, painting, sculpturing, etc. I'm half way through the course and I have already seen major improvement in my practice drawings. I'm really glad I chose this course.

Disha23 May 2020

Very well explained course. Perfect for beginners. It explains the basic foundation skills required before starting to draw complex shapes in a very simple and quick way.

Dewald14 May 2020

The course is well explained with helpful animations. Ethan is clearly an expert in his subject matter and very logical. The presentation does not waste time and is to the point. Ethan, please upload all your content to Udemy. I can recommend all his courses I've seen so far.

Khoivu14 April 2020

This course can be very boring but Ethan again makes the study of drawing in perspective bearable with clear and simple instructions on drawing first in geometrical shapes. The knowledge on how to draw 3D geometrical shapes can then be applied to drawing common objects in perspective. When practice drawing on paper, it can become a chore to erase contour lines to the vanishing points. But if one know how to draw simple line in photoshop, they can speed thing up. Since this skill is so fundamental I would want to practice both on paper and with Photoshop. I hope that what I learn here can be applied to portraiture or still-life drawing later on.

Mocan4 April 2020

Mi-a placut cest curs deorece mi-a clarificat in explicatii simple notiunile de perspectiva care mie mi se pareau foarte complicte si-mi dadeau dureri de cap in realizarea unei compozitii. Multumesc!

Reo3 April 2020

I finished a previous udemy course on art fundamentals and initially I thought there would be nothing new to learn from this short course, but I was wrong! It gave me a better understanding on perspectives and the basic shapes and my sketches are improving because of this knowledge!

Gabor31 March 2020

Clear explanations, engaging presentation, easy to follow exercises. Great course to learn the basics of 3D drawing, definitely recommended!


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