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Drawing for Beginners: Learn to Draw 8 Animals

A Fun Class to Learn Drawing & Sketching Skills for Kids & Beginners. Great for Homeschoolers and Distance Learners!

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8 hours


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Learn basic drawing skills

Draw 8 beautiful and fun art projects by the end of this course

Learn a variety of drawing techniques

Begin a lifelong journey of loving art

Know basic & creative uses for art supplies


Are you looking for a beginner's art course for you or your child?

Do you want a fun activity that teaches a fun and valuable skill?

If you answered yes, then this Animal Antics is the perfect art course to enroll in.

This course contains 8 fun projects that teach a wide-range of drawing, sketching and art skills. Each project is fun, easy, and uses simple supplies so anyone can participate!

While I designed this course for kids - perfect for an after-school or home school activity - anyone who wants to start drawing, sketching, painting, and creating art can have fun with this stress-free and relaxed art course.


You'll use a variety of art techniques in this course. Don't worry - it'll be fun and easy. You don't need any prior experience, and we use easy-to-find supplies that don't break the bank!

Here are some of the skills you'll learn:

  • Drawing & Sketching

  • Watercolor Painting

  • Mixed-Media Art

  • Oil Pastel

  • and more!


Each project contains an introduction, supply list, and printable to help you get started. Then you'll dive in and follow in real-time, as I create the entire project. You can follow along and do the project while you watch, easily pausing or rewinding if you need.

The 8 animals you'll be drawing:

  1. Hamster

  2. Dog

  3. Dolphin

  4. Horse

  5. Cat

  6. Llama

  7. Frog

  8. Bunny

Plus one bonus animal!


My name is Lori Lee Ebiner. I have been teaching beginner art classes from my art studio for many years. Now, I'm excited to share my passion for art online, and help kids and beginners learn from around the world.

My goal is that this course is a stress-free and fun way to learn how to draw, paint, and more! If there is any way that I can improve this class, I'll be available to answer any questions you have, using the course's Q&A tab, so feel free to pop in and ask a question, or just say hi once you've enrolled. I am always open to listening. Just send me a message, and I'll do everything I can to help you out.


We back all of our courses with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you enroll and realize this isn't the course for you (or your kid), we'll refund your entire purchase within the first 30-days.

There's really no reason to hesitate!



Drawing for Beginners: Learn to Draw 8 Animals
Drawing for Beginners: Learn to Draw 8 Animals
Drawing for Beginners: Learn to Draw 8 Animals
Drawing for Beginners: Learn to Draw 8 Animals



Welcome to Class & Recommended Art Supplies

Download and Print the Project Guides

How to Draw a Hamster

Draw a Hamster - Part 1

Draw a Hamster - Part 2

Draw a Hamster - Part 3

Draw a Hamster - Part 4

Bonus Art Tip

How to Draw a Dog

Draw a Dog - Part 1

Draw a Dog - Part 2

Draw a Dog - Part 3

Draw a Dog - Part 4

Draw a Dog - Part 5

Bonus Art Tip

How to Draw a Dolphin

Draw a Dolphin - Part 1

Draw a Dolphin - Part 2

Draw a Dolphin - Part 3

Draw a Dolphin - Part 4

Draw a Dolphin - Part 5

How to Draw a Horse

Draw a Horse - Part 1

Draw a Horse - Part 2

Draw a Horse - Part 3

Draw a Horse - Part 4

Bonus Art Tip

How to Draw a Cat

Draw a Cat - Part 1

Draw a Cat - Part 2

Draw a Cat - Part 3

Draw a Cat - Part 4

How to Draw a Llama

Draw a Llama - Part 1

Draw a Llama - Part 2

Draw a Llama - Part 3

Draw a Llama - Part 4

How to Draw a Frog

Draw a Frog - Part 1

Draw a Frog - Part 2

Draw a Frog - Part 3

Draw a Frog - Part 4

Draw a Frog - Part 5

How to Draw a Rabbit

Draw a Rabbit - Part 1

Draw a Rabbit - Part 2

Draw a Rabbit - Part 3

Draw a Rabbit - Part 4

Draw a Rabbit - Part 5

How to Draw Our Bonus Animal

Secret Bonus Animal - Part 1

Secret Bonus Animal - Part 2

Secret Bonus Animal - Part 3

Secret Bonus Animal - Part 4

Course Conclusion

Thank You


Shauna24 January 2021

We did another course with Lori and we were so delighted that we came back for more. She is easy to follow and so very encouraging so that my son, who was sad because he didn't feel like he was good at art, now boasts a proud art portfolio and has gained so much confidence. He's always so proud to show me the work he has done. Lori is amazing and so is her course. I sure hope she follows up this course with another one!


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