Double Your Social Skills and Instantly Connect With People

Develop Powerful Social Skills: Social Success Secrets. Inner & Social Confidence. Communication Skills. Networking.

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What you will learn

start a conversation with anyone

destroy the fear of rejection

double your confidence

engineer a winner's state

network with top businessmen

learn about the biggest body language mistakes

learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking

eliminate the approval seeking behavior

be a better communicator both in your social and your business life

and many more!


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BONUS: The 23-page Confidence eBook. You can find it in the first section.

This course is a complete blueprint for becoming socially successful. In the next several hours you are about to learn the key concepts of social dynamics. You will discover how to: 

- start a conversation with anyone       

- destroy the fear of rejection     

- double your confidence     

- engineer a winner's state     

- network with top businessmen     

- eliminate the approval-seeking behavior     

- be a better communicator both in your social and your business life

and many more…

Moreover, this course is constantly updated with bonus material.          Congratulations for your commitment to mastering social dynamics and becoming socially successful! 

                  What customers say about my courses: 

"This course has changed my perspective on life. Some of the exercises made me realize that confidence is really something that can be learnt if you are willing to put some effort" - Roman Lewandowski 

  "Helpful and enjoyable. Jimmy's presentations are very professional, coming from beautiful spots all over the world. I learned a great deal of important and usable information, and am implementing it as I write this." - Stan Prentice 

  "This is a great course. Very good video quality, and Jimmy is really confident when talking to camera. He knows what he is talking about, there are some very good tips and advices" - Cristian Cisa 

  "Best produced course I've seen on Udemy to date... Hi Jimmy, Excellent production quality. Great content. You are setting the bar that other course content creator's should rise up to here on Udemy. Nice work sir. Congrats to you and your movie crew on a successful partnership. I appreciate your enthusiasm and quality of work you are creating. Well done." - Mark Priess 

  "Thorough material, great value for money. Very detailed overview of the topic for a bargain price! The presenter explains the content in a straightforward manner, and breaks the topic up into logical sections. I believe everybody can learn something new from this course, definitely check it out!" - Tamas Tarczy


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Zoom Out From Your Life
Bonus March 2016 - Low Status Mentality
Quick heads up
BONUS: my painful teenage years with social anxiety (video from speech)

Keys To Initiating Great Interactions with other People

3 Powerful Strategies To Make You Feel Like a Winner
First Impression
How Do You All Know Each Other?
Elevator Pitch
March BONUS: How To Become a Master in Starting Conversations With Strangers
Multiple Elevator Pitch
Social Proof
Have a quick look
False Time Constraint
The Hidden Power of Compliments
Phone Trick
The Power of Pause
Approaching The Group
Last Impression

Taking Your Self Confidence & Self Esteem to Next Level

Self Esteem Booster Exercise
Eliminate Negative People
Stop Seeking Approval
Best Strategies to Deal With Haters
Become an Actor

How To Deal With Rejection

Benefits of Getting Rejected
Everybody Will Notice That You Got Rejected - But... Really?
Acknowledge That Rejection May Happen
Rejection is Not About You

General Principles & Strategies

How To Get Free VIP Treatment
May 2015 Bonus - Advice For People Without Any Social Circle
May 2015 Bonus - Eye Contact Mistake
Maybe Person
Stop Complaining

Networking in Business

Networking Introduction
Body Language
How To Start Interactions
Networking - Long Term Value
Networking 80 20
Networking - Always Follow Up

BONUS Section - Public Speaking

Visualize Success
Fake Deadline
Everybody Wants You To Do Well
The Venue
Get Familiar With Your Audience
Identify The Key Listeners
Visualize Success Before the Presentation
Familiar Venue
Don't mention That You Feel Nervous
Trick to Destroy the Fear of Presenting
Thank You + Special Treat for You!

BONUS - Audio Version

Zoom Out From Your Life AUDIO
10 Powerful Strategies To Make You Feel Like a Winner AUDIO
First Impression AUDIO
How Do You All Know Each Other? AUDIO
Elevator Pitch AUDIO
Multiple Elevator Pitch AUDIO
Social Proof AUDIO
False Time Constraint AUDIO
The Hidden Power of Compliments AUDIO
Phone Trick AUDIO
The Power of Pause AUDIO
Approaching The Group AUDIO
Last Impression AUDIO
Self Esteem Booster Exercise AUDIO
Eliminate Negative People AUDIO
Stop Seeking Approval AUDIO
Best Strategies To Deal With Haters AUDIO
Become an Actor AUDIO
Benefits of Getting Rejected AUDIO
Everybody Will Notice That You Got Rejected, But... Really? AUDIO


May 7, 2022
Awesome information and instruction. It's like I know this, and just needed to hear it spelled out to remind me. I like how down-to-earth he is. He is not trying to impress you with fantastic stories. Really good stuff to put to use.
April 6, 2022
I like Jimmy very much - not only I feel him as my mentor, but also he makes me rethink a lot of my life and focus on the important things in it. I wished to improve and change my life in a positive way from this year and Jimmy is like a very good friend. In the days when I feel down - if I watch a video - my mood and morale instantly goes up - he has very positive energy! Highly recommend his videos and thank you for the amazing course! If you are reading this Jimmy - thank you very much!
February 1, 2022
This course is awesome, why? Every video in this course teaches me to be positive, this is a very valuable lesson for me, because I am a less social person, and through this course there are lots of tips and tricks that make me more social and this has changed my perception the negative becomes more positive towards the people around me. Thank you Jimmy, you have taught me a lot of very positive things.
January 15, 2022
I must say, when I bought this my expectation of the content was different that that is in it .But I am way happier with the content that is actually there than of what I have thought of.
September 2, 2021
I am not even through section 1 yet but I'm very impressed. some of what Jimmy has said spoke directly to me and my purpose for taking this course. The only negative, and it's not like he can change this is, his accent makes it hard for me to understand some of the things he says. If that's the worst of it, this is going to be great!
July 15, 2021
Video quality was lacking -I recommend that video clips have additional view angles and artifacts (facts, figures, diagrams. The one-only angle became rather tiresome. Also, the backgrounds with people and excessive noise in them were very distracting. Doing a second take on many of these could prove beneficial to the quality. The course may need to be reviewed for adult content as foul language became quite strong in several videos. Some great advice and a few really good exercises. A lot of the information isn't revolutionary or new, but is time tested and applicable.
May 29, 2021
Really clear and connected to the subject, providing lots to think about and work with to improve your situation.
February 27, 2021
Of course it is good. But please add more examples, which helps in understanding through the examples.
February 15, 2021
Here's my suggestions. Swearing is not a good idea. I am using this course to teach my teenager. Also, bar scene is not great. The rest I really like. I like the content, your cute accent, scenes ect.
February 10, 2021
I expected the audio version to have different content, that is unfortunately the reason why it has this rating. However the course is very good, because it has an explanation for everything. It has very specific steps and has very good exerscises. The videos are also very energetic and motivating!
January 1, 2021
Yes, the course is matching for me. I am still at Introduction section, so my opinion is not complete, but most of the Low Status mentality statements are correct. When I faced them I am trying to avoid negative mindset and replace with positive such. I am trying to pass on my positive attitude and positive mindset to people around me -my friends, my colleagues, my relatives and to members of my family.
September 3, 2018
Took a break from watching this cause I got caught up in life. Now I'm back and man it applies so much. Taking way more value out of it now.
September 3, 2018
I have multiple courses of Jimmy and I've learned a lot of them and all gave them 5 stars. However with this course I tried the techniques that Jimmy showed and still had no results with the things he explained. It just feels that, in my personal situation can't fit in with normal people you have to deal with. However I still think Jimmy is a great guy and a good instructor, but I had no benefits with this course unfortunately...
August 27, 2018
Thanks for the great experience sharing. Those simple suggestions seem really powerful. Only one piece of advice, will it be better that you don't wear sunglasses in the video?
August 23, 2018
You're videos explain social ideas that I have thought of, but never in a concise, logical way. After watching your videos I'm always thinking "That makes perfect sense, why haven't I thought of that?" I've only finished the first section of the course, but I have already made a few new friends who I may have never been able to make a good first impression on without your help. Thank you for the course and I look forward to finishing it and expanding my social circle!



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