Dockers & Kubernetes: Introduction into the world of DevOps

Learn the power of DevOps with Docker and Kubernetes; A beginners guide with Practical labs showing key concepts

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Learn To Write Dockerfiles

Learn To Write YAML Files

Learn To Deploy Applications As Containers

Learn To Orchestrate/Manage Multiple Containers

The Basics Of DevOps

The Docker Engine And How It Works Underneath

The Kubernetes Engine And How It Works Underneath

Various Kubernetes Resources Like ReplicaSets, CronJobs, Pods And Much More

Changing Kubernetes Resources On-The Go Without Redeployment

Best Practices For Docker And Kubernetes Development

Creating Remote Repositories For Images In Docker Hub

Using The Docker Desktop Application To Our Advantage

Managing Computational Resources For Our Application


Welcome to the Dockers and Kubernetes introductory course. Both Docker and Kubernetes have become an essential part ever since cloud computing came into existence. It is Dockers that helps to create the containers and those are managed in runtime by the Kubernetes. We cover the introductory part for each of them with fundamental concepts covered with use case examples. This course is designed for students who are at their initial stage in learning Cloud Computing and DevOps and best suited for those who want to start their career in the same field.

This course focuses on what Docker and Kubernetes is and how they play a role in DevOps and Cloud Computing as a whole. It also includes Practical Hands-On Lab Exercises which cover a major part in Deploying and Orchestrating Applications.

We use a combination of Jupyter Notebooks, the CMD line /Terminal Interface and Programming to launch any Application of your choice as a Microservice Architecture. The Programming Part mainly includes writing Scripts called YAML Files and Dockerfiles and using Command Line Commands to execute the Scripts and get the results we want. Even if you don’t have any previous experience using any of these technologies, you will still be able to get 100% of the benefit from this course.


Dockers & Kubernetes: Introduction into the world of DevOps
Dockers & Kubernetes: Introduction into the world of DevOps
Dockers & Kubernetes: Introduction into the world of DevOps
Dockers & Kubernetes: Introduction into the world of DevOps


Introduction to Docker

Course Introduction

Docker and its Uses

What is DevOps

Lab: Installing Docker on Windows


Resources for the Course

Docker Architecture

The Docker Engine

Docker Images

Docker Containers


Docker Implementation

Lab: Containerizing a Docker Application

Deploying a Docker Application

Docker Volumes and Persistent Data

Docker Hub

Docker Wrap up


Kubernetes Introduction

Introduction to Kubernetes

Kubernetes and its Uses

Lab: Kubernetes installation on Windows


Kubernetes Architecture

The Kubernetes Engine


Kubernetes Implementation

Lab: Introduction to Pods

Lab: The Basics of YAML

Lab: Deleting Resources

Lab: Organizing Pods Using Labels

Lab: Namespaces

Lab: Replication Controllers

Lab: ReplicaSets

Lab: Cron Jobs

Lab: Services

Lab: Kubernetes Volumes

Lab: Managing Pod Resources


Kubernetes Best Practices

Software Development Principles

Kubernetes and Docker

Kubernetes Wrap up


Capstone Project




Olivia18 May 2021

Learned a lot of things from this course. The instructor is knowledgeable and explains concepts well.


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