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Learn how to use Docker for web development

How Docker can save time and sanity in your web projects.


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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to use Docker and Docker Compose

How Docker benefits web development

How Docker can install web project dependencies such as databases in minutes

How to set-up robust Docker development environments

How to continue using your existing OS and tools with Docker

How to develop and debug applications running in containers

How to share Docker-based projects with team members using other devices


Docker can revolutionise web application development and deployment.

Install project dependencies in minutes

Docker can install, configure, and manage all the software your project requires, including web servers, language runtimes, frameworks, databases, and more.

Dependencies are lightweight and isolated

Other than disk space, your PC is not changed. Multiple or legacy versions of the same software can be run concurrently without conflicts, e.g. MySQL 5 and 8. Dependencies can be started, stopped, removed, or reinstalled at any time.

Applications become portable

Your project and its dependencies can be distributed to other development machines and production servers. It will work identically, even if some software is not natively supported on that OS. Docker ends those "but it works on my PC" complications!

Continue to use your existing OS, tools, and workflows

Developers can continue to use their preferred software. It does not matter whether they are using Windows, mac OS, Linux, specific IDEs, or other tools. Docker provides all the benefits of local development and debugging.

Deployments become faster and more robust

Docker can scale your application according to demand and keep it running if instances fail.

Despite these benefits, Docker is often shunned by developers. It looks complex. Terminology can be impenetrable. Tutorials never explain how to use Docker during development.

It need not be this way. This course demonstrates the core concepts and explains how to integrate Docker into new or existing development projects. You will quickly learn what Docker can do, how it works, and best-practice techniques for your team.


Learn how to use Docker for web development
Learn how to use Docker for web development
Learn how to use Docker for web development
Learn how to use Docker for web development


Introduction to Docker

About this Docker course

How does Docker help web developers?

Why should you take this Docker course?

What do you need to know before taking this course?

What problems does Docker solve?

OK, convince me about Docker...

What is Docker?

Install Docker

How to install Docker on Linux

How to install Docker on mac OS

How to install Docker on Windows

Launch MySQL with Docker


Run Adminer to administer MySQL databases

Connect to the Docker container shell

Stop and restart containers

Join containers to a Docker network

Clean up your Docker data

Use Docker Compose to manage multiple containers

Launch WordPress with Docker

How to develop WordPress sites with Docker

How to setup WordPress in Docker

How to develop themes and plugins in a WordPress container

How to create your own Docker images

How to create images for your own application

How to create an image Dockerfile

How to run a container for local development

How to debug containerized applications in VS Code

Other Docker tools and options

Push images to Docker Hub

Production server orchestration with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes

Example Quiz project

How to build a multi-container web application

How to debug the web application in Chrome and VS Code

Next steps with Docker

Next steps and the future of containerization

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