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Docker for absolute beginners: Learn Docker from scratch

Docker Practical hand on course for beginners with examples

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Docker for absolute beginners: Learn Docker from scratch


3.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Install Docker

Create Containers

Create images

Link containers

Start and stop containers

Delete containers

Delete local images

Check container processes

Create image with dockerfile


Docker is the next step beyond virtualization. A Docker image contains everything it needs to run, independent of the Linux server on which it lives: a copy of the operating system, a database, code, configuration files, dependencies, and so on. Images can also be packaged and shared with other Docker admins. A lot of companies large and small are using Docker to run complex systems with millions of users and hundreds of containers.This course is an absolute beginners introduction to Docker. You will the versy basics of Docker and some of it's concepts. You will learn the basics of Docker, including its containers, Dockerfiles (or base images), and capabilities for networking,  how to build your own containers and images and also how to push your images onto Docker Hub remote repository and learn how to create and link containers so they can share data between them.
Topics include:
Installing Oracle Virtualbox
Installing Docker on Ubuntu
Creating containers
Creating images
Deleting containers
Deleting images
Starting and stopping containers
Linking containers
Understanding the Docker flow
Creating  a Repository on Docker Hub
Running processes in containers
Managing, networking, and linking containers
Introduction to Docker Hub
Pushing images to Docker Hub

Working with Docker images and registries
Building Dockerfiles


Introduction and Installation


What is Docker ?


Container based virtualization

Docker Engine

What is VirtualBox

Download and Install VirtualBox


Supported Host Operating System

Enabling Virtualization

Download Ubuntu Image

Installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox -Part 1

Installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox -Part 2

Install Guest Additions

Introduction to Installing Docker

Installing Docker

Verifying your docker sudo account

Docker Client and Daemon

Checking Client and Daemon Version

Introduction to docker images

Docker Registry and Repository

Introduction to Docker Orchestration

Displaying Local Images

Creating a container

Verify a running docker process

How to remove local images

How to remove docker containers

Docker Networking

Starting and Stopping Docker Daemon

Running an Ubuntu Container

Getting inside a container using Terminal

Container Processes

Running a container in detached mode

Running a Web Application Container

Basic Docker Fundamentals

Introduction to building a new image

Building a new image

Verify new docker image

Introduction to Dockerfile

Creating an image with dockerfile

Verifying the image

Creating a repository in Docker Hub

Pushing Images to Docker Hub

Introduction to Linking Containers

Linking two containers


Amit5 May 2021

One of the best course on containers. someone who would like to clear doubts on how containers are different than VM I would suggest they should go through this course. Trainer has really explained each and every concept with theory and examples. Also with good hands-on.

Facundo26 April 2021

Es dificil entender el ingles que hablar el Instructor por la pronunciación. La traducción automática es imprecisa al mostrar las palabras en relación a lo que esta hablando el instructor, no coinciden.

Rakesh14 October 2020

Very very basic. Need more conceptual explanation of Docker image building like syntax info. Also need info networking and stuff in a container.

Kishor27 August 2018

This is course is for fairly for beginners. There is no need to refer any other materials as the course is simple, clean and knowledgeable for beginners.

John25 May 2018

Summaries -- charts or recipes, are not given at the end of each lesson. Exercises and homework are not given.

Carl7 March 2018

Got a great picture of how Docker is used. This is foundational for my next step which is to set up my own images and start my own containers. Thank you!

James10 January 2018

There are some typos and such that were not edited out of the videos. Could have been better by editing those out.


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