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Docker Course for Beginners

Dive into the world of Docker and learn about Dockerfiles and Container Management

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Docker Course for Beginners


1.5 hours


Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Container concepts in docker

Docker container management

Docker image management

Basics of Dockerfile


Containerization of the applications is going on in the full swing across the IT industry. Docker's course covers the fundamental concepts of Docker containers. Along with the concepts it also covers the most useful commands related to container management, image management, and Dockerfile. After studying this course one would be ready to dive deeper into the world of container orchestration.

Docker's course becomes the necessary prerequisite for learning Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

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Docker Introduction

Introduction to Docker Container

Launching a Linux machine for Docker Lab

Docker Installation

Docker Components

Docker Basic Terminology

Playing with Docker Containers

Launching your first ubuntu container

Basic Docker Container Commands

Managing Docker Images

Basic Docker Image Commands

Creating a Docker image without Dockerfile

Basic Dockerfile Directives

Containerizing using a Dockerfile


Sven9 September 2020

Hard to understand pronunciation. Could use summaries at the end of each chapter. It's an ok course to get an idea of what docker does and how to use some of its features.

Laxman6 September 2020

This is the most clean and simple but, powerful lecture. Author explained it so well and i learned lot from him..

Pranav31 August 2020

Explains the basics and the day to day working with Dockers in a very simple and straight forward manner

Roberto30 August 2020

Fulfills its promise of teaching the basics. There's quite a lot of command typing so a cheat sheet could be useful here. It's also missing a practical example as to why Docker is useful. A basic course with the bare minimum.

Mohit29 August 2020

Awesome course to understand docker, container and images. Before this course I was confused about these all terminologies. If you are the beginner and has same confusion, this course is great for you. :) Thank for this course.

Kaushal25 August 2020

Very good course for the beginners. Its not just slide based but more hands on which is very much handy if you wish to deploy and play with docker containers and images. All the basic docker commands are covered as well, overall a very good Docker beginners course.

Christopher20 August 2020

Very good course for a beginner like myself. It provided a good amount of background information on docker as well as explained how to containerise using dockerfiles. I personally would have liked a bit more on alternatives to Docker. Thanks again!

Steven11 August 2020

Thought this was a beginners training, but already it jumps into installing AWS without any references where this should be done and what needs to be done to set that part up. Meaning, links etc are missing to set things up ourselves.

Pradeep8 August 2020

Very basic introduction into what docker is. Doesn't go into depth of containerization in general (theory). If you are looking to learn quickly how images can be created, containers can be run, applications can be containerized, this is your course.

Kartik7 August 2020

I would say this course is very good for those who are working with/ will be working with docker. I took this course just to learn something new, and I think this course got boring for that purpose. However, I didn't even know what docker is before this course and I did learn a few things from this.

Paulius3 August 2020

The content is great, but the audio quality is terrible. Please improve the audio quality or add captions.

A29 July 2020

AWS console just popped up in the second session. As this is the beginner course, atleast there should be some explanation on how to land up on that page or whether the user should have a personal aws account to create such setup.

Emerald29 July 2020

I was bored from the first 5 minutes. The instruction lacks enthusiasm, i can hardly understand the speaker. There is an echo in the room during instruction and that bothered me more than anything. Did not learn anything

Nelly5 July 2020

This course is very helpful for someone new to Docker like me. Thank you very much and keep on sharing your knowledge to the world! <3

Ali4 July 2020

This course was great for getting started with docker. It helps me in putting base for containerization.


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