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Docker Certified Associate 2021

Master Course to prepare for Docker Certified Associate certification.

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19 hours


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Strong Fundamentals of Docker

Orchestration with Docker Swarm

Docker Security

Docker Networking, Storage & Image Management


This course is specifically designed for the aspirants who intend to give the "Docker Certified Associate" certification as well as for those who intend to gain strong foundation on Dockers.

The course is designed from absolute scratch which makes it a go-to course for any individual who are new to the field of Dockers and Containers.

With tons of quizzes, great lectures and fantastic support from the Instructor, this course is all you need to master the Docker Certified Associate certification.


Docker Certified Associate 2021
Docker Certified Associate 2021
Docker Certified Associate 2021
Docker Certified Associate 2021


Section 1 - Getting Started with Dockers

Overview of the Course

Introduction to Docker Containers

Installing Docker

Installing Docker in Linux

Document - Linux Installation Commands

Docker Image vs Docker Containers

Container Identification

Port Binding

Attached and Detached Modes

Removing Docker Containers

New Docker CLI Commands

docker container exec

Importance of IT flags

Default Container Commands

Overriding Default Container Commands

Restart Policies in Docker

Removing Docker Container Images

Disk Usage Metrics for Docker Components

Automatically Delete Container on Exit

Section 2 - Image Creation, Management, and Registry

Working with Docker Images

Overview of Dockerfile

Document - Dockerfile

COPY vs ADD Instructions

EXPOSE Instruction

Dockerfile - HEALTHCHECK Instruction

Dockerfile - ENTRYPOINT Instruction

Tagging Docker Images

Docker Commit

Layers of Docker Image

Managing Images with CLI

Inspecting Docker Images

Pruning Docker Images

Flattening Docker Images

Overview of Docker Registries

Pushing Images to Central Repository

Applying Filters for Docker Images

Section 3 - Networking

Overview of Docker Networking

Understanding Bridge Networks

Implementing User-Defined Bridge Networks

Understanding Host Network

Implementing None Network

Publish All Argument for Exposed Ports

Legacy Approach for Linking Containers

Section 4 - Orchestration

Overview of Container Orchestration

Overview of Docker Swarm & Building Labs

Document - Docker Script

Initializing Docker Swarm

Services, Tasks and Containers

Document - Replicated Service CLI Command

Scaling Swarm Service

Document - Scaling Service CLI Command

Multiple Approaches to Scale Swarm Services

Replicated vs Global Service

Document - Global Service CLI Command

Draining Swarm Node

Document - Drain CLI Commands

Inspecting Swarm Service and Nodes

Adding Network and Publishing Ports to Swarm Tasks

Overview of Docker Compose

Document - Docker Compose YAML

Deploying Multi-Service Application in Swarm

Document - Docker Stack CLI commands

Locking Swarm Cluster

Document - AutoLock Commands

Troubleshooting Swarm Service Deployments

Mounting Volumes via Swarm

Document - Mount Volumes with Swarm

Control Service Placement

Overview of Overlay networks

Creating Custom Overlay Networks for Swarm

Secure Overlay Networks

Creating Swarm Services using Templates

Split Brain & Importance of Quorum

High Availability of Swarm Manager Nodes

Running Manager-Only nodes in Swarm

Recover from losing the quorum

Document - Forcing New Cluster

Docker System Commands

Section 5 - Installation and Configuration of Docker EE

Overview of Docker Enterprise Edition

Installing Docker EE

Document - Docker EE Installation Steps

Activating Docker EE License

Universal Control Plane

Document - Installing Docker UCP

Deploying Global Services in Swam via UCP

UCP - Access Control

Overview of Docker Trusted Registry

Installing DTR & Integrating with UCP

Document - Installation of Docker DTR

Un-Installation steps for DTR

Document - Un-Installing DTR

Configuring Trusted CA and Pushing Images to DTR

Document - Configuring Trusted CA and Pushing Images to DTR

Overview of DTR Backup

Document - DTR Backup Command

DTR Backup - Images

Overview of Swarm Routing Mesh

Implementing Swarm Routing Mesh

Section 6 - Security

Overview of Container Security Scanning

Configuring Container Scan with DTR

Overview of UCP Client Bundle

Integrating CLI with UCP Client Bundle

Document - UCP Client Bundle Integration

Note - LDAP Video

Overview of LDAP

Integrating LDAP with UCP

Linux Namespaces

Control Groups (cgroups)

Limiting CPUs for Containers

Document - CPU Limit Commands

Reservation vs Limits

Swarm MTLS

Managing Secrets in Docker Swarm

Docker Content Trust

Document - Enabling DCT

Overview of Docker Groups

Overview of Linux Capabilities for Docker

Privileged Containers

Section 7 - Storage and Volumes

Overview of Docker Storage Drivers

Block vs Object Storage

Changing Storage Drivers

Document - Changing Storage Drivers

Overview of Docker Volumes

Bind Mounts

Document - Bind Mounts

Automatically Remove Volume on Container Exist

Overview of Device Mapper

Logging Drivers

Exam Preparation Section

Overview of DCA & Exam Experience

Overview of Important Pointers for Exams

Important Pointers for Exams - Domain 1

Important Pointers for Exams - Domain 2

Important Pointers for Exams - Domain 3

Important Pointers for Exams - Domain 4

Important Pointers for Exams - Domain 5

Important Pointers for Exams - Domain 6

Updated Pointers

Exam Preparation Quiz - 1

Exam Preparation Quiz - 2

Exam Preparation Quiz - 3

Exam Preparation Quiz - 4

Exam Preparation Quiz - 5


Martijn8 October 2020

The contents of the course are comprehensive and well demonstrated, however sometimes it is a little difficult to understand what the instructor is saying, due to his accent.

Devidas9 August 2020

Exam preparation section needs to be improved be adding explanation for each question instead of providing pointers to lessons. Course material is great but seems like the decks and sample files are not available for download for offline study. Given that exam focuses on memorization, it is essential to keep the lesson material available for offline study.

Ian24 June 2020

I was pleased with the materials, consistent format and cheerful course delivery. The many lab exercises are great and repeating them in my various environments meant I was well prepared and able to pass. Thank you Zeal.

danish22 June 2020

I like the content , I think some in depth detail of why and what of docker and its underlying layer would have been better

Amritendu10 June 2020

What an amazing course! I prepared well and got above 80%. Zeal has done a great job! I highly recommend this course for DCA.

Lohith27 February 2020

Very good one.. Good explanations of the concepts and hands-on as well.. Great.. i will prefer the same instructor for Kubernettes as well

Steve20 February 2020

Great introduction. I do have experience with docker containers, but I never downloaded a container directly and ran it. I've mostly accessed images in a docker-compose file.

Shashidhar15 February 2020

There is no hands on script for each session, at least the commands should be provided for each session so that we can run them along with videos in parallel. Very informative course though.

Aman14 February 2020

It cleared my basic doubt between image and containers in docker and how they are deployed.Great! Hope this course help me in clearing my certification .

Taraknath8 February 2020

your course and the way you described the docker it's really good, anyone can learn and explore docker with this course. would like to go all your course. keep it up !!

Jorge20 January 2020

Por el momento esta comprensible, se ha procedido a instalar en Windows - Docker Desktop for windows. se ha realizado el ejercicio según lo propuesto. Me adelante a los examenes están interesantes , voy a mejorar mis puntuaciones

Rich14 January 2020

This course was a good match for me, and Zeal has a friendly, distraction-free neutral tone that I can listen to without tuning out. I have experience but need refresher on Docker networking because I am tinkering with kind (k8s in docker) and k3d (k3s in docker). I could listen to the explanations and appreciate the reiteration of points. I don't really need the Docker EE discussion. It would be great if Zeal could do a kind/k3d instruction because that is what I really need in 2020.

Wim12 January 2020

I have made it halfway through this course, and It's very good. The instructor is very knowledgeable and explains everything very clearly. I'm looking forward to doing the rest of the course.

Veerababu7 January 2020

Excellent. Enjoyed very much each and every concept in the docker with detailed explanation by the instructor. Highly recommend with other friends as well.

Ashutosh2 January 2020

Good and comprehensive coverage of all the topics as well as great quiz section to sum it up. Thank you Zeal (y)


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