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DJI Air 2S - DJI ARS Educational Official Course

From beginner to expert. Everything you need to know.

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3 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

To pilot the DJI Air 2S

To manage the DJI Fly App

To keep the DJI Air 2S at its best and up-to-date with the latest features.

To carry out flight operations safely, respecting flight limits and rules.

To create audiovisual creations with a professional look using DJI Fly App and your.

Advanced flight maneuvers with your drone.

To manage all the features of the camera of your drone.

To have a great aerial shooting control.


Welcome to the DJI Air 2S course! The Air 2S  is a safe, easy-to-fly DJI drone built for anyone who wants to experience the joy of flight.

In the course of the lessons we will analyze in detail all the features and functionality of the DJI Air 2S .

We will focus on the configuration properties, the features that distinguish it, and then find out how to fly it in the best way with total safety.

How does the Course work? The course will last about 3 hours and can be followed several times.

No special knowledge is required to follow it; however, owning a DJI Air 2S is recommended, so you can put the knowledge contained in the course directly into practice.

Introduction. In this chapter will show all the components of the DJI Air 2S, its features and the various steps in order to prepare your drone to fly.

Aircraft Control. In this chapter you will learn to know and use the Remote Controller: the essential device for piloting your drone.

We will begin to perform the first flight maneuvers by providing you some useful tips to get the most out of your performance, especially in terms of signal transmission.

DJI Fly App. The DJI Fly is the powerful application, developed from DJI and dedicated to all "Air 2S" pilots, that allows you to manage all the features and information coming from the drone. Knowing it thoroughly is the first step to having total control of the DJI Air 2S.

Thanks to DJI Fly App, you can create fantastic videos to share on social media with just one tap. We will show you how to edit and create audiovisual creations with a professional look.

Camera Settings and Flight Modes. We will analyze the features of the camera and we will focus on the settings related to aerial shooting control.

We will go into further detail by focusing on the various flight modes available.

Advanced Aircraft Control. We'll dedicate a short chapter to show you some advanced flight maneuvers, both manual and automatic like the intelligent flight modes FocusTrack, Hyperlapse and QuickShots, which in just a few taps allow you to create fantastic videos.

Restrictions and Flight Rules. In this chapter we will give you some useful tips on how to best prepare, in order to always carry out flight operations safely, respecting flight limits and rules.

Maintenance - In this chapter, we will look at the steps and tricks to keep your new DJI Air 2S at its best and up-to-date with the latest features.

We will give you some tips for a good maintenance regarding Intelligent Flight Battery and we will discover the DJI Care Refresh.

Finally ... At the end of the course a general evaluation questionnaire will be offered. Here you can express your level of liking that is essential for us to always and constantly improve our services. When you're done, you will receive a certificate of participation in the DJI Educational course.

We thank you for your attention and wish you a good continuation.


DJI Air 2S - DJI ARS Educational Official Course
DJI Air 2S - DJI ARS Educational Official Course
DJI Air 2S - DJI ARS Educational Official Course
DJI Air 2S - DJI ARS Educational Official Course


Course Structure

Course Structure



Flight preparation and Activation


Control of the drone & Flight Modes

Remote Controller

Flight modes

Drone Control

Signal transmission


Advanced Safety Functions

Basic Manouvers

Emergency procedures

DJI Airsense & Collision Avoidance System


DJI Fly App


Flight Interface

General Settings


Camera and Gimbal Settings

Gimbal: Modes and Settings

Camera settings

Exposure control


Advanced funcitions

APAS 4.0






Smart Controller (Overview)


Editing video (via DJI Fly App)

Video editing: Templates

Video editing: Pro

Fligth limits & Geo Zones

Flights Limit & Geo Zones


Maintenance and DJI Care Refresh

Firmware Update

Intelligent Flight Battery

Warning States & Compass Calibration

DJI Care Refresh




Final Test


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