Django 4 Python Masterclass 2023: Full stack web development

Build An Advance Multi Vendor Digital Photography Agency Ecomerce Website With Python and Django 4

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Web Development
Django 4 Python Masterclass 2023: Full stack web development
26 hours
Nov 2022
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What you will learn

Build a multi vendor marketplace, where buyers and sellers can connect.

A project, where buyers can also apply to become sellers.

Be able to analyze, develop and design your own real world project

Be able to design Cart, Order, User Accounts and Verify users

Learn how to watermark your digital photos and protect your work.

Be able to link payment gateways, to enable users make complete their orders


Learn the entire technology stack to create beautiful and responsive Ecomerce Business website with Django. By developing this Django website you will learn how to deal with real Django application(s) and real project requirements. You will learn most of the basic Django to intermediate and advance Django knowledge by completing this Django tutorial. This course is well-rounded and covers most aspects involved in building scalable Web Applications using Django Rest Framework which adopts implementations like class-based views, forms, model validator, QuerySet, and more

This is a 100% project-based course. We will be building a real Django project right from scratch. Whether you want to change career paths, expand your current skill set, start your own entrepreneurial business or just want to learn, this is the course for you!

The basic scenario of this project is, we are making a website for  business owner who wants to link buyers and sellers in his website and allow the user to come to his site and browse through all of his latest products and featured products.

This course is designed in such a way that you can learn Django while you develop a real project with real requirements. So that the learning becomes fun and exciting, also you can add this project to your PORTFOLIO to get hired and increase your chance of building your own business.



Project Overview
Getting Started
How to Get Support for Errors and BUG issues

Set Up Environment and Projects

Setup Virtual Environment?
Django Installation
Run HttpResponse
Templates Configuration
Implement Bootstrap Template 1
Setup Static Files 1
Setup Static Files 2
Render HTML files from Base Templates
Render HTML from BASE Templates 2
Indent The HTML Files with SHIFT + ALT + F
Customized Index Template for Slider Images

Django User Model, Category and Setting Media Files

Category Model
Make Migration for Category Image and Setup Superuser
Prepopulated Category Slug
Django Media Files Setup
Intro to Django Login
Making the User Model: Customized Account
Customize User Account Part 2
Setting Customized User Password readonly_field

Account Registration and Signing with Token Based Verification

Account Registration and Setting up urls
Implementing Register and Login Templates
Django Model Form Implementation
Applying The Bootstrap Form Control Class and Placeholder for our Form Fields
Making Registration View for User to Create Account
Using Clean Method to Confirm Password and Check for Errors
Making User Login Functionality and Manually activate the User's Account
Django Alert Messages Part 1
Django Alert Messages Part 2
User Account Activation
User Account Verification Email
User Account Confirmation with Mailtrap EmailTest

Forgot Password And Password Reset With Secure Validation Links

User Forgot Password Functionality
User Forgot Password Part 2
User Password Reset Functionality

Set up the Vendor/Contributor Model

Vendor App Model
Vendor Dashboard with CBS Views
Vendor Account Validation With FormMixin Part 1
Vendor Account Validation Part 2

Product Model, Slug and Watermark Product Image

Product Model Creation
Product Create View
Product Create View Part 2
Unique Slug Creation
New Slug with ID and Description
Modify Index View for Category Images
Making Category View to Display Products in Category
Making Category View to Display Products in Category Part2
Making the Product Detail Page
Displaying related product page
User-Vendor dashboard
Vendor User Link
Search View Functionality Part 1
Search View Functionality Part 2
Searching for Products and Display Images
Pagination Part 1
Pagination Part 2
Finalizing Search Functionality
Product Update View With Mixins
Product Update Final Setup

Cart & Cart Items Functionality

Setup Cart Page
Cart and Cart Items Models
Add to Cart Functionality Part 1
Add to Cart Functionality Part2
Cart Page Display
Cart Page, Tax, Grand Total
Cart Item Remove Functionality
Check for Empty Cart
Check if Item in Cart
Display Cart Quantity with Context Processor
Title for Pages
Checkout Functionality
Checkout Functionality Setup
Assign User to Cart Item Part 1
Assign User To Cart Item Part 2
Modify Model for Login User to Add To Cart
Fix Remove Cart Item For Users

Order And Order Product Models

Making Order and Payment Model
Order Product Models & Migrations
Place Order View Functionality
Place Order View & Generate Order Number
Passing Form Data into Template
Order Page Setup Part 1
Order Page Setup Part2

PayPal Payment Setup Page

PayPal Sand Box Account Setup
PayPal Payment
Send Payment from PayPal to Backend
PayPal Capture Data
PayPal Fetch ID
Finalizing BackEnd Payment and OrderProduct Inline
Redirect User To Success Page
Email Order Confirm Message To User
User Order Dashboard/Library
Product Download Functionality
Product Order Download URL Setup

Vendor Product Listing And Transactions Functionality

Automatically WaterMark Image
Vendors Create Product With WaterMark
List Product and Transactions of Vendors
List Vendor Products Prt1
Product Vendor List Prt2
Vendor Transaction List
Vendor Dashboard
Vendor Products Urls
Automatic Redirect User To Checkout Page
Vendor Product Pages
Vendor Redirect Page
Vendor RedirectView Part2
Finalizing The Vendor Pages
Display The Category Image Detail Page
Manually Set The Featured Products
Manually Set The Recent Products

Customized Admin Page and Deployment to Python Anywhere

Admin Page
Admin Page CSS Styling
Set Git and Pythonanywhere Account
Configure Pythonanywhere Web App
Finalizing Configuration of Pythonanywhere Web App


January 22, 2023
This is a very useful course, very well documented and structured. I was able to build a real digital project for clients. The instructor is experienced.
January 10, 2023
Great course. It was a complete project that guide you through steps needed in django. I'm very excited and motivated after taking this course, thanks so much.



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