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Django Crash Course

Learn Django from scratch and get familiar with REST APIs, the Django Rest Framework, GraphQL APIs, Graphene & more!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

You are going to build the necessary environment for using Django and developing web projects.

You are going to create and configure your first Django project - a blog application.

You are going to learn necessary concepts such as URLs, views, templates, forms, models.

You are going to access the admin section provided by Django and create a user to login into it.

You are going to build the necessary environment for using Django Rest Framework and developing a REST API.

You are going to learn and practice concepts such as pre-commit hooks, TDD, GitHub actions and running tests.

You are going to learn and practice concepts such as models, APIView, serializers, generic views and filters.

You are going to learn how to implement permissions and authentication with permission classes and API keys.

You are going to learn how to push the code to git (GitLab), a version control system.

You are going to learn how to push the code to a remote repository, on GitHub.

You are going to learn to create simple tests for your apps and run them from the command line.

You are going to build the necessary environment for using Django, Graphene and developing a GraphQL API.

You are going to build a simple social media GraphQL API using Python 3, Django 3 and Graphene.

You are going to learn the benefits of a GraphQL API versus a RESTful API.

You are going to learn how to integrate GraphQL inside the Django ecosystem.


  • Probably the most PRACTICAL Django 3 course on Udemy

  • No slides, no boring theory, no rambling, no chitchat. Just coding

  • Notebooks, Examples, Code samples and Projects are included

  • Over 100 multiple-choice quiz questions to solidify your knowledge

  • Certificate of Completion is included

Note! If you are already enrolled in my Python Complete Masterclass for Beginners course, then you already have access to the content in this course, so no need to purchase this one.

What others have to say about my courses?

  • "What an incredible value and learning experience!" by Sean A.

  • "Excellent material. Kudos to a great instructor with a vast level of creativity." by Anthony W.

  • "The instructor is an excellent professional, skillful and engaging." by Georgios T.

Why would you take this course?

  • Do you want to start walking the Web Development path without spending money on books and boring theoretical courses?

  • Have you ever been confused by how to work with Django, REST APIs, Graphene and GraphQL APIs?

  • Would you like to be able to develop a basic REST API from scratch, using Django 3, Python 3 and PyCharm?

  • Would you like to be able to develop a basic GraphQL API from scratch, using Django 3, Python 3 and Graphene?

What are the steps that you'll take in order to have a proper start to your Django adventure?

  • Section 1: Introduction

  • Section 2: Django 101 - Building the Initial Setup

  • Section 3: Django 101 - Project Creation & Configuration

  • Section 4: Django 101 - Model, Views, Templates & Forms

  • Section 5: Django 101 - Django Admin & Completing the Project

  • Section 6: Django 101 - Testing & Pushing the Project

  • Section 7: Django & REST APIs - Building the Initial Setup

  • Section 8: Django & REST APIs - Continuous Integration

  • Section 9: Django & REST APIs - Django Rest Framework

  • Section 10: Django & REST APIs - Permissions & Authentication

  • Section 11: Django & GraphQL APIs - Building the Initial Setup

  • Section 12: Django & GraphQL APIs - GraphQL Concepts

  • Section 13: Django & GraphQL APIs - Dockerize Django

  • Section 14: Final Section

Important information before you enroll!

  • In case you're not happy with the course, don't forget you are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, full refund.

  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, 24/7, lifetime access to the course (unless you drop the course during the first 30 days).

  • You will benefit from my full support regarding any question and your course colleagues will help you, as well.

Let's get started! Enroll now and I'll see you in the first lecture!


Django Crash Course
Django Crash Course
Django Crash Course
Django Crash Course


Section 1 - Introduction

What's this course all about?

Watching the course at the best resolution

Course FAQ

Section 2 - Building the Initial Setup

GraphQL vs REST


Quiz 1 - Building the Initial Setup

Section 3 - GraphQL Concepts

Installation & Project Creation

Defining the Schema: Object Types and Query

Fetching Data: Resolvers

Notebook - Sample JSON Data (Users)

Changing Data: Inputs, Payloads & Mutations

Adding More Data: User Posts

Notebook - Sample JSON Data (Posts)

Quiz 2 - GraphQL Concepts

Section 4 - Dockerize Django

Installing Docker on Windows 10 Pro

Installing Docker on Windows 10 Home

Docker Files

Notebook - Dockerfile Content

Docker Build & Run

Notebook - docker-entrypoint.sh

Docker Compose

Notebook - docker-compose.yaml

Quiz 3 - Dockerize Django

Section 5 - Final Section

Final Thoughts

Bonus Lecture


Pedro28 August 2021

Comprehensive content with a direct approach, I understand to be of interest to those who already know Python, serving as entrypoint to web concepts with the language. Thanks for the lessons!

Александр25 June 2021

Очень трудно. Особенно на iMac под MacOS. Поскольку там всё немного отличается от Windows версии по которой идёт обучение. Гораздо проще пользоваться встроенными средствами IDE для работы с Git. Но при этом на GitHub мы, очевидно, не должны передавать избыточные файлы. А файлы миграции обязательно нужно передать. Если этого не сделать, то тесты будут проваливаться. Но как об этом догадаться? Преподаватель ничего не сообщал на эту тему.

Normand19 April 2021

This Mihai Catalin course on Django is part of a series. But check also for his all inclusive Python Beginners course, which includes all the previous course from the teacher. Compared to some other courses, it keeps things concentrated on Django only; no HTML formatting, that is generally the object of Bootstrap some other courses. The course includes a section on REST and on GraphQL; so it is a comprehensive offering. Overall well recommended.

Paul8 February 2021

Yes pretty good course. However I've a bit of experience on Flask and i think that if i didn't it would be a bit quick for me. There is a lack of fluidity on chaining certain lessons. You don't always explain why you do some stuff, we can guess but it can't be hard to figure out. A bit of theory (even optional) could help in my opinion.


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