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Django From The Basics to Build Large Apps and Rest APIs

learn the framework of python django ,the tuturial starts from the very basics to advanced concepts


7 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Django basics ( models ,views, templates, routing ,migrations,apps)

how to create a complete Rest API in django

how to add pagination ,export to JSON/CSV

how to create a messanger systeme


this course allow web developers to learn in practice the framework of python  Django ,the course is totally pedagogic ,always the course starts with simple apps to create more complex application in the start of each chapter you have  a full document that contain the concepts plus the most used commands ,the content of this tutorial :

learn the bascis of django(study the MVT structure , routing , models ,views ,templates , authentication , forms Classes  ,use static files , create the base layout)

put the basics in practice by creating  an  student manager app  , it a small app to be familar with concepts

implementing a bootstrap template in django and how to structure your project

build more complex application : create a complet contact applications with advanced feautres  ( implement authentication , export data sets to JSON,expor data sets t to CSV)

add pagination  to manage the number of items in a page,create a messanger syteme between contact.

create a rest API  for task management and test it  using Postman.

learn how to upload files  in Django to a specific folder and how to use them in a template .

after finishing this tutorial you be able to create larg applications with great structure ,i tried as a mush as possible to pass to the diffrents concepts  and explain it again and again  to soldify them  .


Django From The Basics to Build Large Apps and Rest APIs
Django From The Basics to Build Large Apps and Rest APIs
Django From The Basics to Build Large Apps and Rest APIs
Django From The Basics to Build Large Apps and Rest APIs




Look at the project that we will create

Django basics

create a project in a django

the structure of a Django project

Configure the MVT structure

render the templates with data

django template language lopps and conditions

create a Student Manager application

models and migrations

display students

Display a specific student

create new Student part 1

create new student part 2

Update a student

how to use Static files

create a base layout

Django contact application : the set up

create the project

create the client model

create the client register class form

Implement the bootstrap template part 1

Implement the bootstrap template part 2

Register a client part 1

Register a client part 2

Login a client part 1

Login a client part 2

Login a client part 3 and the logout

Create the profile page

edit the profile page

Django contact application : manage the contacts

create the contact model

add new contact

Display the contact of a client

Show and delete a contact

edit a contact

Django contact application :advanded features

add multiple search filter

export contact to JSON

export a contact to CSV

add pagination to the contact page

create the message model and the message class form

send a message to a contact

display messages

Django create a rest API

create the task model

create the Task serialzer and the task viewset

Testing the API using postman


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