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Django For Beginners

Learn how to create web applications rapidly with Django

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Django For Beginners


4 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Understand and use command line interface

Install Django using Pip

Understand and use SQLite DB Browser

Create Django project

Create Django App

Create Django Model

Run Django commands

Register and administer Django App

Run Django migrations

Query Django database

Understand basic python terminologies


Django is a fantastic web framework built with the Python programming language. With Django you can create websites and web apps very quickly and efficiently.

Django was created by very experienced developers who have built into it several tools for rapid web application development.
Django is very fast ,secure and scalable making it an attractive framework choice for thousands of developers.

Django developers are in hot demand and command attractive wages. Some billion dollar companies like Instagram and Pinterest were created using the Django framework. 

This is a beginners  Django course that will take you from absolute scratch to creating a simple Django web app. The course is
a hands on course and i strongly advise you to follow along with me so you can gain a better understanding of the framework.

What your will learn:

  • How to install python
  • How to check for and upgrade Pip
  • How to install virtual isolated environments
  • How to activate the virtual environment
  • How to install Django
  • How to create Django project
  • How to create Django app
  • How to create Django Model
  • How to run Django commands
  • How to use command line interface
  • How to run Migrations
  • How to query Django database
  • How to register Django app
  • How to Administer Django app
  • Basic crash course in Python

Django is an extremely in-demand skill that pays quite well. Django is used by a lot of startups to build great applications.
Instagram was once a startup that was built using Django and later sold to facebook for $1 billion  ,Yes 1 billion dollars !
just  roughly two years after it was created.

Django has a thriving community that you can engage with as you begin your Django journey.

Welcome to Django for beginners Course.  :-)


What is Django


What is Django

What is Python

Famous Apps built with Django

Django Tools

Introduction to the Command Line

What is the command line interface

How to access the command line

What you can do with the command line

The command line signal

Useful commands

Installing Django

Downloading and Installing Python

Django Pre-installation requirements

Checking for and upgrading Pip

Installing Virtual Environment

Activating virtual environment

Download and install Brackets

Download and install SQLite DB Browser

Django Installation

Create a Django Project

Create a Django App

Running Django Commands

How to create a Django Model

Creating a Django Model

Running Migrations

Checking database structure for our app

Registering and administering our app

Querying Database

Django URL Patterns

What is a URL

URL dispatcher

Django Architecture

How Django Processes a request

Regular Expressions

Django URLs Patterns

Django URL Patterns configuration - Part 1

Django URL Patterns configuration -Part 2

Django URL Patterns configuration - Part 3 Testing

Implementing Django Views

What are Views

Implementing Views Part 1

Implementing Views Part 2

Adding Templates

Testing Views

Basic Python crash Course

The Python Idle

Reserved Python Keywords

Arithmetic Operators

Comparison Operators

Python Variable

Python List

Python Tuples

Python Comments

Slicing Strings

Boolean Data Type

Write your first Python Program


Ravindra10 September 2017

This course gives you a good introduction to Django. The videos are kept very short and this helps you to stay focused while watching a video. If you have only a few minutes time, you can start and complete one or two videos without problem. But the only boring point is the slow rate of speech. It could have been a little faster. I couldn't hear any video without making the video run at 1.5 times speed. That helps us. May be it was done purposefully for the benefit of students from non-English speaking countries.

Ryan13 October 2016

Lessons are too short and focused only on a very specific goal. It's useful for understanding the *very* basics of Django, but really not sure it's enabled me to go much further than a simple hello world app.


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