Django 4 - Build Portfolio Project with Bootstrap 5 (2022)

In this Django 4 Beginners course you will learn to build a Simple Portfolio Project Bootstrap 5 from Scratch

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What you will learn

Install & Set-up Django the Right Way

Set-up Development Project Locally

Learn the Files & Folder Structure in Django

Work with Django Templates & Loops

Query Project data to Front-End

Create Static Pages like Home Page & About Page

Create & Manage Databases

Create Custom Models for Text & Images

Perform Django Migrations via Command Line

Create & Manage Super Users

Integrate Models to Admin Dashboard

Set-up Custom Filters in Django Admin

Work with Django Templates & Template Tags

Create Bootstrap 5 Based Pages

Display Static & Dynamic Images

Set-up CSS & JS in Django Project

Perform CRUD (Create Read Update & Delete) Operations

Build Bootstrap 5 based Portfolio project


Hey guys, Welcome. First of all, I thank you guys for choosing my course "Django 3 - Build Bootstrap 5 Portfolio Project from Scratch".  I am going to assure you that this will be the best and the easiest course you will ever learn.

I have built this course keeping complete beginners in mind. Before you get started you need to know more basics like, what is Django and why it is used for.

Well, Django is a Web Development Framework that is built with the help of Python. Recently Django has gained a lot of popularity because of the increase in demand for python skills.

Talking about Python you need to have some basic skills in Python before you get started with Django. You don't need to be an expert. You just need some basic skills. But if you are familiar with Python, then I assure you you are going to love this course.

One of the biggest advantages of Django is that is fast, if you already have a concept in mind, you can build your project quickly and easily.

For example, in this course, we already know that we are going to build a Bootstrap 5 Portfolio project with Django and it gets easier for us because we already know what we want to build.

Throughout the course, you will learn what Django is and what are the skills required to learn Django.

  • You will learn how to set up your PC for Django development

  • You will have a complete overview of what files are included in the Django project.

  • You will learn how to create new apps in Django, how to include the app in the Django project, and register it.

  • You will learn how to create a simple home page and change the default home page of Django.

  • You will learn how to create models and give appropriate properties to them.

  • You will also learn how to migrate a Django model within the project database.

  • You will learn how to render all the database data to the front-end with the help of Bootstrap 5

  • and so much more.

I hope you will love this course, and if you do have any queries you can always get in touch via the Q and A section of the course.  So all the best and see you in the course.


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Using Exercise Files
Skills & Tools Required
Install & Setup Django Project
Project Folder Structure
Section 1: Quiz

Setting up Projects App

Creating a New App in Django 3
Registering The Projects App
Creating Home Page
Creating About Page
Section 2: Quiz

Django Databases

Creating Project Models
Selecting Database for Django
Django Migrations
Creating Superuser for Django
Adding Projects App to Django Admin
Adding Projects to Database
Setting Titles in Django Admin
Adding Filter in Django Admin
Section 3: Quiz

Display Data on Front-End

Setting-up Views for Front-End
Display Data with Django Templates
Integrating Bootstrap 5 in Django
Customizing Bootstrap Template
Add Static Images in Django
Collect Static in Django
Displaying Profile Image in Front-Page
Adding Static CSS & JS Files
Showing Title in Cards from Database
Displaying The Project Images
Section 4: Quiz

Display Single Project

Updating for Single Project
Updating for Single Project
Customizing Project Details Page
Finishing The Project with Linking to Details Page
Section 5: Quiz


May 18, 2022
fundamental ... i like this. amazing. the course started with the result of the work by presenting all the necessary and later doing the explanation. well recommended for beginners



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