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DIY YUKATA (Japanese Casual Summer KIMONO) making

No sewing machine needed. Everything done by hand.

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2.5 hours


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Finish 1/4 size or your size of Women's YUKATA (Summer Casual Cotton KIMONO)


DIY YUKATA (Casual Summer KIMONO) Workshop with Yukiko Japanese Hand sewing (WASAI) Kimono making

Learn How to Make Your Yukata Using Western Cotton Fabrics. Even for CosPlay modern version.

Fun and Easy Steps - All Hand-Sewn

Just in Time for Obon Festivals

Part 1: How to sew YUKATA and Take a measurement
Part 2: How to cut YUKATA pattern and basic sewing
Part 3: How to put together each piece and finishing up

Traditional Japanese KIMONO is so beautiful and so expensive. Yukiko, who is a Wardrobe Stylist, teaches you how to make your size YUKATA (Casual Summer KIMONO) out of modern cotton fabrics.

Clothing always looks good on you if it is the right size. Especially Men's YUKATA size tends to be either too small or too short for Americans. This workshop will be for three sessions.

If you want to make a shorter length of YUKATA like a Japanese Anime, Yukiko will show you how to make for CosPlay too.


DIY YUKATA (Japanese Casual Summer KIMONO) making
DIY YUKATA (Japanese Casual Summer KIMONO) making
DIY YUKATA (Japanese Casual Summer KIMONO) making
DIY YUKATA (Japanese Casual Summer KIMONO) making


Lesson 1: Women's YUKATA making


Lesson 1: What is YUKATA?

Lesson 2: Body Measurement for YUKATA pattern

Lesson 2: How to use Body Measurement worksheet

Lesson 2a: YUKATA Pattern and Cutting

Lesson 3: YUKATA Sewing by Hand (Traditional Japanese hand stitching; WASAI)

[1/4 size YUKATA] SODE (Sleeves) sewing

[1/4 size YUKATA] USHIRO MIGORO (Back Body) sewing

[1/4 size YUKATA] MIGORO (Body) sewing

[1/4 size YUKATA] OKUMI (Front Strips) sewing

[1/4 size YUKATA] SUSO (Hemline) sewing

[1/4 size YUKATA] ERI (Collar) sewing (1-2)

[1/4 size YUKATA] ERI (Collar) sewing (2-2)

[1/4 size YUKATA] KAKE ERI (Reinforcement Collar) sewing

[1/4 size YUKATA] SODE TSUKE (Attaching Sleeves) sewing


Yolanda30 January 2021

This is a good class, it gets the job done if you are a very beginner trying to understand how to make a Yukata (Kimono).


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