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Disruption in blockchain supply chain and logistics industry

How blockchain is changing the logistics industry

Disruption in blockchain supply chain and logistics industry


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Aug 2021

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Logistics is one of the key elements of the current industry. It ensures that items reach their intended place in minimal time, cost, and damage. In short, it deals with the implementation and organization of the complex operations for transporting goods from one place to another (generally from the point of origin to consumption).

The current logistics industry is huge! In the USA alone, $791.7 billion worth of revenue came just in the year 2020. It’s astronomical in terms of numbers, and that also makes the logistics industry one of the most complex ones out there.

Blockchain technology offers a decentralized network where peers can communicate and do transactions without the need for a centralized authority. Its decentralized nature brings in many benefits, including immutability, transparency, and security. More so, it’s perfectly suitable for logistics industry as well.

What is Blockchain in Logistics?

The best possible way that blockchain can help logistics is to solve its inefficiencies. Right now, almost every element of a logistic chain has tons of options to deal with. These options include the “What if” scenarios.

Brokers, shippers, and others need to focus on efficiency rather than getting stuck while choosing the best option. On top of that, there has always been tons of documentation that is required to be done. The documentation process adds more inefficiency to already slow end-to-end transportation.

At the core, it is the lack of a single source of truth and complex process that brings the whole logistic process down. There is a need for a decentralized entity that can process all the transactions and also act as a center to verify and improve the whole process.

It will handle everything, including providing the means to record transactions, create an efficient and transparent system, and also track assets with all required documentation.

As blockchain is digital in nature, documentation needs to be done online, giving everyone access to the data from anywhere they want.


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