Personal Transformation


Discover Your Strengths

Learn how to work from your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

know what their strengths are and how to use them in their workplace and at home

handle their weaknesses effectively

spot the strengths in people around them


'Each person's greatest room for growth is in the areas of his or her greatest strength.' – Donald Clifton

This course distills research from psychology and neuroscience from all over the world into lessons and steps that you can take to discover and use your strengths.

Find out what your strengths are and start using them in your life

  • Learn how to work with strengths
  • Spot your strengths and the strengths of others
  • Understand your character strengths
  • Learn how to handle weaknesses
  • Put your strengths into action

Start using your strengths and see your world differently

Using your strengths is like putting on a different pair of glasses. You can look at your entire life from the perspective of strengths – the possibilities are endless. It's an easy approach that doesn't require you to practice for years and years to see results. You can start using your strengths right away and it won't be long until you see a difference. And there are many ways you can benefit from it. Scientists are continuously finding new benefits. Using your strengths will eventually leave you happier and less stressed, increase your self-esteem and give you energy and vitality.

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Discover Your Strengths
Discover Your Strengths
Discover Your Strengths
Discover Your Strengths



Welcome to the course

Strengths Basics

Understanding the strengths approach

Reflect on your strengths

You at your best

You at your best

Discover Your Strengths - Reflections

Signs of a strength

Discovering your strengths 1 - Performing at your best

Discovering your strengths 2 - Being your true self

Discovering your strengths 3 - Feeling energized

Ask others

Ask others II

Discover Your Strengths - The CCC method

Spotting your strengths in daily life




Character Strengths

Understanding character strengths

Character Strengths: Wisdom

Character Strengths: Courage

Character Strengths: Humanity

Character Strengths: Temperance

Character Strengths: Justice

Character Strengths: Transcendence

Character Strength survey

Wear ‘strength goggles’

Putting your strengths in action

Putting your strengths into action - for a week

Make a strengths list

Brainstorming - Applying your strengths

Use your strengths in a new way each day - for a week

A little inspiration for new ways to use your strengths


Managing weaknesses

Get clear about your weaknesses

Managing weaknesses 2

Managing weaknesses

Moving Forward

Moving forward

Imagine the future

One year from now

Goal-setting and action plan


Ava26 July 2017

Of all the Udemy courses I've taken - so far this is the best one for me. I have been working through every exercise fully, and getting the value of what's covered. In some places it's tough work cos you're asked to question yourself, and observe yourself - and extrapolate from it. I came to the course because I am wanting to work out what I am doing with my life (and the direction of my business). I haven't got the answer - but I feel more equipped than ever before to reach an answer. Knowing my personal strengths and what's important to me is the key to opening that door. For me, this was an excellent course. I've recommended it to two of my friends. Thank you! :-)


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