Introduction to Digital Signal Processing - Rahsoft RAHDG489

Become an expert in DSP foundations from Discrete Fourier Transform, Z-Transform to Quantization, Signal Sampling & more

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What you will learn

Signal Sampling


Digital Signals and Systems

Discrete Fourier Transform

Signal Spectrum




In RAHDG 489 we’ll Focus on applying formulas to digital signals then we Analyze their characteristics and behaviors. It includes Design and analysis of Processing signals. Number of digital designs have been solved to make you understand them better.

This course describes the different signal transforms such as Fourier transform, Fourier Series, Z-Transform, and signal windowing. The design and analysis of digital signal processing. Each topic will have many examples which goes over them briefly with different parts. By end of each chapter there will be a quiz for you to test your understanding of that specific chapter.

Core subject of this course is digital signal processing. Topics include sampling, reconstructing signal, differential equation, Fourier Transform and Z-Transform. By end of the course, you should be able to know how to reconstruct the signals, convert analog to digital and opposite signals and how to produce digital signals.

This course is mostly for academic level Engineering students in different universities around the world.

Since you would be having a lifetime access to this course you would be able to revisit during your career as year passes to refresh your memory.


The instructor of this course is Mehrad Nahouri. He has an Associates in Electrical Engineering concentration on digital field and is a lecturer at Rahsoft.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for students working in the digital field.

  • Undergraduate students

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Computer Engineer

  • Graduate students taking DSP course

  • Researchers in DSP field

Course content

  • Introduction

  • Signal Sampling

  • Quantization

  • Digital Signals and Systems

  • Discrete Fourier Transform

  • Signal Spectrum

  • Z-Transform

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical Engineers

  • Computer Engineers

  • Electrical Engineering Students

  • Computer Engineering Students


Introduction to Digital Signal Processing - Rahsoft RAHDG489 - Screenshot_01Introduction to Digital Signal Processing - Rahsoft RAHDG489 - Screenshot_02Introduction to Digital Signal Processing - Rahsoft RAHDG489 - Screenshot_03Introduction to Digital Signal Processing - Rahsoft RAHDG489 - Screenshot_04



course review
course summary
DSP impact
block diagrams
processing signals in analog
DSP feature
digital filtering
ECG signals
frequency impact
example of speech audio signal
real uses od DSP


continuous data collection
storing analog signals
holding the zero level
collecting frequency
condition of 90 hz frequency
using a down pass filter
dining the equivalent circuit with calculations
multiplying PFT
multiplying PFT
triangle pulse
main spectrum and it's copy
condition of fs<2b
Shannon sampling theorem
analog signal resolution
relation of rf and r
lather DAC
only d2 as logic 1
writing the binary code
finding overall relation
analog to digital converter
2 bit quantization


digital signals
decimal presenting of digital signals
some important digital signals
triangular casual digital signals
casual view digital signals
digital signal example
simulating the signals in MATLAB
producing digital signals
view digital signal example
simulating view digital signal in MATLAB
continuous signal example
simulating continuous signal diagram in MATLAB
proving the non linearity
unchangeable system with time
solving a 5 unit delay system
changeable with time system
casual digital systems
differential equation systems
linear complex of input and output
solving equation recursively
impact response
finding relation for a desired input
convolution digital
convolution sign


chapter summary
continuous Fourier series
converting signal to a better frequency
transferring to frequency field
continuous Fourier series
continuous Fourier series example
simulating continuous Fourier series
discrete Fourier series
discrete Fourier series
alternating discrete Fourier series
continuous signal example
Fourier transform
Fourier transform benefits
continuous time example
discrete Fourier transform
frequency response
discrete time Fourier transform
proving formulas
discrete Fourier transform example
DFT example
reverse Fourier transform
simulating Fourier transform in MATLAB
Fast Fourier transform
reverse Fast Fourier transform
simulation of FFT in MATLAB
windowing signals
windowing types
windowing in MATLAB


course summary
mixed plane
single step method
geometrical series
polar signal z-transform
sinusoidal signal z-transform
z-transform table
triangular z-transform table
z-transform benefits
z-transform example
proving z-transform feature
z-transform conversion
proving z-transform feature
initial value theorem
final value theorem
final value theorem example
polar function
frequency derivative
symmetrical time and conjugate
other z-transform features
z-transform example
single side z-transform
inverse z-transform
inverse z-transform example
finding different terms of x(n)
inverse z-transform example
converting to minor fraction
first and second condition of poles
mixed poles condition
z-transform of basic function
inverse z-transform example
inverse z-transform example
mixed integral
inverse z-transform example
inverse z-transform example
loran method
solving differential equations method
proving casual signal
delays towards back and front
2 side z-transform
inverse 2 side z-transform
2 side z-transform example
convergent district



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