Online Business Masterclass: Sell Your Own Digital Products

Create, Launch & Market Your Own Online Business w/ Digital Products such as Online Courses, Coaching, eBooks, Webinars+

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Jul 2022
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What you will learn

Start your own online business by selling digital products

Know the right digital product for your audience

Convert your traditional business or service into an online business

Find and validate your digital product idea

Create 12 different types of digital products

Market and sell your digital products

Use organic and paid traffic to sell your digital products

Use Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram and YouTube to grow your online business

Use Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube Ads to grow your online business

Create an online course

Create a coaching program

Create ebooks and audiobooks

Create a podcast

Create a webinar

Create a membership site

Create a subscription program

Create a mastermind group

Create stock and template products

Create printables

Create software and app-based digital products


Have you ever dreamed of starting your own online business?

Or perhaps you have an existing business that you want to convert to an online one - a business that can reach more people worldwide and be an additional stream of passive income?

This is the only course you need to learn how to:

  1. Come up with and validate a great digital product idea

  2. Create digital products your customers will love

  3. Sell that digital product with a simple marketing strategy that actually works

Enroll today and get instant access to:

  • 20+ hours of premium video content

  • Downloadable 233-page workbook

  • Assignments that make this course fun and actionable

  • Access to an exclusive student community

  • Premium instructor support

  • Lifetime access to course updates

This masterclass contains crash courses on all of the most popular digital products out there:

  • Online courses

  • eBooks

  • Audiobooks

  • Podcasts

  • Webinars

  • Membership sites

  • Subscription programs

  • Mastermind groups

  • Coaching programs

  • Stock and template products

  • Printables

  • Software and apps

Beyond creating the digital product, you'll learn how to market it - whether you have an existing audience and brand or start from scratch.

You will learn many types of digital marketing:

  • Free organic traffic

  • Paid advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Social media marketing, including Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram

  • Content marketing such as a blog and YouTube channel

  • Facebook ads

  • Instagram ads

  • Youtube ads

Everything we teach in this course is based on our real-world experience, creating and selling digital products to millions of customers worldwide. We'll only teach you things we know to be successful and that you can implement yourself!

Get ready to take action!

Throughout the entire course, you'll be participating in a 60-day challenge, which will help get your online business up and running in the next two months.

Who are the instructors?

Over 3 million people have purchased digital products from Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila over the past decade. We've mastered many of the steps to growing a successful online business and are so excited to share what we've learned with you. We both started our online businesses on our own, bootstrapping our brands, and know you can do the same.

More about this course and why we created it:

Digital marketing, social media marketing, online business, digital product, passive income, content marketing, social media advertising, email marketing. All of these terms are important for running a successful online business. But where does one start? 

That's the question we asked ourselves recently, realizing how fortunate we are to have businesses that at this point could run mostly on their own through automation bringing in passive income and providing a wonderful life for our families and us. How lucky were we?!? And how we could help more people achieve this success.

When having an online business could be necessary (or at the very least beneficial) for many people and existing businesses, getting started is the hardest part. What if there was a course that taught everything in one place? Wouldn't that be beneficial for thousands (or perhaps millions) of people?!


So we got to work. We brainstormed all of our favorite digital products - from online courses and ebooks to podcasts and webinars, from coaching programs and webinars to audiobooks and printables. We developed a course that dives right in with helping students like you understand what a successful digital products online business looks like with proper (yet easy-to-implement) digital marketing funnels.

Then the course takes a step back, helping students develop the right online business idea, complete with validating your digital product to make sure it will be—a success.

It then contains crash courses into each digital product where you'll learn why it might be the right digital product for your online business; the tools we recommend to create that product; best practices and tips for creating that digital product; and case studies into our very own digital products.

This course isn't just about creating your passive income online business and hoping people find it. We teach you digital marketing, which includes free organic marketing and paid advertisements. You'll learn how to set up proper email marketing campaigns, drive traffic to your digital products with social media marketing and content marketing. This includes sections on using Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram, and YouTube. You'll also learn about paid advertising, using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Youtube Ads to drive even more traffic to your online business.

In short, we wanted to create a course that covered it all. And we hope you agree that we succeeded in that goal. At the end of the day, we are only successful if you are as well. And your success will only come by taking action, even small ones. Let's get you on your way to having your own online business!

Start your online business today.

There's absolutely no reason to hesitate. If you've ever wanted to start an online business.  THIS is the course for you.

Click that enroll button, and we'll see you inside!


Phil + Diego


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Introduction to the Digital Products Masterclass

Welcome to the Digital Products Course!
Download the Course Slides
Everything in 1 Video: A Crash Course in Online Business
Join the Student Facebook Group
OPTIONAL LESSON: A Behind the Scenes Look at Phil's Marketing Funnels & Revenue
The 60 Days Launch Challenge

The Foundation: Finding Your Digital Product Idea

Introduction to this Section
Which Digital Product is Right for You?
How to Find Your Great Idea
Define Your Purpose
What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Online Courses Crash Course

Introduction to Digital Products Crash Courses
What is an Online Course and Why is it a Great Option for You?
Earning Potential: Online Courses
Recommended Tools for Creating Online Courses
Our Recommended Equipment
How to Record Directly to Your Computer
Platforms to Sell Online Courses
Creating Your Online Course
Validating Your Course Idea
Structuring Your Online Course
Tips to Make Students Happy
Best Practices for Creating Online Courses
How to Price Your Online Courses
Case Study: Let's Look at Phil's Online Courses
Additional Resources for Online Course Creators

Individual & Group Coaching Crash Course

What is Coaching and Why is Coaching a Great Option for You?
Earning Potential: Coaching
Recommended Tools for Online Coaching
Platforms to Sell Coaching
Tips for Designing a Coaching Program
Individual vs. Group Coaching
Creating a Coaching Program with Teachable
Creating a Coaching Program with Calendly
How to Price Your Coaching Program
Case Study: Let's Look at Phil's Photography and Friends Coaching Program

Books / eBooks Crash Course

Why are eBooks a Great Digital Product for You?
Earning Potential: eBooks
Recommended Tools to Create a Book
Platforms to Sell Books
How to Outsource Book Creation & Formatting
Designing a Book Cover that Stands Out
From eBook to Physical Book: On-Demand Printing
Amazon KDP Dashboard Tour
Publishing Your Book on Amazon
Pricing Your Book
Case Study: Let's Look at Phil's eBooks

Audiobooks Crash Course

What is an audiobook and why is it a great option for you?
Earning Potential: Audiobooks
Tools to create an audiobook
Audiobook equipment list
Hiring a professional or recording the audiobook yourself
Creating an audiobook - Audiobook recording tips
Creating an audiobook - Recording your audiobook
Creating an audiobook - Editing your audiobook
Platforms to sell audiobooks
How to price your audiobook
Keeping 100% royalties of your audiobook

Podcasts Crash Course

Why is Podcasting a Great Digital Product?
Earning Potential: Podcasts
Recommended Tools for Creating a Podcast
Platforms for Sharing Your Podcast
Coming Up with Your Podcast Idea and Format
Recording Tips and Demo
Editing Tips and Demo
Publishing Your Podcast on
Publishing Your Podcast on Libsyn
Case Study: Let's Look at Phil's Podcasts

Webinars Crash Course

What is a webinar and why is it a great option for you?
Earning Potential: Webinars
Defining the goal of your webinar
Difference between a webinar and live streaming on social media
Choosing your webinar software
Equipment to create a webinar
Webinar equipment list
Planning an optimized webinar
Creating your Webinar on JetWebinar
Monetizing your Webinar

Membership Sites Crash Course

What is a membership site and why is it a great option for you?
Earning Potential: Membership Sites
Tools to create a membership site
Creating your membership site on Teachable
How to price your membership site access
Case studies - Membership sites

Subscription Programs Crash Course

What is a subscription program and why is it a great option for you?
Earning Potential: Subscriptions
Tools to create a subscription program
PayPal - Creating your subscription program with PayPal
Adding the subscription program to your website
ThriveCart - Creating your subscription program with ThriveCart
Teachable - Creating your subscription program with Teachable
How to price your subscriptions
Case studies of Diego Davila’s online academy

Mastermind Groups Crash Course

What is a mastermind group and why is it a great option for you?
Earning Potential: Mastermind Groups
Tools to create a mastermind group
How to sell your mastermind group
Planning your mastermind group
How to price your mastermind group

Stock & Template Products Crash Course

What is a Template Product and Why is it a Great Option for You?
Earning Potential: Stock & Template Products
Recommended Tools for Creating Stock Products
Platforms to Sell Stock Products
Tips for Creating Your Stock Product
How to Price Your Stock Product
Case Study: Let's Look at Some Stock Product Examples

Printables Crash Course

What is a Printable and Why is it a Great Option for You?
Earning Potential: Printables
Recommended Tools for Creating Printables
Platforms to Sell Printables
Tips for Creating Your Printable
How to Price Your Printable
Case Studies: Let's Look at Some Successful Printables

Software & Applications Crash Course

What are Software and Apps and why is it a great option for you?
Earning Potential: Software / Apps
Two ways to create your mobile Apps
Finding a developer to create your App or Software
Where to sell your Apps and software

Marketing Strategy: Selling Your Digital Products

Welcome to the Marketing Sections
The Digital Products Funnel Strategy
How to Drive Traffic to Your Digital Products: Organic vs. Paid
Marketing Tools You Need to Succeed
Website Best Practices for Simple Marketing
Case Studies: Let's Look at Phil's Marketing Funnels

Email Marketing

What is email marketing and why it’s important for you?
Using email marketing to sell your products
Choosing the right autoresponder service
Signing for MailerLite autoresponder
Capturing your audience’s name & email
Create a Lead Magnet to escalate your subscriptions
Using Reports to analyze success

Selling Your Products Organically

Difference between Paid Ads & Organic sales
Organic sales strategy for your digital products

Organic Social Media Posting Strategy

The most powerful organic video strategy
Where and How often do you need to post content?

Facebook Pages for Selling Digital Products

Why Facebook Pages for Marketing
How to Promote Your Digital Products with a Facebook Page
Facebook Page Best Practices
Case Study: The Video School Facebook Page

Facebook Groups for Selling Digital Products

Why Facebook Groups for Marketing
How to Promote Your Digital Products with Facebook Groups
Facebook Group Best Practices
Case Study: The Photography and Friends Facebook Group

Instagram for Selling Digital Products

Why Instagram for Marketing
How to Promote Your Digital Products on Instagram
Instagram Best Practices
Case Study: How Phil Uses a Business & Personal Instagram Account for Marketing

YouTube for Selling Digital Products

Why YouTube for Marketing
How to Promote Your Digital Products on YouTube
YouTube Best Practices
Case Study: Video School YouTube Channel

Using Paid Traffic to Market Your Digital Products

The paid advertising strategy & why this is great for you?
Should I create ads to sell my products or just concentrate on organic?
How much to invest in Ads
The biggest mistake people make while creating an Ad

Facebook Ads for Selling Digital Products

Introduction to Facebook Ads
Introduction to the Facebook Ads manager
Setting up your payment account for Ads
Creating your target audience in the Facebook Ads
Level 1 - Boosting your Facebook post
Level 2 - Creating your Ad in the Facebook Ads manager
Tips to get your Ad approved by Facebook
Analyzing the results of your Facebook Ad
The Facebook pixel - Remarketing

Instagram Ads for Selling Digital Products

Introduction to Instagram Ads
3 Requirements to create Ads on Instagram
Feed Ads vs Story Ads. Which one is best for you?
Planning Your irresistible Instagram Ads
Getting to know your Instagram followers
Creating your target audience for Instagram Ads in the Ads Manager
Formula to create irresistible Instagram Ads
Examples of Instagram Story Ads
Secrets of Instagram Story Ads
How Instagram charges for Stories Ads
Creating your ads with Instagram Stories
Tip: Carousel Ads within Instagram Stories
Tip: Creating an Ad on Instagram Stories with maximum conversion
Tips for Instagram Photo Ads
Examples of Photo Ads optimized for Instagram
Creating your photo Ads on Instagram with your Smartphone
Creating your photo Ads on Instagram in the Ads Manager
How to create an irresistible Instagram video ad in 15 seconds
Optimizing your Instagram Ads for mobile devices
Make your Instagram Ads look organic, like posts from a friend
Add captions to your Instagram videos

YouTube Ads for Selling Digital Products

What YouTube ads are and why they are important for you?
What do you need to start with YouTube Ads
Creating your Google Ads account
Getting to know the Google Ads interface
Configuring the billing options on your Google Ads account
Finding the best keywords for your Google Ad
Campaign types on Google Ads
Creating an optimized video ad for YouTube

Final Course Challenge

The Final 60 days challenge


Thank You + What's Next?
OPTIONAL Conversation Video is Next
BONUS: A Conversation with Diego + Phil
How to get your Course Certificate


July 5, 2022
Blessing upon ye and all families and people who have been blessed to gather this knowledge. Truly one of a type of knowledge and the energy and positivity is unmatched compared to other courses. Thorough, goodly-blunt, and self-explanatory. Best wishes and luck to all! P.S ameen to you too brother. : )
May 13, 2022
I'm excited about putting into practice what this course teaches. Interesting, informative, thorough and real-world examples and knowledge.
March 21, 2022
Constantly breaks up/buffers and makes it difficult to follow. I tried numerous ways to watch with numerous internet options- it was the same on them all.
February 21, 2022
So far very clear and concise and was on point with what I was looking for. I have little technical expertise as a beginner and this speaks to all audiences.
December 5, 2021
In these days, I am intersting ing passive income. So I purchased this lectures. That's What I wanted ones.
November 14, 2021
Starting an online business s a big undertaking. Phil offers a lot of tips for slowing the process down.and breaking it down into smaller chunks.
October 7, 2021
I like the assignments option and the tone of voice a lot. I did set the speed to 1.25 and I love it.
September 15, 2021
1st off I was looking for a course that teaches how to sell digital software not how to make and sell video courses. This course was extremely annoying to me. I don't understand how it has such a high rating with all the on going blabbering on and on. I'm a step by step just show me how to do it and I'll do it but there is very little of that. Its more of what you can do but very little how to do it. Very dissapointed.
August 21, 2021
Good course for beginners. I got the basic knowledge I need to proceed and find out more. It has many tutorials and the lecturers are well informed. The course overall is well prepared.
July 6, 2021
Great topics and great information. Learning new ways to build my own online products and business. Thanks
June 16, 2021
It has been good and with excelent information, the one that I was looking for, they are such a great team! Thank you guys
May 9, 2021
Anything Phil Ebiner produces is golden - love it! And I like Diego’s energy as he teaches; very engaging! Thanks you guys, looking forward to learning more!
March 12, 2021
I started this course yesterday and am already enjoying my learning journey. I am sure it will exceed my expectations once I finish it.
February 25, 2021
The course has been brilliant so far, great resources and teaching styles for different learners. Thank you
January 23, 2021
I've only begun the course but Iʻm enjoying the content thus far. I've already picked up a huge tip on marketing through social media and how the various distribution channels can compliment each other to potentially increase future sales.



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